Telecommunications in Healthcare

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With society moving at an ever increasing pace, the Healthcare industry needed to increase their tempo too! By tempo, I mean that they had to find the means to effectively manage all of their clients/patients needs. One such method of meeting an every changing patient need is through the use of a telecommunication system. Through the use of such a system, healthcare providers can share confidential medical records and information with medical specialists, can utilize video conferencing if necessary and can continually update patient accessible information such as test results and billing payment information.

In days gone by, healthcare providers needed to wait days, and sometimes, weeks to receive the necessary medical records and/or insurance company authorization to offer medical treatment or services to patients. Nothing was more frustrating to a patient then waiting through all of the red tape. Today, patients are fortunate enough their doctors have instant access to medical records, test results, and insurance authorizations. Many doctors even have around the clock virtual offices, especially in Erie, PA.

In addition, physicians now have the capability to video conference with other doctors in a team approach to more effectively meeting the needs of their clientele. Also, many times doctors have turned to video conferencing patients when the need arises for a face to face conversation.

On the other side of the medical spectrum is the patient. Patients can now access their entire medical records with the stroke of a few computer keys. Patients no longer are at the mercy of their doctors to receive copies of their medical history because all of their information is available through a telecommunication system where information is shared electronically from one entity to another.

Furthermore, individuals can also obtain all medical billings information electronically. This indeed makes it the cost of the billing process more advantageous for all parties involved. In addition, patients can have payments immediately credited to their account and will no longer have a payment floating around on the pile of paperwork stacked on a billing clerk’s desk.

Patients, through telecommunications, are afforded opportunities to view test results and schedule an office appointment. This frees up doctors and their medical office support staff to focus their daily efforts on their ill patients……where their concern should be concentrated.

No matter whose perspective you take, a medical professional or a patient, the world of medicine has been greatly enhanced through the use of telecommunications.

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  1. The use of telecommunication in the healthcare industry has greatly improved patient care and efficiency for healthcare providers. It has enabled healthcare professionals to access medical records and insurance information instantly, reducing the wait times for patients. Telecommunication has also allowed doctors to video conference with other specialists and provide virtual office services. Additionally, patients now have the ability to easily access their medical records and track their health information. These advancements in telecommunication have greatly improved healthcare services for both patients and healthcare providers.

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  3. Telecommunications play a crucial role in modern society, connecting people and businesses across the world. From voice and text communication to video conferencing and data transfer, telecommunications networks have transformed the way we communicate and conduct business.

  4. Scientific researchers aim to improve medical knowledge and find better ways to treat disease. By publishing their study findings in medical journals, they enable other scientists to share their developments, test the results, and take the investigation further.

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  7. Asynchronous telemedicine has included contact between health care provider and patient up until now. This can give real issues once the healthcare provider and person are in multiple time zones. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I agree this is big biz when it comes to networking hospitals together. Sharing patient data can be crucial and can speed up things quit a bit. Security will be the biggest concern. Its most likely one of the fastest growing industry’s and could land you a good job in the future.

  9. Wow! This is another breakthrough in the field of business. Especially now that sudden weather changes can easily make us sick, I am glad to hear such a news on healthcare.

  10. It’s completely true that telecommunications has effected a revolution in healthcare. It’s also true that the manner of implementation of telecommunications is more important than the fact of its implementation.

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