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If you are looking to have a best wordpress ecommerce theme for your etore, then I must say you are moving in right direction.

Your business is nothing without a good wordpress ecommerce theme if you are using wordpress to manage your online business.

Ecommerce themes are used by small businesses that are in the business of managing an online store.

Your online store should have a sleek design with ability to showcase your products in attractive design full of images and graphics.

If theme is not well coded then images and graphics can take a toll on your site’s performance.

So you need to be extra cautious while selecting the best wordpress ecommerce theme.

Best wordpress ecommerce theme

If you are managing a business, there are no way you can get away with a free ecommerce theme?

You need to invest in your business and in current world where you can easily get themes at low and affordable prices, there is no reason you should be using a free WP ecommerce theme to manage your online store.

We have shortlisted two WP Premium theme clubs, they are best in business and provide huge variety for your online store.

They are;

They both produce excellent wp ecommerce themes which are quite affordable.

You get full control on the design of your site and they are designed for newbie’s, so even if you don’t know anything about web design, you can completely design a new store using their themes.

They provide damn easy control panels which provide everything to you to make changes to your store.

You get lots of features with them, just to name a few;

  • Consistent code structure improving your store’s page load time and reducing the load on your IT infrastructure.
  • One click upgrades
  • Custom branding
  • Short codes to add buttons, content boxes and much more cool stuff.
  • Thumbnail auto-sizing
  • Easy integration to third party like Paypal.
  • Browser compatibility
  • Design beautiful page templates with few clicks.
  • Image gallery
  • Customizable potfolio
  • Sitemap
  • Translations if your customers speak different languages


You are not going to get these features even with most of the premium WP ecommerce themes.

You need ultra-light and responsive wordpress ecommerce themes.

Now let’s look at some of the ecommerce themes from elegant themes and Woothemes.

Elegant Themes Ecommerce themes

Elegant themes provide more than 70 themes to select from at a nominal cost of $ 39. They have got theme for everything.

There are other elegant themes also which can satisfy your requirements. Two ecommerce themes from elegant themes are;



Boutique ecommerce theme from elgant themes



estore ecommerce theme from elgant themes


If I have to explain them in one word, I will say ‘gorgeous’.

They are such a good looking ecommerce themes that most of customers who are looking to purchase at that time, will end up purchasing from your store.

And yes, they provide every feature mentioned above.

You can read detailed elegant themes review here.

If you are looking for an affordable wp ecommerce theme, then ecommerce themes from elegant themes are best for your estore.


woothemes ecommerce themes

Woothemes is one of the best theme clubs in premium yet affordable segment. You pay $70 to purchase one theme and you get 2 bonus themes.

So you get 3 themes in $ 70.

Yes, they all provide the above mentioned features and functionality.

So if you can spend a bit more and want any particular theme from woothemes, go for it.

They are very easy to customize like elegant themes and you can design an entirely new & gorgeous online store in minutes.


When it comes to themes, there are two things;

  • You have a design in mind and you are particular about it.
  • You want to try multiple designs before settling down with one.


Remember, elegant themes and woothemes, they both are capable of producing great and unique designs and you don’t have to touch technical side of it. You can do that by their easy to use control panels.

So the deciding factor is your idea and expectation from your online ecommerce store and pricing.

If you want to spend slightly lesser amount of money,

Elegant themes are excellent choice for you. Visit Elegant Theme Gallary

Woothemes are excellent for those who like any specific theme from woothemes.

So visit both galleries simultaneously, open both galleries and go through them and pick whatever you like.

You cannot go wrong with elegant themes and woothemes for premium wordpress ecommerce themes.

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