How to improve productivity & get rid of distractions

QuickurSelf-Take control of your life QuickurSelfA Productivity app to help you Whether you are a student or working professional, getting rid of distractions and improving productivity should be on the top of your list. We live in a distracted world. There are so many apps, movies or tv shows to watch. It seems we don’t have enough […]

How to acheive more with your life

QuickurSelfA Productivity and life fitnes app Do you want to achieve more in your life or let me put this way, do you want to achieve more with your life? We all struggle with procrastination, we all complain about lack of time. It’s like we are stuck somewhere and can’t move. If you were to review last […]

Amazing SaaS Startup Growth Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss

In the next five years, software as a service (SaaS) spending is expected to grow by nearly 25 percent. Business owners understand the value of having software programs they don’t have to maintain and update on their own. If you are a tech-savvy developer trying to strike out on your own, there are a few […]

What Business Owners Need to Know About Scrum Agile Implementation

Did you realize that 70 percent of the organizations and small businesses in the United States use Agile methodologies in some form? For most business owners, adopting these methodologies is mostly about increasing efficiency and the quality of their products. While Agile is used by tons of software development companies, the principles that make up […]

How to Reduce Stress In Your Online Business

Any business endeavor can cause stress. In fact stress is part of modern living which we cannot avoid. The most we can do is to reduce it so that it will not cripple our performance as we manage an online business. Surprisingly, reducing stress as you tend your online business is easy. Having business online […]

Journey of Internet through IPv6

Journey of internet through IPv6 is a long but never lasting journey of not only internet but also billions of lives across the world. We know that IPv6 is going to succeed IPv4. As per the expectations, IPv6 will enable far better usage of internet by many more people and devices. IPv6 is quite similar […]

Can Facebook continue its success story?

Can Facebook continue its success story? Facebook has changed everything since its inception and it has managed to dominate not only social media spectrum but also entire internet space. Orkut which was one the most popular social networking site when Facebook surfaced disappeared quite instantly. It’s still there but nowhere close to its previous success […]

What happened to Yahoo Search Marketing?

What happened to Yahoo Search Marketing? It’s been a while since there have been any positive news about Yahoo. Yahoo is a company which is known for its revolutionary products and strong foothold in online search marketing industry. It used to be one of the favorite options for many online marketers to do their advertising. […]

Corporate Entertainment – Identify Your Own Off-Beat Venues

If you’re looking to organise a conference or you need to organise corporate entertainment of some description, then the best place to look for ideas may not be the place you think. If you search online, for example, for potential venues, you’ll come up with the same old faces time after time – particularly for […]

Do Free Blogging Platforms Work for Business?

Many companies wonder if they should stick with a free blogging platform or invest in one that costs money. Many look at the free platforms as a great way to market for cheap. Others think using a free blogging platform will make their company look cheap. So will a free platform work for business? The […]

Union budget 2012 and its impact on share market

Union budget 2012 has been announced and most you might have already gone through the list of items which are going to be expensive and cheap. But its real impact will be seen as we will move ahead in the next financial year.  Many experts are calling it a “Lost Opportunity”. Service tax hike will […]

How a Small Business Can Benefit From Project Management Software

Do you think your small business does not require project management software? If you believe this, you might want to think again. Small businesses must keep up with the demands of their customers in the same way as larger corporations. A small company can have the same issues and problems to deal with as larger […]

Using GPS for your business’ needs

As is the case with a large majority of consumer electronic goods, the ‘Global Positioning System’, or GPS, was first created for use by the armed forces, namely the US army. These days, around 1/5th of the population use the technology in some way, via things like smart phones and satellite navigation systems in cars. […]