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Inreview theme from elegant themes is the best review theme for affiliate marketers. But if you have been thinking why inreview, then first see why you need a review theme for your blog.

Are you an affiliate marketers whose primary aim is to monetize your blogs by writing reviews of various products and earn commission when someone buy using the link given in your post?

Well if you are here;

Then chances are, your blog is not doing well as per your expectations.

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Not a big deal.

You might be using some simple free theme which makes your blog look like thousands of other blogs using same theme, if the theme is good.

And if theme is not good and not widely used, then your blog might be looking unique but the point is “Your WordPress theme is not good”.

Your blog’s design is the primary thing which attracts your visitor’s attention.

If your blog doesn’t look good and you use some generic wordpress review theme then you are taking a big risk with your business.

It is very important to have a specific theme for the topic of your blog.

If you are an affiliate marketer using wordpress then you must use some good wordpress theme for reviewers.

That is why I recommend, Inreview theme from elegant themes.

InReview Theme Review from Elegant Themes club


elegant theme inreview review

elegant theme inreview


Why Inreview theme from Elegant themes


Inreview theme from elegant themes is best “value for money” theme available in the market. Free wordpress themes just cannot compete in 2012 and beyond.

You must use invest in your blog if you are looking for any kind of returns.

Inreview theme offers everything which a review blog need to excel.

Inreview theme from elegant themes is specifically designed for wordpress review blogs so it is targeted towards your blog.


Inreview Theme Features

best wp affiliate marketing theme inreview


You get loads of option with Inreview theme. As mentioned earlier, it is specifically designed for review blogs. So you will get the appropriate design and all the widgets you need to create a long lasting impression on your visitors.

People often don’t buy from your blog because they don’t trust you.

They don’t trust you because you look like some other blog out there with no individual identity.

Your blog should look professional so that your visitor’s perception about it is positive and they buy using the links given on your post.

I will also recommend using Maxblogpress Ninja to affiliate marketers.

But coming back to Inreview from elegant themes review, let’s see what all you get with Inreview theme.


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Widgets – you get widgets to show the Top Editor rated products and Top user rated product to show in your sidebar. It is a hell of a good way to display your review products in a professional manner.

If you have visited any big blog or review site like cnet, they always use stars and similar stuff to display the ratings.

It is not possible to show with other themes unless until you use some plugin which will have it’s share of impact on your page load speed. So it’s better to invest in a theme which comes inbuilt with this feature.

Page Display– you get a awesome looking homepage where you can display your reviewed or affiliate products in attractive as well as professional manner.

When user click on the read full review button, they will be taken to the post where there will be two rating box at the top which will display the editor rating and user ratings, again a very professional way to display things.

Sitemap– If you have visited any big site, you will notice a sitemap.

A sitemap provides information about your blog. It is a very effective and efficient way of engaging your visitor. Inreview theme from elegant themes comes with that.

Portfolio – I am not aware of any other theme which allows your showcase your product portfolio in such a way which inreview from elegant themes does.

You can display product portfolio in small, medium and large which basically means the size of your image. It looks very good and can do wonders to your review blog and affiliate marketing career.

Shortcodes – irrespective of the kind of blog you manage, short codes are imperative for it to succeed.

You can add buttons of various size and shapes using short codes. Don’t get confused with the word ‘codes’ in short codes, it’s just the way it is described.


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It is extremely easy to add those using elegant themes.

You can add;

  • Buttons in small, medium and large size
  • Content boxes like warning message to grab user attention.
  • Toggled content
  • Tabbed content
  • Slideshow
  • Image slider
  • Easy tooltips
  • Social media
  • Column layouts
  • Custom icon list
  • Pricing tables
  • Testimonials
  • Drop caps

Pricing – Elegant themes are the most economical wordpress premium themes available. You may get cheaper themes but they will be cheaper in all sense, elegant themes are real ‘Value for money’ products.

Inreview themes from elegant themes are a complete package for review blogs.



As mentioned earlier, inreview theme from elegant themes is the best ‘value for money’ theme out there. The best part about is the fact that elegant themes is the most economical wordpress economical theme club out there.

You get everything in $ 39. So say over a period of time, you start writing about something else and you want to change your blog’s design, you will have more than 70 themes to choose from without spending any additional money.

If you are using some other theme, then you will have to manually change things in your theme and play with codes to make those changes whereas in elegant themes, you will get every theme in “Ready to use” status.

So when you pay $39 for inreview themes, you also get 70+ themes to play with.

It can’t better than this.

Go for elegant themes and go for inreview theme if you are running a review blog.

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  1. Well, this is the best theme i think for AM, i was also looking for some of this kind of themes. As i also want to jump in affiliate marketing soon. @akhilendra and tips for me to get in AM?

    • Hey Vicky, first of all you need to know a target niche for your affiliate marketing. It will take some time and investment but if you are consistent, you can definitely make but it, but trust me, there is nothing like free or easy money. Do let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Awesome collection of themes.I checked all these themes.These are really simple & stylish.

  3. Hi Akhilendra,
    That is a nice theme by elegant themes. I checked it out and it seemed perfect for affiliate marketing. Moreover, for $39 you can have all their themes which is a big bonus.


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