Business Analysis Key Concepts -BACCM


This post deals with the Business Analysis Key Concepts which are described in BABOK v3. These core concepts are fundamental to the field of business analysis, BABOK & IIBA's certifications like ECBA, CCBA or CBAP. BACCM or business analysis key concepts model is a conceptual framework for the field of business analysis. It kind of defines the field of business analysis and provide framework which is used to perform business analysis. Business Analysis Key Concepts … [Continue reading]

Video Course To Learn Business Analysis

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Hi Guys, My friends and colleagues have been asking me to come up with a course on Business Analysis. As a result, I have created this course on Udemy for learning Business Analysis; Business Analysis For Everyone- Beginner To Certified This course is geared towards CBAP and other IIBA’s certifications but it is not a copy or replica of BABOK v3. In this course, you will learn the various concepts of Business Analysis and how they are applied in real life projects. I will … [Continue reading]

How To Pass CBAP Exam in 1 Month

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I recently cleared CBAP certification exam with a preparation of approximately 1 month. I thought to share my experience with others so that those who are preparing for CBAP exam or even CCBA exam can learn a trick or two, which can help them in … [Continue reading]

Techniques for Planning Business Analysis Approach

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As mentioned in the last post where we talked about the overview of planning business analysis approach, there is nothing like a best or worst business analysis approach.  You need to weigh pros and cons of each approach and decide the most … [Continue reading]

Planning Business Analysis Approach and Monitoring

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Business analysis is one of the most critical element of an IT software development project and often its success is one of the major cause of the success or failure of the overall success or failure of the entire project. Therefore it is imperative … [Continue reading]

What is GGPlot2 & How To Use It

ggplot graph in R studio

Ggplot2 is an advance R library designed for creating charts. Ggplot2 is one of the 3 graphics system in R, other than base and lattice. it was written by Hadley Wickham. Web site: GGplot2 Overview GGplot2 is like a R grammar … [Continue reading]

Business Analytics Part 10- Linear Regression Analysis

line of best fit

In the last chapter, we studied about Regression analysis, its types and walked through concepts of univariate and multivariate analysis. In this chapter, we are going to dive in further in Regression analysis while covering Linear Regression … [Continue reading]

Business Analytic Part 9-Regression Analysis

Learn SAS Business Analytics

Welcome to the chapter 9 of business analytics tutorial where we will start with subjects related to predictive modelling in data science. In this chapter, we will cover Regression analysis and its variants. We will first go through the definitions … [Continue reading]

Business Analytics Part 8-More Data Science & Statistical Concepts

We have already covered many data science and statistical concepts in previous chapters. We will continue with basic and advance data science related statistical concepts with their business applications in this chapter as well. Data Science & … [Continue reading]

Business Analytics Part 7- Descriptive Analysis Vs Inferential Analysis

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You have already covered good ground if you have been following this tutorial from beginning but if you haven't, you can simply use the link for previous chapters at the bottom of each post. So far, we have covered various statistical tests like f … [Continue reading]

Business Analytics Part 6- Two Way Analysis of variance (ANOVA) | Two Way ANOVA

Learn SAS Business Analytics

In the last chapter about one way ANOVA, we studied how one way ANOVA is used to measure a variable or output or factor for more than two groups at different interval or level. Suppose we instead of one variable, we have two variables. In that case, … [Continue reading]

Business Analytics Part 5- One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Learn SAS Business Analytics

As we have already seen been through t test and f test in previous chapters, it is a good time to look at ANOVA in detail. In this chapter we will go through One Way ANOVA. In the last chapter, we have mentioned that t test for independent variable … [Continue reading]

Business Analytics Part 4- Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

f distribution chart

As mentioned in the first tutorial that these chapters are designed to help you learn and train for SAS Business Analyst certification and other data scientist certifications, we are going to first focus on topics which are more relevant for that and … [Continue reading]