SAS Business Analytics Part 2- Data Science Basics

Learn SAS Business Analytics

Welcome to the 2nd part of our data science, in this post we will learn about the basic concepts of data science and how to get used to the basic concepts before we delve deeper. You can read the first part here. Data science in nutshell is “Statistic” and a data scientist is a “statistician”. Therefore we are going to cover the concept of statistics which are applied for modern data science. These concepts are required to start your data science journey and if you are … [Continue reading]

SAS Business Analytics Part1- Data Science or Big Data

Learn SAS Business Analytics

Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics & Data mining, these are some of the most buzzing word in the current tech world. It has been termed the sexiest job of the 21st century. It is going to be biggest job creator for next couple of decades and jobs which will come with lucrative pay packages and benefits. As a result, there are many who trying to enter this field. But as the field is new and so much is written about it that, information is … [Continue reading]

Microsoft Lumia 535 Review & Specifications

microsoft lumia 535 review & specs india

Microsoft Lumia 535 has been launched in India with a price tag of Rs 9199. If you haven’t noticed, phone carries Microsoft in the name instead of Nokia. This is the first phone with Microsoft instead of Nokia, after microsoft’s acquisition of … [Continue reading]

37 Must Have Free Android Apps

must have free downloaded android apps

Android is the most used Smartphone operating system in the world. It is free, awesome and provides everything under the sun for brilliant mobile experience. If you are here then chances are, you have already purchased a android phone and currently … [Continue reading]

Best & Affordable Laptop Speakers

laptop speakers

If you are looking to use your laptop for entertainment purpose then you are definitely alone and one of the important accessories to use laptop for entertainment is speakers. Speakers for laptops are crucial irrespective of the purpose, you can use … [Continue reading]

How To Buy Smartphone Screen Protectors

screen protectors-guards

If you have recently purchased a smartphone, then chances are you are already enjoying it. Smartphone has become the integral part of our daily lives today. We use them 24x7 and their significance has gone up. We all do proper research before … [Continue reading]

Sample IT Business Analyst Resume-CV

Sample IT Business Analyst CV-Resume

If you are an IT Business Analyst or planning to move into IT Business Analyst role, you will need a good CV/Resume to put forward your profile. IT companies have become very selective these days and if they don’t get appropriate information through … [Continue reading]

Xiaomi Mi 3 Review For Indian Buyers

Xiaomi Mi 3 Review

Xiaomi Mi 3 or just Mi3 is a new android smart phone launched in India by Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi. Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing cell phone makers in china and often referred as “Apple of China”. They have recently made their Indian … [Continue reading]