Career counselling-Career planning & career guidance

Akhilendra pratap singhI am a product manager with over 14 years experience in technology and i have been coaching, helping & mentoring students & working professionals in switching careers and moving to better career path. Contact me if you are looking for a mentor. Email- [email protected] Are you confused about your career & need career […]

GATE EXAM 2021 IITB-Exam dates, Eligibility & Details

Hi Guys, if you have been waiting for GATE 2021 Exams, IITB (Indian institute of technology, Bombay) has announced exam details like dates, eligibility criteria & 2021 papers.GATE 2021 Exam datesFriday 5th February 2021Saturday 6th February 2021Sunday 7th February 2021Friday 12th February 2021Saturday 13th February 2021Sunday 14th February 2021GATE 2021-Eligibility CriteriaAnyone who has successfully completed […]

How to find jobs (Naukri)

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Unlock Your Dream Job: Master Your Interview Skills TodayEver wish you could peek inside the interviewer’s mind? With CareerPathUp, you can! Get instant access to 100+ real interview questions, both behavioral and objective, crafted to help you excel in your Project Manager, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, or Product Manager interview. With our […]

Get A Chance To Win Flipkart e-Gift Voucher Worth Rs 2000

This program has ended Get a chance to win Flipkart e-Gift Voucher worth Rs 2000 You spent lot of time on Facebook, you have liked and shared many thing in the past but never really got anything in return. Let us change it for you. Like us on Facebook to get a chance to win […]

How To Do Weight Loss

A Comprehensive Guide to Weight Management: Nutrition, Exercise, and Technology Weight management, particularly weight loss, has become a prominent concern globally, especially in urban areas. The primary culprits are sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy dietary habits, which significantly contribute to weight gain and obesity. However, these elements alone don’t paint the full picture. A complex interplay […]

Monster in India

Monster in India does sound scary but it’s a fact. And this monster is nothing else than this economic slowdown which has become even more dangerous after state assembly elections. This monster in India has been on rampage for more than a year now and is threatening to impact this year also. Crude prices are […]

How to Avoid Salmonella

In early February 2012, the Center for Disease Control, the federally funded disease prevention and control organization based in Atlanta Georgia, announced an outbreak of Salmonella poisoning concentrated in the New England states area of the United States. This outbreak, Salmonella Typhimurim strand to be exact, infected more than 20 people from various states in […]

The importance of tutoring

When our children are young, it is important to cultivate a deep love of learning in them. Many times, our children are very receptive to the idea of learning, but often, for those children who struggle with a simplified educational process, the idea of learning is a turn-off. Parents should not fear because there are […]

Why social networking can hurt you?

Why social networking can hurt you? It is a very rare question in today’s world filled with social media noise. Social media or online networking is extremely popular and it seems as if people can’t even imagine their life without posting their status at Facebook, Twitter & other social networking sites. Looking at the demand, […]

Why you should be writing online today?

Why you should be writing online today sounds weird but it is important to understand ‘Why’? There are two parts of it. One is related to writing and second is writing it online. First coming to the point of writing, we tend to believe that writing is meant only for great writers with high standard […]

How Do You Do a Microbiology Science Fair Project?

How Do You Do a Microbiology Science Fair Project? Many science students would be more than willing to know the answer. In preparing for a microbiology science fair project, students have a wealth of materials available to help them prepare for the project from science kits to games, books and toys. All these materials used […]

What Can Tutors Do For You?

March is a great month to really evaluate the progress that your child is making in school. There are only about three to three and a half months left of the school year so there is still time to correcting learning issues and to catch up with skills before summer break. However, there is little […]

How to set up a website

How to set up a website is the first step if you are trying for your online presence. Today internet has gone much beyond anything else and having your own site is a ticket to success in the long term. How to set up a website is also like a trivial question which might have […]