Refinancing in hard times

Today, it is more important than ever to make sound financial decisions with every aspect of one’s life. That includes staying up to date with all bill payments and performing annual financial audits on items such as land-line telephone service plans, cell phone service plans, cable TV contracts, credit card plans, and your residential mortgages. […]

Purchasing a home using a lawyer instead of a realtor.

Most of us have fond memories of our childhood and those memories would definitely include times in our home sitting around the kitchen table with the family or opening presents that graced the bottom of the Christmas tree. As we grew older, we were looking to replace our childhood home memories with memories of our […]

Selling your home without a real estate agent

With the economy the way it is today, citizens are looking for any and every way they can to keep a buck in their pockets. People are turning to do-it-yourself projects as a means of cutting costs. One such do-it-yourself situation that would save the average homeowner over $10,000 or more is if they would […]

Using a contractor to increase the value of your home

Throughout our lifetime, one of the most costly investments an individual can make is the purchase of a home. That home could come in the form of a condominium, townhouse, villa, cluster home, or a single home. Ultimately, whatever investment choice you would make, you will want to continue to maintain your property and even […]

Cell Phones and the Elderly

The pressures of today’s society dictate much about the way our society functions. Everyone, including the elderly, is much more mobile than our ancestors were. With that said and with the advent of new technology within the last two decades, it is easy to see why society is so dependent on their cell phones. Everyone […]

Telecommunications in the Retail World

Have you ever wanted to purchase a big ticket item at a national retail establishment only to find when you entered the retailer for the item, there were either very long lines or they were all out of the item you were looking to purchase. Well, that does not have to happen anymore! With many […]

Advertise on Google to grab more Eyeballs

Advertise on Google to grab more eyeballs has been the new mantra in this online world. Even if you are selling something offline or your services are completely offline, it doesn’t matter. Online presence is imperative in today’s world. It is evident from the fact that most of the companies selling insurance, mutual funds or […]

Economy of India in 2011

Economy of India in 2011 has seen a lot of ups and downs. The second half of the year was mainly about downs. Indian economy in 2011 came to a slow down which rose many questions related to the fundamentals, governance and reforms. In fact, not just India, entire world has been going through a […]

Online Business Ideas in India

Online Business Ideas in India or anywhere across the world remains almost same. Internet is border less so it brings people from all over the world under one umbrella. It throws a very big opportunity for the people in India or abroad to set up their online business and make it thrive. India economy is […]

Wikipedia to shut down for Wednesday against SOPA

Wikipedia is going to shut down their English website for Wednesday in protest of SOPA or stop online piracy act. The SOPA act has been in the controversy for some time and there are two big sides supporting and opposing it. “If passed, this legislation will harm the free and open Internet and bring about […]

Are you going to CES?

CES or International consumer electronics show is currently getting lot of negative air due to the product’s performance launched through it in last few years. CES which is the biggest consumer electronics show in the America sounds like an ideal launch pad for any new electronic gadget. CES has seen some of the most hyped […]

How to create a impressive Facebook Timeline Profile

Facebook Timeline has been here for some time and you might have come across it on some friends profile and if not that the case, then it’s a change which you should be ready to embrace. Facebook Timeline is new power word in the today’s world which is nothing else than an online resume. But it […]

Facebook Vs Google in the new Tech world

Google is the king of search engines without any doubt and facebook is the king of Social networking. Now what will happen if they come face to face while crossing each other? That is happening right now in the technology world where internet user’s numbers are increasing rapidly across the globe and they are constantly […]