Developers, QA, Sales, Operations, HR: Become a High-Earning Business Analyst

Fast-track your path into a high-paying tech role with our expert-led program (avg salaries of 15-25 lacs/annum)

  • Live mentoring on weekends for flexible learning.
  • Job search support and interview preparation.
  • Build your portfolio with real-world projects (JIRA, Asana).
  • Mail your cv & linkedin profile link at [email protected] for review.

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    From a Pharma academic background to Insurance Operations, then leaping into Tech—a journey of transformation. If I can switch profiles, so can you!

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    Our program is more than just lectures; it's a launchpad to your success. With personalized coaching, hands-on projects, and tailored interview preparation, we'll propel you towards your dream job at warp speed. Ignite your career journey with us!

    Ready to turn heads? Get expert feedback on your online profiles and master the art of attracting recruiters with our interactive sessions with mentor and comprehensive video lectures. Enroll today and land your dream job faster!

    Unlock the Ultimate BA Interview Prep: 150+ Q&A, Exclusive Mock Interviews with Your Mentor, & Guaranteed Success!

    Boost Your Package with Your Domain Expertise: Your mentor helps translate your non-tech experience (banking, insurance, teaching, HR) into powerful business acumen valued by tech companies. Showcase your industry knowledge to command premium salaries compared to entry-level candidates.

    Don't Wait 3 Years, Become a BA in 3 Months: Start Your Dream Career Today!

    Live Weekend Sessions-12 weeks
    • Get personalized guidance and feedback from seasoned professionals, all on your flexible weekend schedule. 
    • Dive into industry-like challenges and build a portfolio that proves your skills to potential employers.
    • Craft a profile and resume that scream "Tech Powerhouse!" with our dedicated sessions and expert tips.
    Master the Essentials- 1 Year access to online portal
    • Master the art of bridging the gap between business needs and tech solutions.
    • Become a champion of Scrum Agile & get the hang of gathering, analyzing, and documenting project requirements like a pro.
    • Asana & JIRA- Conquer Business analysis tools like a warrior, keeping your team organized and on track.
    Certified and Confident
    • Land your dream job in tech: Become a certified Business Analyst with high demand and career growth potential.
    • No coding required: Transition smoothly from any non-technical field with accessible, skill-focused training.
    • Make a real impact: Drive change and innovation within tech projects, shaping the future of products and services.
    Transitioning from Non-Tech to Tech with Ease
  • Confidence boost for career switchers: Our supportive environment and expert mentors provide personalized guidance, ensuring you feel empowered and prepared.
  • Real-world project experience: Apply your learning in industry-simulated projects, building a portfolio that speaks volumes to potential tech employers.
  • Master the interview game: Receive expert coaching on crafting your resume and acing tech interviews, showcasing your transferable skills and value.
  • What our students are saying

    Achievement Unlocked!

    I enjoy the value that this course has brought to my BA knowledge as well as in my actual work and projects!

    Thank you Akhilendra pratap Singh for providing all the resources and mentoring this course!


    For the ins and outs of Business Analysis and Scrum, I really recommend this course. It gives you great insight as well working tools and real life examples to work through.


    After PMP Certification, was looking for a mentor who can actually guide me, refine me with the requirements of the present post covid Industry demand and actually help me in understanding with the skills sets which I can master easily. After mastering PMP, Agile was in my mind. Basically PSM, Disciplined Agilist. Akhilendra came in and gave the much needed confidence, basic understanding, the knowledge and the foundation which has helped me to realise my true potential.


    What's Included in The Course

    Online Video Module

    Recorded videos on end to end business analysis, Scrum Agile & JIRA. Learn requirement planning, elicitation techniques, priorirotization, user stories, BRD, Backlog, scrum events, roles and everything you need about Business analysis, Scrum and JIRA.

    Interview Questions & Sample Answers

    We understand that despite learning, cracking interview is hard. Therefore we came up with 150+ real interview questions and sample answers. You can crack any BA interview on earth with these questions.

    Live Weekend Session

    Live weekend session for 3 months through Google meet where you will work with mentor to optimize your resume, linkedin profile and work on real industry projects to sharpen your skills and become hands-on.

    Hi, I'm Akhilendra

    I am Akhilendra, with over 15 years of experience in Tech. I have worked with over 10000 candidates from all major continents and helped them acheive their true potential and switch to Tech from sales, banking, insurance, operations and many other domains.


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    Customers served! 1 Students

    Become a BA Today!

    Thanks you for explaining the backlog and scrum differences in so much details as well as how the BRD and Functional spec templates should look or the detail it should contain in an Agile Project. This was so helpful to me! Appreciate!! I am new to the Agile Methodology and I learned so much!


    Very good online training. However, I did see some comparison with Prince2 projectmanagement. Beside that, very good. And the Scrum Agile is already familiar for me as a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner. Very satisfied with this online training.


    Very good presentation of all the core concepts of Waterfall and Agile. Please add more detail for students on what certain sales contracts affect which methods or combination of Waterfall & Agile processes should be used. Many instances where a fixed price contract was sold with a hard fixed delivery date, may run into issues with retail customers using Agile. If not managed properly by PM and PO with well defined sales contract, project charter and BRD, scope creep and missed delivery dates will and do occur.


    We have a proven track record of success in helping individuals from diverse backgrounds make a smooth and successful transition into the tech industry. Just Refer to these feedbacks shared above.

    Pricing Options

    Business Analysis- Online only

    Rs 3999

    • Online module with very detailed pre-recorded lectures, assignments, projects on business analysis & scrum.
    • Recordings of weekend sessions.
    • 150+ Interview questions & answers.
    • Limited Support though google chat to answer your queries. 
    Business analysis Intensive - Weekend Class


    • Online module + Instructor-led program for 3 months.
    • Personalized support to customize profile and interview preparation to help you switch profiles.
    • Ideal for those who are looking to switch to BA profile in immediate term.
    Business analysis course + Product management 

    Ideal for those who are looking to target product companies like Google, Amazon, Apple etc.

    Salary range over 50 lacs/annum.





    What Are You Waiting For? 

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