Business Analysis & Scrum Agile for Business Analysts

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Business Analysis & Scrum Agile Course


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This video is part of a comprehensive Business Analysis  & Scrum Agile Course. If you are looking to get BA job or if you are already working at junior or middle level and want to improve your performance and career, you can join it or some other similar course to learn more about business analysis & Scrum Agile software methodology.

Scrum is very popular among software development & IT services companies, even if you know the basics, it will really add great value to your resume.

you should also try to get few certifications because they are really very popular among employers.

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Do You want to Become a Better Business Analyst?

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Business Analysis course help

And whole lot of information about business analysis and role of business analyst. A course which will be updated if you request for a topic which can help other business analysts also. Course to help with business analyst certifications.



This course will help freshers also who can understand business analysis and improve their prospects for business analyst jobs.But even if you don’t enroll in this course, you can leave your comments if you have any question for business analyst job description, profile or role.

Also there are lots of free articles about business analysis, you can go through them.

Please note business analysis or also known as system analysis or IT business analysis, is different than business analytics. Their roles are very different. Role and Job Responsibilities of a Information technology IT or system business analyst or business analyst are;

Liaison between stakeholders like IT, development team and business users, management team or other users. This is called stakeholder management.

  • Requirement Gathering and Requirement Elicitations
  • Requirement Modeling
  • Requirement Prioritization
  • Requirement Scoping
  • Requirement prioritization and scoping are also used in project’s scoping.
  • Managing Change Control Process

And all other development activities related to requirement and its management like requirement verification, validation etc. Depending upon the seniority level, your specific job profile and responsibilities may be different but as you gain experience, you will perform these activities at the project level. for junior or entry level business analyst roles, you will assist or work under a Senior or Enterprise level Business Analyst (BA).

Popular Business Analysis certifications

  1. ECBA
  2. CCBA
  3. CBAP
  4. CBATL

These certifications are offered by IIBA and one of the most acknowledged certifications for business analysts. So if you are looking to get job as business analyst, you should start with ECBA. For higher certifications like CBAP and CBATL, you will need extensive BA experience to apply for the certifications.

This course material is aligned with BABOK’s guide, so it will help you if you are preparing for ECBA or other IIBA’s certification. Please note there are no PDU offered with this course, so if there is any requirement for that, you may need to purchase some other course.

 Business Analysis Training Curriculum

  1. What is Business Analysis
  2. Who is Business Analyst
  3. Business Analysis Fundamentals- BACCM
  4. Scrum Agile Fundamentals
  5. Scrum Agile Roles and Responsibilities like Scrum Master, Product Owner and their details.
  6. Scrum Events like Sprint, Sprint planning etc.
  7. User Stories, Product Backlog and Free Product backlog Template.
  8. Burndown chart and Velocity, Free Burndown chart template.
  9. Plan Business Analysis Approach
  10. Plan Stakeholder Engagement & Management
  11. Learn Business Analysis Governance
  12. Business Analysis Information & Communication Management
  13. Planning & Conducting Requirement Elicitation
  14. Videos on 10 popular requirement elicitation techniques
  15. SMART Requirements
  16. Requirement Management & Life Cycle
  17. Solution Formulation & Evaluation
  18. Requirement Modelling
  19. Walk through Video of Business Requirement Document preparation
  20. Free Sample IT Business Analyst Resume/CV
  21. How To Prepare for CBAP
  22. Use Case & Scenarios Requirement Modeling Technique
  23. Wireframe- Requirement Modeling Technique
  24. Useful Tips to Get BA Job & Do Well

I am already working on updating the course with Scrum Agile content and it will be added soon.

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Business Analyst Job Description Includes;

  1. Requirement Elicitation/Gathering
  2. Requirement validation, verification etc.
  3. Identifying key stakeholders.
  4. Stakeholder coordination and communication.
  5. Recommending solutions to satisfy requirements.
  6. Preparation of Business Requirement Documents and Detail Design Documents. these are sometime referred using different terminologies but they refer to requirement document and solution document.
  7. Requirement Prioritization and scoping
  8. Managing change control.
  9. Defect Tracking
  10. Working with development Team.

This course will help you with understanding the field of business analysis. You will know how to plan business analysis approach and when to use predictive approach and when to use adaptive. It is very important in today’s software development world to know this.

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