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Business Analysis & Scrum 4 Business analyst & Product Owner rating
  • Master Agile and Scrum Methodologies: Learn to implement agile and scrum methodologies in your work, enabling you to become a more efficient and effective business analyst or product owner.
  • Create Comprehensive BRDs: Develop the skills to create detailed Business Requirements Documents (BRDs) that capture all the necessary requirements, ensuring that your projects are aligned with business objectives.
  • Write Effective User Stories: Learn how to write clear, concise, and actionable user stories that capture the needs of stakeholders and enable you to deliver high-quality products that meet their expectations.
  • Manage Product Backlogs with Ease: Master the art of backlog management, allowing you to effectively prioritize tasks, allocate resources, and deliver products that meet business requirements.
  • Gain Direct Access to Mentorship: Receive personalized mentorship from experienced professionals, giving you insights and guidance on how to succeed as a business analyst or product owner.
  • Prepare for Interviews with Confidence: Get expert guidance on how to prepare for interviews, giving you the skills and confidence to ace the interview and land your dream job as a business analyst or product owner.
  • Work with Essential Tools: Get hands-on experience working with essential tools like JIRA and Confluence, enabling you to streamline your work processes and collaborate more effectively with your team.

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Business analysis & Scrum

Targeted course for business analysts, product owners & scrum masters.

Actual price - INR 9999



  • Complete business analysis, scrum agile course with JIRA and Confluence training
  • Scrum master, product owner & business analyst training
  • Quizzes & projects along with videos to help you master business analysis & scrum.
  • Product management fundamentals as bonus
  • 150+ Interview questions and sample answers

International students (paypal)

Project management with BA & Scrum 

Ideal for those who are looking to get promotion & become business analysis managers, project managers and program managers.



  • Business analysis & scrum course
  • Project management course based on PMBOK6.
  • End to End project management
  • Create WBS, project charter etc.
  • This course also covers the all Process groups:
  • 150+ Interview questions and sample answers.

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Business analysis & Product management course combo

Complete package to build you for today's technology world. 



  • Business analysis & Scrum course wth 150+ interview questions and sample answers.
  • Product management course  wth 150+ interview questions and sample answers.
  • Access to Mentor for 3 months, 2 60 mins sessions every month for 3 months to coach you & help you with interviews.
  • Product vision & Product strategy
  • OKRs
  • How to identify north star metrics & how to handle these questions in interviews
  • Product requirements
  • Interview questions
  • Product priortization with techniques like Kano model.
  • Product roadmap
  • SWOT analysis, market research, user persona development

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  • Objective Questions
  • Behavioral questions with sample answer
  • Free option available with limited questions

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What our students are saying

business analysis course

Achievement Unlocked!
I enjoy the value that this course has brought to my BA knowledge as well as in my actual work and projects!
Thank you Akhilendra pratap Singh for providing all the resources and mentoring this course!
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scrum master training

For the ins and outs of Business Analysis and Scrum, I really recommend this course. It gives you great insight as well working tools and real life examples to work through.

Akhilendra Singh CSPO PSM I

LEAD2 Consulting # #lead2consulting


business analysis & scrum online course

After PMP Certification, was looking for a mentor who can actually guide me, refine me with the requirements of the present post covid Industry demand and actually help me in understanding with the skills sets which I can master easily. After mastering PMP, Agile was in my mind. Basically PSM, Disciplined Agilist. Akhilendra came in and gave the much needed confidence, basic understanding, the knowledge and the foundation which has helped me to realise my true potential.


scrum product owner course
requirement elicitation plan ba course

Suzette Venter

Thanks you for explaining the backlog and scrum differences in so much details as well as how the BRD and Functional spec templates should look or the detail it should contain in an Agile Project. This was so helpful to me! Appreciate!! I am new to the Agile Methodology and I learned so much!

Adrian Swart

Very good online training. However, I did see some comparison with Prince2 projectmanagement. Beside that, very good. And the Scrum Agile is already familiar for me as a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner. Very satisfied with this online training.

Mark C Gengler

Very good presentation of all the core concepts of Waterfall and Agile. Please add more detail for students on what certain sales contracts affect which methods or combination of Waterfall & Agile processes should be used. Many instances where a fixed price contract was sold with a hard fixed delivery date, may run into issues with retail customers using Agile. If not managed properly by PM and PO with well defined sales contract, project charter and BRD, scope creep and missed delivery dates will and do occur.

Anusha S Kamath 

Amazing content, thank you for making it organized and crisp, very informative! Thank you for giving examples as well, please explain them as and when theory is covered :) Loved it :)

Valentin Kostov

Very comprehensive course! Beginning of it was a bit dry when covering BA basics and presentations were basic but then lecturer compensated with nice real life examples and very detailed content!


The lectures are delivered brilliantly keeping in mind the ease of understanding for the newbies . I found it very helpful and is of great use.

Justin Edge

Very nice course! I learned alot! Can certainly say that Mr.Akhilendra is very enthusiastic in doing his best in imparting his knowledge through this course. The Scrum Agile section was really good!

Sudhir kumar

"One of the best online BA course for new or inexperienced BA's to connect to the theories taught to the real world.  I wish it would have been more comprehensive one with a practical touch.  Nevertheless, Akhil has done the justice with the limited resources available.

Thank you !"

Chevine Anderson

The course is very detailed and I feel like a have a strong grasp of many aspects of the subject plus with my experience this is reconfirming a lot of what I know from another perspective.

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Scrum & Business analysis

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scrum events course

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The Course Highlights

Business analysis 

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to excel in the field of business analysis and agile product development. You'll learn how to use industry-standard tools and techniques to analyze business requirements, design and implement solutions, and manage the development process using the Scrum framework.

Interview preparation & Free resources

Videos are design to specifically focus on interview questions for Business analysts & Product owners. Dedicated section with interview questions and answers. Download BRD, Product backlog and question/answers.

Scrum agile

Learn scrum agile with scrum roles, events & methodology details. You will learn to create user stories, conduct events & prepare your own product backlog. Special focus on Product owner & Scrum master roles. 

Case study

In addition to detailed material on business analysis & scrum, you will also go through a case study with end to end implementation of a project.


Section 1

Introduction to business analysis with Quiz. You will go through 5 videos learn about business analysis, business analyst & BACCM.

Section 2

In second section, we will go through business analysis planning & monitoring knowledge area. You will also learn about governance & information management. 

Section 3

Requirement elicitation planning & conducting sessions. All major requirement elicitation techniques covered. 

Section 4

Learn about SMART requirements & solutions along with solution formulation, evaluation & requirement modelling. 

Section 5

Detailed walk through of business requirement document (BRD). You will also get free template for your own use. 

Section 9

Tips & techniques to find jobs. You will learn how to use popular free tools to position yourself in the job market & attract employers towards you rather you chasing them.

Section 6

Bonus section on wire framing techniques, use case & scenarios, useful tips on getting BA jobs along with resume. 

Section 10

Product management course with product vision, product strategy, product roadmap, priorization, product features with interview questions & answers.

Section 7

scrum philosophy, working, scrum roles like product owner & scrum master, events like daily standup, review, planning, retrospective along with estimation techniques, roles & responsibilities. 

Section 11

Hands on case study with JIRA and confluence. Create Product backlog, setup sprints etc.

Section 8

Case study for business analysts, product owner & scrum master detailing entire software development project. 

Section 12

Interview questions and answers for Business analyst & Product owners. 

Akhilendra  //  Author

Hi, My name is Akhilendra Singh. I am a Product owner/business analyst with one of the biggest IT companies in the world

and have been practicing business analysis, product management & scrum for over 16 years now. 

I am a MBA, Certified Business Analyst Professional(CBAP expired), Certified scrum product owner, Professional Scrum Master I and quite a few certifications on innovation, entrepreneurship and product design.

In this business analysis & scrum certification course, you will find everything you need to become a business analyst, scrum master or product owner. 

If you have any question about my courses or any question at all, just message me.

You can email me at- [email protected]




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