Google Helpouts For Experts Help

Google helpouts details

Google has launched a new service called Google Helpouts. Google helpouts is a new, innovative and unique service by google where you can get instant help by experts on variety of topics. Google helpouts is not only good for those who are seeking information or guidance about something, but it is also helpful for those who can offer something. If you haven't heard of Google Helpouts, click here to visit. Google Helpouts in Glance Basically helpouts is a marketplace for … [Continue reading]

Zend Studio Review-Rocking 10.6

zend studio debug

I have already reviewed dreamweaver in my last review and in this post; we will go through another giant in the PHP IDE segment, Zend Studio. If you are new to it, I ll suggest you to checkout the dreamweaver review here, in order to make a informed decision. Zend Studio Review Zend studio 10.6 is the latest edition from the zend who is considered as one of the biggest name in the field of PHP. Zend contributes immensely to PHP language. In fact, they are roughly referred … [Continue reading]

PHP Basics Part3-Learn PHP Functions

learn php function

In our last post about PHP variable, we came across example where we talked about function. If you haven’t gone through that then you can read PHP Basics Part 2. Functions in programming languages are used to perform certain functions/actions like … [Continue reading]

Affiliate Marketing & Networks for Indian Bloggers

affiliate marketing in india

There are many affiliate networks across globe like amazon, clickbank and shareasale etc. They are widely used by marketers to promote their products and earn referral commissions. Entire Process of affiliate marketing isn’t very complicated but the … [Continue reading]

Are Customer Feedbacks Source of Problems or Instrument of Sales?

customer feedback-sales or problem

How are important customer feedbacks for the online store and whether it is worth publishing them on an online store site?  How these responses influence on online store visits, number of orders and conversion?  Similar questions are of current … [Continue reading]

4 Crucial Points to Build Profitable Daily Deal or Discount Coupons Website

Discount Coupon

The surge in online business has prompted 80% of businessmen to turn their heads towards it. From various reports, it is revealed that for every 2.5 seconds, a product is purchased by a buyer. With such statistics there is nothing wrong in … [Continue reading]

Best Social Media Marketing Plugins for WordPress

social media marketing plugins for wordpress

Wordpress is one of the best content management system and plugins add great value to it. There are wordpress plugins for each task and activity. SEO and social media marketing are one of the most important activities for your website … [Continue reading]