Selling your home without a real estate agent

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With the economy the way it is today, citizens are looking for any and every way they can to keep a buck in their pockets. People are turning to do-it-yourself projects as a means of cutting costs. One such do-it-yourself situation that would save the average homeowner over $10,000 or more is if they would act as their own agent when selling their residential or business property. An individual must be willing to devote time to the sale of their home, but in the end, their time will definitely translate to money.

Money is not the only benefit of acting as your own agent when selling your home. Convenience is a key factor gained by those looking to sell their home without enlisting the assistance of a licensed real estate agent.  Convenience of scheduling showings of your residence when you are available for potential buyers and convenience of only showing your home when your place is clean and can be shown in its best light will create less stress for a seller and will equate into a quicker sale in the end.

By making property inspection appointments when and only when your house is in tip-top shape, the possibility of your home remaining on the market for a shorter period of time is greater. The fewer days a home stays on the real estate market for sale will definitely lend itself to a less stress filled time period for the seller. After all, isn’t that what we all want….less stress in our life and more money!

On a real estate for sale by owner transaction, often times, the seller is not the only person to financially benefit from the situation. Many times, the seller is willing to drop the asking price of their property a bit lower and entice a potential buyer by passing on some of their savings to that buyer. The buyer realizes that the seller is willing to split some of the profits from the sale by owner, and may be more likely to purchase that property because they feel as though they are getting a deal. Let’s face, today, everyone is looking to get a deal whether they are the seller or the buyer of a home.  Consulting a real estate lawyer is an excellent idea.

With that said, no one can sell your home like you can. You know your home more intimately that anyone else does and you can honestly say what it is like to live in your home. In essence, you know your homes strengths and weaknesses and you would know how to play up those strengths and turn the weaknesses into positive selling points. In the end, it comes down to how well someone markets a property and who better to market your property than you.

You knowing your home better than any licensed real estate agent does would make selling your home by yourself very easy. There are many books and websites devoted to assisting you in effectively managing the sale of your home, so you do not have to enter into that situation without the tools necessary to successfully carry out your mission. Whatever measures a homeowner can take to expedite the sale of their home in today’s economy are a plus. Selling a home without contracting a licensed real estate agent would mean a less stressful home showing schedule, ease of marketing due to full knowledge of home’s strengths, potential savings to future buyers, and most importantly, a financially sound bottom line through the savings of commissions paid to a licensed real estate agent or agency.

Sharing is Caring


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