WordPress For Beginners- Create A Blog

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I have written in the past on how to create a blog using wordpress. But once wordpress is installed, people tend to get confused and

wordpress for beginners

wordpress begineer guide

rushed into things which is not good for SEO. That is why i am creating this wordpress for beginners guide.

In this wordpress for beginners tutorial, i will be taking you through the detailed steps required to create a rocking wordpress website.

Installing wordpress or writing your first post is not the end of road, it is mere beginning.

If you want to Learn WordPress or “How to Use WordPress”, then i have compiled this WordPress for beginners user Guide which can help you in quickly setting up your blog.

To create a blog, you need to use correct set of tools and follow these steps. WordPress blog is a combination of wordpress content management, wp themes, plugin and high quality content.

WordPress Website Development require some financial investment and great deal of intellectual investment.

Ok, let’s begin with our wordpress for beginners guide.

WordPress For Beginners- Create A Blog

Step #1 – Register Domain name, purchase web hosting and install wordpress. You can read wordpress tutorials for details on them.

If you are yet to purchase web hosting and domain registration, you can use hostgator discount coupon “akhilendra2013” or at Godaddy with more than 35% Discount.

You can install wordpress or Godaddy or Hostgator by simple steps shown in these videos.

Install WordPress on Hostgator



Install WordPress on Godaddy (Godaddy Discount Coupon)


Read: How to Install WordPress on Local using xampp

Step # 2 – now your blog is ready but don’t rush into it. You should remove the blogroll links and everything which you don’t need like sample posts and comments on your blog.

Now you need to get a themes, this is one of the most important aspect of it. WordPress themes do impact your seo and customer friendliness. If they don’t like your blog then there is no way they are going to follow you or purchase from your blog.

You have three options;

Free themes are not good, I will suggest you to pick either from elegant themes or studiopress themes based upon your requirements and budgets. Check their collections and figure out it yourself.

Useful Readings;

Elegant Themes Review

Studiopress Themes Review

Step #3 – Moving on in this wordpress for beginners guide, as your basic blog is ready, you need to get plugins which can add functionality to your blog which are necessary for it. In order to learn wordpress, you need to learn the functionality of these plugins. No wordpress for beginners guide can complete without discussing some of the most important wordpress plugins.

SEOPressor – SEOpressor is a premium wordpress on page optimization seo plugin. It optimizes your posts, add social seo, Dublin score and also check for over optimization. It is must for anybody who is blogging in current world. On page optimization is the key to success in today’s blogging industry. SEOpressor is must to create a blog which ranks higher on search engines. Wordpress for beginners guide has to have seopressor in must have plugins.

Commentluv Premium Plugin – Blog comments add fresh and unique content to your blog. They not only add SEO value to it, but also help in creating a blogging community around your blog. It help you in creating a business which lasts. In absence of any incentive, your most of the reader will not comment on your blog. Commentluv premium provide variety of incentives to comment and share your blog posts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It help you in getting viral traffic (free). Social shares also add to the seo. By having fresh content through comments, your SEO level is enhanced further. So there is a cumulative effect on the SEO of your blog. Commentluv premium also provide you additional functionality which is called “Reply Me” which sends a mail to the author of the posts regarding a new comment on their posts. It is extremely helpful in case of blogs which are accepting guest posts. Commentluv premium is an essential plugin for your blog. Commentluv may not be required for established blog but for starters, it’s must. WordPress for beginners guide has to have commentluv in must have plugins.

Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate Plugin – it is plugin which can automatically convert your keywords into affiliate links and cloak them. So instead of having a generic affiliate links which is susceptible to commission theft by exposing your affiliate id in the affiliate link, you should cloak it to something which is user friendly and doesn’t expose your affiliate id. For example- you can have something like http://yoururl.com/recommends/affiliateid. Wordpress for beginners guide has to have maxblogpress ninja affiliate plugin in must have plugins.

You can manage all your affiliate programs from your wordpress admin dashboard where you can check their stats and also, define your keywords and their respective affiliate links. It adds a field in wordpress “add post” where you can easily select and insert affiliate links in keyword without going somewhere outside, grabbing your affiliate link and then manually inserting them. Read detailed maxblogpress ninja review. Maxblogpress ninja is a must plugin to create a blog which makes money for you.

WPSubscriber and Email Auto-responders – Email marketing is must for any kind of blog irrespective of your niche. You should have a email auto-responder and email opt-in forms on your blog. GetResponse is the most economical and best email marketing service provider. Other than Getresponse, you can also check out Aweber. WPsubscribers is the best wordpress premium plugin to place attractive email opt-in form on your blog. You can place email optin forms in your header, footer, posts, below posts, sidebar and variety of pop ups to collect email addresses of your subscribers. Read Detailed WPSubscribers Review. Email marketing for blogs is must to create a blog meant for affiliate marketing.

Few Additional Plugins to create a blog which are must for you;

Social Metric Pro—To manage your social media marketing campaigns.

Facebook Apps Ninja Affiliate – To quickly and easily create facebook apps from your wordpress dashboard.

WordPress For Beginners Summary

You need to create a blog which is able to create an impact on your visitors. Content is the king but unless until it is presented in an appropriate manner to your visitors and search engines, they are not going to be pleased. In order to do that, you need premium themes and plugins which can enhance the level of communication between your blog, your visitors and search engines. You must remove anything and everything which is not required on your blog. You must focus on SEO and social media and cloak your affiliate links if you are putting them on your blog.

This wordpress for beginners guide is meant to set up your blog but you still need to follow strategies which are unique to your niche and as mentioned earlier, content is the king.

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