Best WordPress Premium Theme Part 3-Elegant Themes Review

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In the series of our best wordpress premium themes review, our next stop is Elegant Themes.

Before I go into anything else, I will suggest if you are looking for a beautiful, user friendly and affordable wordpress premium themes, then you don’t even need to read this review, go grab your copy of elegant themes.

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Elegant Theme Review

Elegant Themes are one of the best wordpress premium themes for a blogger, Period.

In my last review of Woothemes, I have described what kinds of features are required for a good wordpress theme.

I have also mentioned that what is best for one, may not be suitable for others.

But this is not applicable for elegant themes simply because they offer so many themes that there is everything for everone.

Thesis theme 2.0 with Personal option is going to be around $90 – $100, woothemes with better design and flexibility is priced at $ 70 which also provides 2 bonus themes with the one you purchase, therefore providing you more flexibility in testing out different look and feel for your website.

Elegant Themes is priced at $39 for 76 themes.

Yes, that’s right.

76 elegant themes in $39 and new themes are constantly updated.

What’s the catch here, honestly; nothing?

Before we dive into the features of elegant themes in this review, let’s see what different it makes to have so many options.

If you are looking for a premium theme then chances are you don’t have one.

You are a start up blogger or an average blogger with some idea but still learning things.

You have selected a niche or a subject for your blog & you will be writing primarily about that.

When you start a blog, you have some idea about it but as you learn more things about it, your needs changes. Let’s look at some of the scenarios;

Currently you write about X topic in A style.

You might be writing about Y topic in B style in future


Still writing about X topic but in C style


Added Z along with X and Y topics.

Point is, your blog grow and so as your needs.


Do you think that it will never change?

You could be right. There are many bloggers who don’t change the primary target area like Internet marketing bloggers.

Now what does internet Marketer does?

Internet marketing or affiliate marketing, right?

Now if you are thinking of doing internet marketing, then you need a premium theme to optimize the performance of your blog.

You cannot do that with free themes and if you choose themes like Thesis then either pay close to $100 for thesis 2.0 or spend whole lot of time customizing it.

If you are an affiliate marketer then you should be spending time writing content for your blog and customizing your theme, especially in a changing world where things are constantly getting updated.

If you are using Elegant Themes, then you can simply use their Review theme which is specifically meant for Review Blogs.

elegant theme inreview

elegant theme inreview


It is 100 % meant for affiliate marketing.

Its design is simply awesome.

In internet marketing you need an attractive design to present your blog’s content. You can do it without putting any efforts with Review Theme of Elegant Theme.

Ok, so you don’t do Internet Marketing.

Do you want to set up a Question & Answer site something like Yahoo Answers? Then you can use askit theme from elegant theme to quickly set up your blog.

elegant theme askit reivew

elegant theme askit reivew-create QnA Blog


And mind you, you will get all these themes, total of 76 themes, so don’t think that if you are using Review theme and in future if you want to change your blog to question and answer blog, then you will have to purchase Askit theme separetly.

You get everything in $ 39. 

That’s around $ 0.50 per theme.

Elegant Themes Review

elegant themes blog review


elegant themes gallary

elegant themes magazine style review


elegant themes multimedia review


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It can’t get better than this.

So, sometime having more option is better for your future.

I bought thesis because I wanted a good framework but as it is all about framework, I use to spend lot of time in tweaking my site’s code to change its design and adding more functionality.

Then I invested $ 67 in Thesis Awesome which is a thesis skin. Now I can quickly make all the changes but the point is if you are yet to purchase any theme, purchase something which satisfy your current & future requirements and that’s it.

Why you first purchase a framework in $ 90-100 and then either spend hours in manually changing things or put additional money to purchase skin.

Themes are primarily designed to grab eyeballs and present your content in good and pleasant way, use them for that.

I mean if I can repeat myself, then we are not going to send someone to Mars on a wordpress theme, so why the heck we should be putting so much into it.

Rather, spend that money on plugins, seo tools and social media programs which can help you for rest of your life in setting up any kind of business by incorporating that knowledge in you, and not just WordPress blog.

Elegant Theme Review –Features & Options


Elegant theme is loaded with features. It is extremely easy to customize and create beautiful blogs.

Let’s look at some of the important features of elegant themes in this review;

ePanel Theme Options in Elegant Themes


ePanel is control panel of elegant themes and is provided with every elegant theme.

You can use it easily customize your layout, design, SEO, advertisements, third party code integration (like google analytics) and colors even without touching the code of your wordpress blog.

ePanel constitutes;

  • General settings
  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • Ad Management
  • Colorization
  • SEO Control
  • Integration
Shortcodes in Elegant


If you are looking to create a professional looking blog then you need to use additional stuff like;

  • Buttons
  • Content boxes
  • Tabbed content
  • Slideshow
  • Image slider
  • Password protection for individual content
  • Author info
  • Custom list
  • Pricing table
  • Testimonials
  • Dropcaps
  • Quotes

Now as you can see list is long.

I have purchased around 5 premium plugins to do all of these things.

Now you can imagine the kind of impact these things may have on your blog.

If your blog is missing on these features, then it is waste of time and money. But if you are using some other theme, then you will have to purchase additional plugins which will cost you anything between $ 75-$ 100 plus more plugins will mean reduced page load speed and therefore lower SEO level.

I have been struggling with my hosting company because due to presence of these plugins, my server has been bursting and ultimately I have to upgrade my package in order to manage things.

And at the same time, I cannot remove these plugins because they are essential.

So, imagine the kind of benefits you can have, if these things are already in-built in your theme.

You can simply use whatever is applicable for you.

Elegant themes provide all of these options.

Yes, all of these wonderful options without spending a penny, increasing your server load or altering your blog’s optimization level.

These are known as shortcodes in elegant themes, you can perform all of the above mentioned activities without any problem.

None of the wordpress premium themes offer all of these features.

Page Templates in Elegant Themes


Page templates are critical for any blog and as situation arises, you may need to use them in customized manner to satisfy any particular requirement. Elegant themes provide you the option of creating variety of beautiful page templates without any hassle.

If you are using elegant themes, then you can create;

  • Image Gallery
  • Contact form
  • Sitemap for visitors and search engines
  • Advanced search
  • Full width site
  • Member login for interactive blogs
  • Beautiful blog feed
  • Multimedia portfolio


Support and Upgrades


They provide very good support and upgrades for all of themes. So if there is upgrade in wordpress, they always make sure that their themes are upgraded and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Let’s look at some of the customer testimonials on their website;

elegant themes support review

elegant themes support testimonials




Elegant themes are best wordpress premium themes available in the market. It is priced at $ 39 with full access to 76 themes.

You will get themes for everything like affiliate marketing, blogs, multimedia blogs, question and answer site, estore, business, magazine, portfolio etc.

You can easily customize your blog and give it a unique look in minutes.

If you are looking for wordpress premium theme or a blogger using free themes, you must choose elegant themes.

They also offer 30 day money back guarantee, so you don’t have to bother about your money.

Try them and see, if it doesn’t work out, you can get your money refunded without any question asked.

Please let me know what do you think of this elegant themes review and if you have any suggestions, please leave your comment.

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08/20/2013 update- In this elegant theme review, we have talked how economical and efficient elegant theme club is where they offer so many themes in $39. Now elegant themes have further extended their benefits by adding 7 more themes to their collections.

Now elegant themes offer 86 themes in $39 which is less 50 cents per theme. It is the most economical high quality theme club for wordpress users.


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