Best WordPress Premium Theme Part 4- Studiopress Themes Review

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We have been reviewing Best Premium WordPress themes and so far, we have covered elegant themes and thesis theme. Today we are going to review Studiopress from copyblogger media.

Studiopress is the best wordpress theme for advance bloggers who expect slightly more from their wordpress theme.

Studiopress Themes Review

When I say advance bloggers, I mean those bloggers who play with their themes at code level.

Studiopress themes based upon Genesis Framework are best for bloggers with developer’s instinct. Genesis WordPress Theme are best for speed, SEO and designs.

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Studiopress Overview


Studiopress themes produced by copyblogger media are based on Genesis Framework. Genesis Framework is one of the best frameworks for wordpress themes.

It allows you to easily customize your theme for any purpose.

You can add additional functionality with minimal efforts and it is fairly easy to play with.

Genesis Framework offers;

  • Clean code
  • Seo options
  • Smart design & architecture
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Customization

These are some of the main features of Genesis Framework.

If you are not using any premium theme then you should know that you are playing with your blog’s future.

Premium wordpress theme provide greater flexibility with great design and you must invest in your premium themes and plugins.

Genesis Theme Vs Thesis Theme

If you are looking out at Genesis, then chances are either you have already looked at Thesis or that would be your next step.

Thesis 2.0 would be launched on oct-01-2012 with enhanced customization features which will allow you change things from a user friendly interface.

Do you know what?

These features are already in-built in Studiopress themes at no additional price and limitation on your usage.

So the hype which is around Thesis 2.0, it’s nothing. These features are already built in Genesis.

Studiopress Functionality


Studiopress Themes are loaded with features.

SEO Options – Studiopress themes on Genesis framework are well optimized for search engines.

Custom Widgets– Genesis along with Studiopress comes with custom widget which can be used to insert custom widget anywhere in your blog. You won’t find these custom widgets in any other themes.

Color Option– You can easily customize the colors on your site. Genesis itself offers you great option but when you use studiopress themes, then you get greater level of customization.

Enhanced Customization– You can easily customize your blog’s various aspects like categories, layout, look & feel, navigation, header, favicon etc.

Custom feeds – Genesis offers a great way of utilizing your feeds. You can redirect your feed using options in Genesis themes.

Enhanced Navigation – As mentioned earlier, you can customize your navigation. Now if you wonder why it deserves to be separately mentioned, Navigation is a very important part of a blog. Default navigation of wordpress is good but if you want to use some enhanced navigation for your site, then Genesis is the right choice for you.

Social Media Integration – if you want to integrate social media easily in your blog without using extra plugin, you can easily do that through Genesis Framework.

Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumbs are a very good way of engaging your visitors. Genesis allows you to customize your Breadcrumbs.

Custom archives – You can customize your archives look took as per your taste.

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These are some of the most basic featured offered by Genesis Framework.

When you select a studiopress theme, you can take your blog to an entirely next level.

Studiopress offer a variety of themes for every niche, so no matter what your niche or targeted audience is, you will always get a studiopress theme for it.

Studiopress themes based upon your selection will give you much more customization than the points mentioned above.


Studiopress Themes Review Conclusion


Studiopress Themes Genesis Framework Review



If we are talking about best wordpress premium theme and genesis themes, then it’s comparison with Thesis theme is quite obvious.

I have mentioned this in previous reviews, thesis is a good theme but overhyped.

Genesis offers everything which thesis does and when you use studiopress theme, then you are taking it beyond thesis.

Studiopress themes are fully fledged themes and in this review, I am trying to emphasis on that.

If you are internet marketers, real estate agency, magazine or whatever, you will get a theme for everything.

And on the top that, studiopress themes offer great variety with great features at great price.

Thesis comes with lot of limitations, like its usage on the number of sites you can use it if you purchase a personal option or limitations on upgrades.

A Studiopress theme comes with unlimited usage.

So instead of adding anything to this studiopress theme review, it could be the best theme for you.

Studiopress themes are best and economical themes for advance bloggers. If you are looking for even more economical themes and don’t intend to play with it at granular level, then elegant themes could be the best option for you.

Studiopress Themes starts from $ 79.95.

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08/20/2013 — Genesis 2.0 has been released and it has been while, Genesis 2.0 is perfect for new age bloggers, to know about the benefits of Genesis 2.0, click here.

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