Why you should be writing online today?

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Why you should be writing online today?

Why you should be writing online today sounds weird but it is important to understand ‘Why’? There are two parts of it. One is related to writing and second is writing it online. First coming to the point of writing, we tend to believe that writing is meant only for great writers with high standard of writing skills. But the reality is quite contrary; you are not required to be a great writer at all to write anything. In fact, you should not be writing because you are good in writing, you should rather write because you are bad at it and wants to improve it.

Writing helps in understanding the topic or subject because if you want to write, then you will have to do some research on the topic. Writing is for all, from students to working professionals. You can write about your favorite subject or anything related to your job profile. There are indefinite benefits of writing. If you are a student or a professional, it will help you in understanding your subject which is the biggest thing for you. You can share it with your classmates, fellows, friends and colleagues.

As a matter of fact, most of us still don’t write officially or run some blog; it is definitely going to help in earning respect in your fraternity.  You can showcase your talent and share the knowledge with others which would be really helpful for them also. In today’s world, creating your brand is the biggest investment and achievement. So if you can put some efforts to write about virtually anything which concerns human, you can help lot of people and in return, earn lot of praises.

If you are already in the business or full time job, writing would be the best thing which can happen to you. It will help you a lot in enhancing your knowledgebase and improving your skills. You can add these things in your cv/resume which can help in building credibility to your customers or employers simply because they could see your knowledge through articles written by you.

But there are many who probably write and keep it with themselves in some diary. But unless until you show it to the world, you will never get a true feedback, feedbacks are imperative for any skill to grow. Now writing book is really a tedious task and may require investment also. The most economical way to move forward in today’s world is to go Online.

Writing Online is better than writing offline because with little resources you can move ahead with least amount of pain. Now some people will have reservations related to setting up a blog or managing a website. After all, it will also require some investment to set up them, advertising and skills to maintain a website.

These people can write online on others websites. There are many websites which allows general public to write on them. Writing on any good website with good amount of visitor is as good as writing on your website. In fact, it might be a better idea to start writing online on others website rather than setting up your own website straight away. Writing online won’t incur any cost to you and you can start by writing small articles of 200 words. By doing that, you can not only judge your performance but also can see others feedback to improve upon it.

If you want to write on akhilendra, then you are most welcomed to do that. Please refer to ‘Guest Post’ menu option at the top of this page to see article rules and other details like ‘How to submit an article to us’?

If you are looking to create a blog, then read “How To Create a blog“.

We also encourage people to write about their favorite topic or subject. You can write here about anything. You can showcase it to number of people who visit our website. You can also share them on social networking sites to enhance the exposure and tell others than “Hey, I can write, can you?”  Good luck.

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  2. I always find it hard to keep up my writing, I try to write 3-4 articles a day but I very rarely manage it.

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