Social Media Info-graphics By Intel’s What About Me

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Social Media Info-graphics are very good way of expressing your social media profile.

I have used a tool offered by intel to analysis my social profile.

This tool from intel is called “What about me“.

It is a fantastic tool to analyse your social profiles.

It doesn’t allow me to add all of my social media profiles like all twitter profiles but still it is a very good way of looking into your own social media activities.

I will suggest you to try it and play with it so that if not others, then at least you know what you are up-to.

I am still working with it using my different ids to get view from different angles and if you want something similar, then intel’s what about me is a perfect tool for you.

Social Media Info-graphics by Intel-what about me

Sharing is Caring
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  1. This looks like a good tool for both work and personal use. It looks like it can truly help analyze and improve all your social profiles.

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