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Online Business Ideas in India or anywhere across the world remains almost same. Internet is border less so it brings people from all over the world under one umbrella. It throws a very big opportunity for the people in India or abroad to set up their online business and make it thrive. India economy is currently on roll so the people from other parts of world can also gain from it.

Online Business ideas itself is an idea, an idea to break through the conventional form of businesses and take it to the next level. People from all over the world have already been doing it and lots of people in India have also joined the business. Online businesses are not only easy to set up but also initial investment is so low that almost anybody can do it.

Those who are already in the online business can share their knowledge and skills & in return it will help their business to grow by helping them through their exposure to new and one of the biggest markets in the world. There are varieties of things which one can do for making money online.

Blogging—blogging as mentioned in one of my earlier post that it is one of the easiest and most profit making online business idea or home based internet job. Blogs are extremely easy to set up and initial investment is very low. It neither requires too much of money nor time, so blogging is a very good online business idea in India or anywhere in the world. Blogging helps you in building your network and you can display ads or sell products on your site to make money. Create  your blog today.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling products or services which are not produced by you and you are paid a certain commission based upon the sale.  There are networks like Clickbank, Plimus, ShareAsale and many more. You can join these affiliate networks where you will be given a huge market of products from many categories, you can choose product of your choice and sell it.

SEO and related services – In the last few years, attraction towards online businesses and home based internet jobs have gone up many folds. As a result, there are many new websites and forums. These website owners need people for small activities which are related to content writing on their blogs and forums. There are sites like seoclerk, which you can join and provide these kinds of services.

Paid Surveys — I have used paid surveys and the amount paid by each survey is not huge. You will get points for each survey and then you are paid based on these points. You can expect to make few hundred dollars from it, but don’t expect windfall gains. Key to success in paid surveys is that you should register yourself with maximum number of agencies which pay you for taking their surveys. It is not possible to come with that list manually. I purchased a paid survey program which got me thousands of companies. I was receiving surveys from few them and as a result, i was making couple of hundreds dollars per month. I used Get Cash for Surveys.

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