Why startups need a social media strategy (and how to create one)

When you’re launching a startup, one of the biggest challenges is finding new customers and convincing them to care about your brand and what you can offer them.    Generating traffic leads can be time-consuming. And it can be slow to start with. That’s where social media can help. Social media is one of the […]

Google Plus Vs Facebook & Twitter: Social Media Battle Continues

Google has recently updated its social networking arm, Google+. I have already written about Google Plus new features & look. Google is definitely pushing hard in promoting Google Plus and it is one of the most successful social networking ventures from Google. It has already tried variety of social networking ventures and none of them […]

Google Plus Revamped-Added + To It

Google has recently revamped its social networking arm, Google plus or Google+. Google+ has been growing consistently and currently it is one of the mainstream social networking sites in the world. Clearly, it is yet to catch up with other mainstream social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin but with Google plus’s recent revamp, it has taken […]

Twitter strategy: Drive Traffic From Twitter To Your Blog

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking site in the world and definitely one of the most active virtual networking site. Twitter provides a great platform to interact with your customers, readers and like minded people. You can use twitter to understand your targeted audience. You can see the kind of people they follow […]

How To Create Best Facebook Page

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Do you want to increase your revenue?Increase your sales by using Facebook’s Free & paid tools to drive traffic and sales for your business. Buy It Now! Facebook pages have become extremely popular and are used by people for commercial and non-commercial purpose. There is hardly any business entity without a […]

Advantages of Joining a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn is the world’s leading social network for professionals. Currently, it boasts over 100 million users from different countries all over the world. Having a LinkedIn account offers a great opportunity of networking with other professionals, finding work and even driving traffic to your blog. However, many people sign up for an account, and do […]

Twitter Analytics Tools to Improve Blog Marketing

Do you monitor your traffic and social media campaigns? Do you know the exact keyword, tweets, Google+ share or Facebook like which brings traffic to your blog or business site? Monitoring, tracking and analysing your traffic data is the best and must practice for you to survive in today’s highly competitive world. Information is the […]

Why Social Media Marketing is Better than SEO

Why Social Media Marketing is better than SEO? If that sounds weird to you then think again. I know, some would argue that social media marketing is now a part of search engine optimization where search engines like Google looks at the social share like Facebook likes, Tweets and +1s. But there is a difference […]

Tips for Make Money Online from Facebook

Besides being a social utility to connect people with their acquaintances and others, Facebook also offers great opportunities to earn money. People use Facebook to keep up with their friends but digital marketing experts see the opportunities that await for them. So, here are some of the tips for making money online from Facebook: 1-      […]

Social Media Info-graphics By Intel’s What About Me

Social Media Info-graphics are very good way of expressing your social media profile. I have used a tool offered by intel to analysis my social profile. This tool from intel is called “What about me“. It is a fantastic tool to analyse your social profiles. It doesn’t allow me to add all of my social media […]

How Advertising on Twitter Can Impact The Success of Your Online Business

Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites; it told us how we can use 140 characters to express ourselves. No one had done this before; nobody even imagined and looks where Twitter is today? Twitter is the darling of social media. But wait; do you have an account on Twitter? If not, then […]