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Best stock picks

Best stock picks

Best stock picks to invest is one of the most common questions among investors across global markets. If you are here then it means you too are seeking its answer. Stock markets have been extremely volatile in the last few months and predicting their movement has not been an easy task in the past few months. Eurozone crisis have added to the pressure and domestic cues have been also not very supportive. Rupee has fallen tremendously in the last few months and it has added to the existing problems.

Stock markets are currently on the up move and they have been seen sessions in the last few weeks in the green zone. So does that mean things are turning back now? Well it is extremely difficult to say and short term bets may still be risky. But if you are a long term player and can hold your investment for at least a period of one year, then it may be a good time for building a good diversified portfolio.

Diversified portfolios are going to be the king in stock markets for next few years. World will continue to remain same and a constant up move may be hard to see but that doesn’t mean that good stocks will not move. It’s just that you will have to be much more cautious in your approach. You have to plan your investment and put your money in multiple financial instruments like mutual funds, gold etc.

You have to pick stocks where people are putting their money so that you don’t miss the chance. For that you can use technical analysis to gauge the investor’s sentiments about a stock. There are stocks with good fundamentals. You need to pick them. Some of the best stock picks which are currently recommended by various brokerage houses are;

  1. HDIL
  2. Aanjaneya Life
  3. Central Bank
  4. BHEL
  5. Adani Ports and Special Econimic Zone Ltd

Stocks like these are good to invest in current market condition but always try to invest them when they fall. These stocks may not be the best but I invest in them. I don’t guarantee that they will rise in all circumstances but they look good. Why don’t you share your investment strategies with us and see if others feel the same. At the same time, i would also like to mention that there can’t be anything like best stock picks for all. Every investor is different with a different mindset and strategy, so there may be a different best stock picks for them.

Remember, asking and sharing investment ideas may be a good way to get confirmation about your choice. Please comment and let me know your opinion about stocks I have chosen to invest.

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Sharing is Caring
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  1. Capital Vraddhi says

    Very well written article, thank you for sharing. Even though my portfolio also took a hit, I can still sleep well at night because I’m in it for the dividends. And if I do my stock picking correct I can rides the waves as they come.

  2. Hello! I have saw your link posted. Your post are very informative, and can add to my blogging and internet journey. God bless.

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