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Imagine landing your dream role. It's achievable with thorough preparation. Start today - review your past successes and learnings, understand the desired role's requirements, and practice tailoring your experiences to it.

Use the STARL method to tell your compelling story. Your future awaits. It's time to seize it. Start preparing, stay consistent, and make your dream job a reality. Your journey to success begins now

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Avishek Patra


After PMP Certification, was looking for a mentor who can actually guide me, refine me with the requirements of the present post covid Industry demand and actually help me in understanding with the skills sets which I can master easily. After mastering PMP, Agile was in my mind. Basically PSM, Disciplined Agilist. Akhilendra came in and gave the much needed confidence, basic understanding, the knowledge and the foundation which has helped me to realise my true potential.

Zikhona Mangcunyana

IT Consultant

For the ins and outs of Business Analysis and Scrum, I really recommend this course. It gives you great insight as well working tools and real life examples to work through.

Akhilendra Singh CSPO PSM I

LEAD2 Consulting # #lead2consulting

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

Achievement Unlocked!
I enjoy the value that this course has brought to my BA knowledge as well as in my actual work and projects!
Thank you Akhilendra pratap Singh for providing all the resources and mentoring this course!
#businessanalysis #agile #projectmanagement #technology #businesstips #businessanalysts #productmanagement #businessowner #iiba #elearning #businessanalystlife #knowledgehub

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Revolutionising Product Management & Business analysis with AI.

Akhilendra // Mentor

Hi, My name is Akhilendra Singh. I am a Product owner/business analyst with one of the biggest IT companies in the world

and have been practicing business analysis, product management & scrum for over 12 years now. 

I am a MBA, Certified Business Analyst Professional(CBAP expired), Certified scrum product owner, Professional Scrum Master I and quite a few certifications on innovation, entrepreneurship and product design.

In this business analysis & scrum certification course, you will find everything you need to become a business analyst, scrum master or product owner. 

If you have any question about my courses or any question at all, just message me.

You can email me at- [email protected]




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