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In the first part of best wordpress premium themes, I have talked about thesis theme. But with the recent news of its prices going up with Thesis 2.0, it may not be a viable option for many.

So if you want to purchase a premium wordpress theme but not sure what all premium themes are good, then this post would be helpful for you.

Everyone is different and so as their blogs, so what could be best for one may not be best for other.


Woothemes is the pick of the day and it is one of the best wordpress themes available in the market.

Today we are going to walk through Woothemes and see if it can be an option for you.

So let’s get the ball rolling by looking at the features you should be looking into your wordpress premium or free theme and if Woothemes have that.

So first we will see if a particular feature which should be present in your theme and then we will see if it is present in Woothemes.

This feature mapping with Woothemes will help us in determining if it is meant for you.


Feature Mapping


Best WordPress Premium Theme Part 2-woothemes collection

These are important features of any theme and you should not ignore them.


1. SEO


I know SEO is the most discussed topic among bloggers and they even don’t drop it while looking out for themes.

And it is important too. But we need to understand that a theme cannot perform the real SEO activities which will push your site up in Google ranking.

We only need to make sure that a theme is good enough to set;

  • Custom title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • H1, H2, H3 tags

Woothemes does all of that. It also takes care of other aspects which a theme could do. But I must say SEO in themes is way beyond over-stated.

No need to exaggerate and you should focus only on above mentioned basic points.

You need to take on SEO separately but before that you need a proper theme for your blog which can make your visitor’s visit a pleasant experience.

2. Simplicity


Don’t try to get fancy about it; your theme should be simple and easy to use rather than targeting too many things which complicate the issue.

Woothemes are extremely simple and yet powerful. They are beautifully designed and provide everything which you could imagine.

3. Framework


This is the part which most of us don’t have access to; if we don’t have the theme and even if you have, I am not sure how many of us can actually understand that.

But in that case, we need to look out for those who are having developer option of theme and what they are saying about it.


I mean even if someone have Personal option, they can access it but the point is that those who are using Developer option, they are the one who are actually playing with its code and real experts.


Honestly, I am not having Woothemes but based upon my interaction with some of my friends; I can definitely vouch for Woothemes.

Audit history is a good way of judging the coding standards of a theme.

If a theme or any other product is developed by professionals with high standards, then they will always update the code with the proper audit history.


This is a very good way of judging the ability of a development team.

In woothemes, you can find all details. It is developed by a very good team of developer who know what they are doing.

They update details and description so that in case you want to further customize your theme, you don’t face any issue.


Woothemes are developed on Woo framework which is coded really well and therefore have extremely positive impact on the SEO of your site.

4. Customization and Scalability


Woothemes are extremely scalable and very easy to customize. They offer lots of options to support your requirements, just to mention few;


  • Thumbnail Images -Extremely easy to create and customize thumbnail images for your site. It can automatically create thumbnail images for your post from post images and you can customize each & every aspect of it. You can define the size of your thumbnail images along with their alignment and other additional features like cropping etc.


  • Upgrades–Woothemes are extremely easy to upgrade and you can simply upgrade with one click.


  • Custom shortcodes – shortcodes are an awesome way of inserting eye-catching messages in your blog. It could be a informative message or a warning message. But putting them is not so easy; Woothemes make it extremely easy to do that in few simple steps.


  • Template customization – you can use Woothemes to make blog, sales pages and squeeze pages. There are other themes which also promise to do the same but it is not that easy with them. Woothemes delivers on that. It is designed to create custom page templates with few clicks.


  • Customized layout in Woothemes– customizing layout in Woothemes is as easy as it could get. You can customize your header, logo, footer and width of your columns. Though these features are also delivered by other themes. But it is easier to do in case of Woothemes. You can simply edit these changes from a easy to use and navigate user interface which is often missing from many other themes.


  • Third party code integration – it is extremely easy to integrate third party code in Woothemes like Google Analytics, Google Webmasters code.


5. Support


This is one of the most crucial parts of any product you purchase for any kind of usage. Even a good product with bad support should not be bought.

Woothemes are backed by awesome support system. Your queries are resolved promptly. They can resolve your queries related to changes in your site, its code, styling or SEO.

6. Additional enhancements with Woothemes


You get two additional themes when you purchase standard Option with Woothemes. It also comes with updates so you won’t have to worry about that.

7. Pricing


Best WordPress Premium Theme Part 2-woothemes pricing


Woothemes are priced extremely well to help you in making your purchase decision. In one of my provious post related to thesis theme, I have mentioned that it is very important to make a good investment decision.

Woothemes are very good investment because they are true “value for money” themes.

They offer multiple packages which can help you in making your decision.

You can get three themes in $ 70 and if you are not sure about your current requirement, then you can go for their club membership where you can have access to all 83 themes.




As mentioned in earlier part of this post that what could be best for one, may not be best for other. But still, Woothemes are targeted towards most of the wordpress users.

You can choose any theme from their huge collection and as you get 2 bonus themes; your job becomes extremely easy.

So if you want to change your theme at a later stage, you have two additional woothemes to do that.

But their club membership is a bit expensive. They also promise that they will deliver one new theme every month so if you are going to use them on many websites, then this option is extremely good for you.


But for an average blogger who is looking one beautiful, easily customizable and scalable theme, then Wootheme is a very good option.

Visit Woothemes to access their Theme Gallary.

If you are using it, please share your experience with us or leave your comment if you have any question.


Sharing is Caring
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