Sample IT Business Analyst Resume-CV

Sample IT Business Analyst CV-Resume

If you are an IT Business Analyst or planning to move into IT Business Analyst role, you will need a good CV/Resume to put forward your profile. IT companies have become very selective these days and if they don’t get appropriate information through your resume, chances are you won’t even get the call; forget about proving yourself in the screening process. You can find a sample IT Business Analyst Resume here which is based on a IT Business Analyst profile for insurance … [Continue reading]

Best 3G Dongle Deals in India

Best 3G Dongle Deals in India

I recently purchased a wifi # 3G dongle and I did lot of research while buying it. As I came across this need, I am sure there are many who need to purchase 3G dongle with or without wifi capability. Therefore I decided to write this post with all the consolidated list of best 3G dongles in India. One of the best options to buy these electronic products is to buy through some online shopping portal as their delivery is quick and service is also better in comparison of the … [Continue reading]

Xiaomi Mi 3 Review For Indian Buyers

Xiaomi Mi 3 Review

Xiaomi Mi 3 or just Mi3 is a new android smart phone launched in India by Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi. Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing cell phone makers in china and often referred as “Apple of China”. They have recently made their Indian … [Continue reading]

PHP Basics Part3-Learn PHP Functions

learn php function

In our last post about PHP variable, we came across example where we talked about function. If you haven’t gone through that then you can read PHP Basics Part 2. Functions in programming languages are used to perform certain functions/actions like … [Continue reading]