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How to make money online

How to make money online

How to make money online is a burning question in today’s world. There are many who are trying to do it and there are many who don’t even know about it. There are many ways of “How to make money online”? The answer is simple but the point is “are you ready for it”? There are many ways of doing it. Part time online jobs like data entry, surveys etc. Or taking the plunge into it and making it real big.


Data entry and surveys are fine but the income is tool less and there is limit beyond which you ask again “How to make money online”?  We are living in an internet age and it has changed everything.  The amount of online money is huge. It’s just that you need to have a strategy, patience and willingness to take it forward.

Benefits of earning money online are countless. You can work from home and at your comfort. You don’t have to be a technology geek or something to be able to do that. Just by simply following few simple steps, you can make enormous amount of money.  Ecommerce worth is in billions of dollars. So just try to imagine the kind of money is available in the market. But that doesn’t mean that you simply go out and make it. You have to earn it.

Do You Want To Make Money Online

As I have mentioned earlier that you have to follow just few simple steps but with discipline. It’s less about what you do and more about how you do it.  There are short cuts but they are short lived also. I will suggest investing in long term future and for that you need to follow the process.  Setting up online business is the ideal solution for those who are looking to make a consistent income from online jobs.

How To Make Money Online?

Best way to make entry into the online world is setting up your own website or blog. Setting them is up is not only economical but also fairly easy. you can follow these simple steps to set up your own online business;

Domain Name

First step is getting a domain name but don’t rush into selecting a domain name. Domain names are very important in making sure that your online future is built on the solid foundation. Do a proper research before finalizing a domain.  You can use keyword research tools to find the keyword of your niche. If you do not to spend money just for keyword research tool then you can invest in something like IBP or Rank Tracker from SEO Powersuite. It is a very good tool for those who are looking to manage small to medium websites. It provides search engine optimization service. To read detailed review of IBP, Click Here.

You can also use it for keyword research. But only buy it if you are sure that you are going to set up your site. If you are, then it is worth investing that money in it. Once you are done with you keyword research and ready with domain name, you can get it registered. You can get it registered at sites like Hostgator or Godaddy.


Once you have domain name, next step is to get a hosting account. Hostgator is cheap and best option for the newcomers. You should opt for shared hosting account at the beginning. You can upgrade it at a later stage when your traffic is high. They are offering great discounts and services. As mentioned in the previous section, you can use Hostgator or Godaddy.

How To Set Up A Website?

Setting up the website—setting up the website is extremely easy with hostgator and Godaddy. They provide cpanel as your control panel and you can install any content management software to start your website. I will suggest you to use “WordPress”. WordPress is free and one of the best content management software available in the market. You can install it just by following the steps mentioned in their site. Once your site is ready, you need to write few blog post or article. You don’t have to be good writer to write them. Simply put words in an order where they make sense to your reader. At this stage, tools like Traffic Travis will help you a lot in optimizing your site to bring free traffic from search engines.

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Promotion and seo – once your site is ready, you should promote your site on social networking sites, share with your friends. You can use Traffic Travis for keyword research and on page optimization. Back links to your site are very important so you can use tools like IBP and SEO Powersuite to create them. They both will help you in getting back links and referral traffic. These are one of the best tools available in the markete for good back-links and referral traffic.

Always remember, it will take some time. Don’t get frustrated or drop your idea in between. Don’t put your money till you are sure what you want to do. There is nothing free in this world and so is internet marketing.  And once you are sure, you have to do some initial investment and then take it till end.

If  you need any help in setting up your blog like;

  • registering your domain name
  • setting up your hosting account
  • installing wordpress
You can let me know.
If you are a absolute beginner in the niche marketing then i will suggest you to take some course.  That will really help in getting your concept clear.
Also, don’t expect to make big money in the beginning, but there is always a beginning. You can never avoid it if you want to reach your destination.
But if you are not interested in setting up your website, there are other ways too.

Youtube (Video blogging)

Youtube is one of the biggest site on earth and used by millions of people everyday to watch all kinds of videos. You can use it to make money online. Offcourse there are other platforms also for video blogging like facebook and few other video based websites. But Youtube is the most popular so i highly recommend to start from here. And then you can extend to other websites. But it will take lot of time and effort to make good quality videos. And there is no alternative to it. You cannot compromise on the quality of video.
You also need to be careful about the niche. Niche simply means subject or domain which you are targeting. For example, let’s say you are good at maths. You can start making videos on algebra, geometry or whatever your expertise is.
Once you cross a minimum number of subscribers and video views, you can apply for youtube program where google/youtube will display ads in your videos and you will get money for it.
Please note there is no magic bullet, it will take time. If you want to accelerate your growth, you can use digital marketing to promote your videos and channels. This brings me to next method of making online money.
But before we go through that, let’s go through some of the equipments, you will need to make good videos. You will need following equipments to make good video;
1. Microphone
2. Camera
3. Video editing software.
For microphone, you can use usb microphone if you are planning to use laptop or desktop to create videos. I recommend, following microphones for laptop/desktop based on their feedback;
These are some of the good usb microphones in the market but you can use any other microphone you are comfortable with. Please note these are affiliate links.
If you are planning to use your phone, you can use directional microphones compatible with your phone. For this i will recommend;
If you are going to do screen recording, you can use following tools;
4. Screenflow (mac only)
If you need video editing;
2. imovie (mac only)
3. Final Cut Pro X (mac only)
But i still feel that if you are short on cash, then it’s better to invest in hosting and wordpress plugins rather than these programs and for website. But if you are still not comfortable with it, i will suggest you to go for digital marketing.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing means promoting yours or others business on digital platform. It’s a very wide subject and you need to learn it before you can start applying it. You can setup a digital marketing agency and start promoting businesses in your locality to make money. You can watch this video to get some information about digital marketing, but i will suggest you to put some money and enroll some online course for digital marketing. This is really good and opens lot of opportunities for you.

Watch How To Start and Promote a blog video on Youtube

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  8. Just when i started looking for a job, this Covid-19 happened. I wasted few months doing nothing but then i thought of starting my own blog website. Still learning new ways to learn online. Came too far, still long way to go. Thanks for the article.

  9. Nice post, something to think about, thanks for sharing

  10. Christler @AffMarketing says

    Thanks for the great info. this will a lot of newbies who will want to start their affiliate marketing journey.

    I’ve been an affiliate for over a years but one thing I discovered is it’s not easy as most beginners think. You need a solid foundation and the above information that the author suggest is a must. Don’t think that you can be an overnight success.

    You need to be persistent and consistent in affiliate marketing. If you would like to learn more how to do affiliate marketing I recommend you to enroll to a course.

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  15. Hi Akhil,
    Nice article and I totally agree that one can make a lot of money online through blogging. People who can’t afford a website can use blogspot for creating their blog. Blogging is cool but it takes some time before we actually start reaping money

  16. I’ve researched quite a few of these “work from home” companies, and have reached nothing but dead ends. Most are either referral services, as opposed to real jobs.

    This means you pay them a hefty fee to enroll (an immediate indicator that it is not a real job, as jobs generally pay employees, and not the other way around), and in turn, they give you a list of other companies claiming to offer work from home opportunities.

    Clicking on any of these yields similar results, hence there is an endless cycle. The other type of website offering the work at home experience generally allows you to set up an account where you spam people with the company’s advertisements via email or your own website.

    You pay them an initial fee, and then you make money for each time someone clicks on their ad through your link. Not very ethical, and borderline illegal with the can-spam act. Obviously, neither of these is very profitable.

    This may not be true of all companies, but it is definitely so for the majority. You would probably be better off doing some sort of telemarketing or envelope stuffing maybe? Tedious work, but at least you wouldn’t lose money.

    Thank You for giving informative knowledge about Online Money Making!

    • Thats true vivek, blogging and affiliate marketing are the best mean of making money online while working with ease for an average person, but yes they too demand some initial investment, efforts, dedication and smart strategy. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments.

      • Efforts, Dedication and Smart Plans are necessary for every platform whether it is money oriented or official purpose. Thanks for appreciating my views in the sense of money making.

  17. I would say Blogging is the best way to earn money online…
    Apart from that you said that we can make money from Survey too. Can you tell me some genuine site for Survey?


  18. I have started my online business regarding promotional gifts and corporate gifts in Delhi. while promotion of my products on seo blogs, i found your blog and amazingly i found you write up very useful and interesting.

    • Hey Anuj Best of luck for your business and thanks for compliments but i can see that you have mentioned your site’s url in twitter id, i will suggest to enter your id in this field because that’s how you create your network on twitter and it will help you in gaining free traffic from twitter. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Akhilendra can you help me in taking freelancing job in SEO. I mean do you have any article regarding how to get projects from freelancing website.

    • Hey Ravinder, i m sorry but right now i have articles on how to do seo which you can find on my site but no article on how to get seo freelance job, i will suggest you to join and You will find many offering seo jobs like link building packages. I will suggest you to go through them and observe carefully their pricing and other package details. You should begin offering your services in lesser amount and as your brand grows, then you can increase the price. let me know if you have any issue or need any information. Thanks for your comment.

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  27. Is any one knows about micro-job site, i am started working with and they have given me $1 as joining bonus, but they have withdrawal limit min is $10 so i am not able to withdraw it

  28. Hi

    This is really a nice post.By going through the entire post comments and your answers,
    i would like to first use free program which you are giving it to others.Pl send.
    Later on would like to start the blog .By the way is it possible to make money by covering general topic like politics,history, society the blog.


    • Thanks Domesan for leaving your comment, you can use which is free but i cannot vouch for the money you can make online. You can try this and see if it works for you. As far as blogging is concerned, you can pick any topic of your choice as far as you can write about that. Let me know if you need any help.

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  31. Hi Akhil,

    Thanks for this nice article.
    I am a Business Analyst working with an MNC, I would love to start blogging on topics like analytics. But i am not sure about the response of people in this field.
    I am ready to invest my time apart from my work schedule to earn something extra and create a successful blog… Please help me in setting up from scratch.

    Thanks again.!!!! :):)

    • That’s great Mayank, I think response would be good as that niche is not targetted by everyone and there are enough visitors in the world to make your blog successful. You can always diversify traffic source. To begin from scratch, visit wordpress tutorial, let me know if you need anything.

    • you can start with free platform or you also start like my blog… i am self learned blogger and ex employee of mnc and engg. student.

  32. Dr.Nagatanooj says

    kindly send me the tool and the e book

  33. Dr.Nagatanooj says

    kindly send the tool to my mail id
    and the link for the e book

  34. i want to earn money online and ready to invest upto rs 4000. will it be possible and promising if i start, i can devote 3 to 4 hours in musical blogging, plz guide me.

    • Kunal 3000-4000 is more than enough to start a blog and then it upto you how much u want to invest in it and when? I mean it’s better to use premium themes especially if you are blogging on music. Blogging could be a good way but it will take some time for a new blog to establish itself. I have seen people having high on expectations and low on consistency, if you can be consistent for sometime, i m sure you can make good money.

      I know couple of affiliate marketing places where you can get good affiliate product for your niche and as music is extremely popular niche, i think it will be easier for you to make money from that. So, to begin with first ask yourself “how much time you can give yourself”?

      if you are ok with it, let me know how can i help you? If you need any help in installation etc? let me know.
      There is a tutorial for wordpress begineer, that will help you.

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  37. Hi Akhilendra, I am ankit from kolkata..I used to keep on getting mails regarding online money making but I dont know exactly how to make it. Then I read about google ad sense which aks to make a blog to earn money….can you please tell me how can I make money online.

    • Hi Ankit,

      Yes you need a blog/forum/website to use google adsense. Before i tell you how you can make money online, can you answer few questions for me; it will help me in analyzing your profile and needs;

      1. Are you interested in Blogging?
      2. If yes, then can you invest some money (Close to Rs 5000)?
      3. Can you write consistently and put approximately 2 hrs everyday? Initially you will have to put more hours, 2 hrs once your blog is set?
      4. How fast you want to make money?
      5. How much you expect to make online?
      6. Are you looking for ways of making money online other than blogging?
      7. You can blog but don’t want to invest money in setting up a blog?

      Once i have these answers, i can provide you comprehensive solution.


  38. B M R CHAITANYA says

    Hi Akhilendra,
    Nice to read the information shared by you. Request you to guide me how i can make money online, if required the one which does’t ask for any fee(Still if the site is genuine and get good result, i can think of spending some). Waiting for your reply.
    I am 48years, did Mechanical Engineering . But still my earnings are not reaching my needs. Since 10 years observing , but a big doubt really here can we earn ???
    bmr chaitanya
    Bangalore ,

    • Hi sir, first of all i will suggest you to never leave phone number online, i have removed that from your comment. As far as earning online is concerned, the best method is blogging, but you will have to make some initial investment in domain name, hosting, themes and plugins. And after that you need to have that acumen to make that successful, so it’s your call.

      now you will get many online offers which will promise you about getting you money without any investment, they are scammers and may steal your sensitive information. stay away from them. just a word of caution.

      If you want a free resource, then you can try viewbestads(.)com, i haven’t used them personally so can’t say much but as they are free you can try it.

      let me know if you need any other information.


  39. Hey akhilendra!
    I am in seo and i m working on following websites from past 7 months and the ranking for both till not improving….this is my first project which tensed me whole time. this time client has warned me can you pls suggest me best technique to bring the keywords in top 10 ………………………….in offpage pls i need ur help.

    • Well if you are a seo professional then i will suggest you to use some seo tools which will help you in knowing exact things which should be done in order to push your site up in google. I use IBP, it comes with a money back guarantee, you can use it know exact things which you need to do so that your keyword is ranked well.

      You are seo professional and if your client want a particular keyword then you need to know exact details like number of backlinks, anchor text, social media links, on page optimization factors and additional web page details. I don’t think you can do all of these without using any tool.

  40. Hi Akhil ,

    I have completed my in 2011 and currently working with some IT company . I want to know that is it possible to earn more than 60k per month
    using blogging if i start doing it full time leaving my current job . I know it would not be an instant money flow but my be after 8 or 9 month of investment i may start getting that much amount . And also am not looking at free option if i can earn some real money am happy to invest 6 to 7k per annum .
    Plz reply

    • first of all, i won’t suggest you to quit your full time job right now. Yes you can earn really good amount of money more than 60k rupees, but it will take some time and consistent dedication. I will suggest you to start your blog if you think you can, then let it grow while consistently putting efforts and then see yourself how much you are earning, then you can take the call for your professional like.

      let me know if you need any help in setting up your blog.

      • First of all i dont know what kind of blog i should start , i mean what to post on a blog . My main area of interest is computers(computer languages , web designing , linux etc) and i dont think any one would be interested in such kind of blog . And the second thing i have no idea of SEO techniques so i always think how my site would get popular . Please let me know what kind of blog should i start .
        Thank you very much for such a quick reply

        • first of all i will suggest you to start with blogging on your favorite topics, it’s a wrong perception that nobody will be interested in computer languages, web designing and linux. In fact, all of these topics could be huge boost for you.

          First set up your blog, then write few posts on each of them. use free and paid tools to optimize your site like keyword winner is a plugin which cost only $27 but will tell you which keyword is having low competition, then use plugins like SEOPressor (but if you want to keep initial investment low, you can avoid them but they are recommended for any good blogs and anyway it is a one time investment, so decide yourself).

          Then to create backlinks, comment on this blog and others blogs which are using commentluv premium plugin, it will get you dofollow links which will further improve your seo.

          You should also do guest posts to improve your seo. use facebook, twitter to drive traffic to your blog by sharing your posts on them.

          If you can put consistent efforts for 4-6 months, your blog will be established. but if you are serious about making money from your blog then use good tool. If you want more information on how to set up your blog then you can visit this post below which i wrote for beginners;

          Further if you need any help in installing or setting up anything, let me know. i will try to help you.

          I will suggest you to keep your expectations low for initial period and focus on establishing your blog, it’s really not that tough. Writing is not a big deal if you are writing about certain topics like computer language or web design.


          • Thanx Akhil thank you very much for such a good guidance and inspiring me to set my own blog . I will certainly start bloging and would be in touch with you .

            Thanx Again

            • you’r most welcomed nitin, just a word of caution, don’t rush into this. take your time because it will require investment at personal and financial level so do your homework before diving into it.

  41. good afternoon akhilendra
    i want’s to about making online money tomorrow i will buy a idea 3g plan but. i don’t have any way to make money beacuse i’m student of class 12th. plz help me .. do not email me but, call me or missed call me my no. is +918602015677 please one time akki call me bcoz m very serious…

  42. Please send me the tool as well….

  43. Hi Akki,
    Can you pls share the details for earning money through internet.

    • Hi Babu,

      Can you specify what exactly are you looking for? I mean do you want that free program for online money making or blogging etc?
      I will send it once you confirm.


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  45. very nice Akhil I'm influenced by u…….


  46. Sir, but i want to earn money through my blog and my question is to you that how to make them searchable because i read lots of article on this but they did not mention about it…..

  47. hi akki
    how about using fatcow as host they give 24 hrs chat service and it costs150 per month

  48. raj kumar pandey says

    hii, akki
    i am a stuedent and i used internet usually….so i don’t want to waste y time.
    i want to make money online bt don’t understand from where to start
    plzzzz help me…..

    • If you are serious about money making from internet then you can consider blogging. But initially you will have to devote your time and invest some money but as you get more into it, you will not only make good money but also you can take your blog to the next level to take it as your primary source of income.

  49. hi sir i am trying to earn money throug online but i not ate earn single rupee in it will pls guide me how to earn in online…..

    • To begin with, you can subscribe to receive your ebook which you can read to know more about how to make money online.


      If you have any specific question, you can ask me. If you need any help in installing wordpress or related issues, let me know.

  50. Hi akki

    I am double Post graduate(M,Sc M.Ed.,). I am married and searching for jobs past 9 months. now my family is in big financial trouble. i need ur help. please advice me to earn money from online. how to approach. how to get money?
    is it really work. i can spend more time if it really works.How to believe? Please pull me from the hell.

    • Hi Lokanadham, i m sorry to hear that, i will send you a program on this email id which you have used in this comment. But let me tell you honestly there are many who will try to sell their quick rich schemes but there is nothing exist which can make your rich overnight, I am telling you this because if you are searching for work from home jobs, then you will get many who will promise this to you. So be aware of that. If anybody can become rich soon then they will do it for self rather telling it others.

      Blogging is something which can be used to make good money but you will have to make some initial investment. This will include your domain registration ,hosting, plugins for wordpress and few other tools. It’s not much but if you are into some financial trouble then it could be a bit hard for you to afford that. If you are from India than initial investment would range:

      domain name registration -Rs300-500
      hosting 200-500 per month
      then your plugins would cost from Rs 500 to 2500.

      I will suggest you to subscribe for our newsletters. You will receive a free ebook which will have detailed information about it. We will also tell you about the post which have got detailed information about how to start blogging and make money from that.

      So first read through these ebooks and posts, it will not only give you idea about blogging but also you will know how much it may take. Remember, blogging is more of a long term solution than short term.

      If you decide to go for blogging, then let me know. If you need any help in installing or setting up your blog, i will be more than happy to help you.
      In the meantime, i will send you a program which could be used to make money without any investment but as there is no investment, money would be less.

      hope it helps

  51. hi akki
    I am interested in making money online.
    Please consider sending the tool to my email address


  52. Hi,

    Pls help and send me details about online earning. I am working full time but still have time for part time work.

    • well i have sent you details, you need to check your mailbox for it. If you have lost that, you need to provide me some new email id, because the system won’t allow me to send duplicate mails to same id.

      But if you are looking for an consistent income, then i will suggest to seriously think about blogging. The questions you need to ask yourself before start blogging are;

      1. Can you invest time.
      2. Can you do some research on your favorite topics.
      3. Can you write something, you don’t have to be a geek but you will have to write.
      4. Can you invest some money into it.

      If you can do above mentioned, then blogging is for you and if not then you will have to look at these other alternatives which doesn’t pay much.

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  54. abhisheksingh says

    Hi akhilendra. I am a bca student and i spend about 4-5 hours on internet daily. And I really want to make some money online but dont want to spend any money from my side. So, can you please help me tell how to make about 1500-2000 rupees per month through internet just enough to meet my expenses…

    • Just sent you a program where you can make money online without any investment but as you mentioned that you are in college, i will suggest you to use your time and invest time and some money in blogging. it will help you. Let me know if you haven’t received the program details.

  55. Hi Akhil ,
    I discovered your site accidentally, Really helpful info .
    I am in job but the salary i am getting is not sufficent . Need your kind help to earn more. Nice to read the information shared by you. Request you to guide me how i can make money online, Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks ,

    • Hi Sukumar, Online money making is not tough but not easy too. It depends upon how you want to take it. I have sent a free tool which you can use to make money without any investment. i will suggest to think blogging as a long term career. So if you start it today and use correct tool & strategy, then you can make good money with it but it will take some time and investment.

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    • Well your question is very generic and don’t jump on the wagon just because everybody is doing that. Online Money making from internet marketing or affiliate marketing is not very tough but not very easy also. I do not intend to discourage you but i want to show the real picture.

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            • Well Google does offer to integrate Google Adsense account on your blogspot blogs. But your own blog would be a better idea. My earnings vary from month to month and they range in few hundred dollars to few thousands.

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    • Thanks Pooja for your comment and congratulations on setting up your website. If your site is new then you need to really work upon your SEO and put content which is useful for your readers. I can see that you have entered your website’s link in Twitter id. So next time you comment here or any other blog make sure you enter correct data and don’t forget to click on Commentluv check box, it will help you in earning back links which are vital for your blog or website.
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        • One more tip, always use your name and email id with gravatar in comments because nobody knows the face behind a website or business. If you promote yourself by using your name and a picture, people will trust you and you will get more business.

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            • Well if you are in seo, then i will suggest you have your own blog and write about seo so that people really know that you are a expert in that field. You post guest posts at related blog like mine to promote your blog.

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    • Well Blogging is the best thing to make money online if you can’t do it then you can go for paid surveys which are not very rewarding but you can make some money from it. I will also mail you something which you can use to make money without any investment though i still think u should think about blogging. Just share this post on facebook to increase your chances.

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      1. I want to earn money to meet my demand without giving pain to others.
      2. I had gone through some online sites , but most of the sites demand egistration fee. Then I will think that If I pay the money what is the assuarance that I will be able to get the work and related income from that OR taking this fee is their way of making money. By thinking like this I hva not registered for any of the online work.

      3. Earlier I had an ambition to go to USA and say there for 10-15 years and comeback to India with a good balance and settle. But life was going through a tough time , even though I could land in USA for 5-6 times, due to various reasons, I cold not fix my foot in that country for longer periods. Now I am of around 43 yrs, moving to the Evening of my life time . Now, the commitments and ambitions are making me to think of gaining money as fast as possible. As I mentioned in point 1., any pratical way to make money ? Please advise.

      • akhilendra says

        Well honestly, some investment is required for permanent solution and you would be well aware of the fact that practically making money without any investment is rare. Though there are few resources but income is very less, but i will suggest if it requires no investment, there is no harm in doing that. I will send that link to your email id.

        Other sources for income could be;

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        • akhilendra says

          Just sent you the paid ads details with free registration.

          • Hi Akhilendra,

            Nice to read the information shared by you. Request you to guide me how i can make money online, if required the one which does’t ask for any fee(Still if the site is genuine and get good result, i can think of spending some). Waiting for your reply.

            Thank you

            • Hi Ankit,

              I just responded to comment for this, in them meantime, i will mail you something which you can use to make money in part time, it is free and you can use it to make good money. Just Share this post on Facebook so that others can also benefit.

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      Yes, i do use market samurai for keyword research, it’s a wonderful tool. But along with that, i also use google’s trend, keyword research wp plugin and ibp for keyword research.

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      Dear Manoj,

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      • Dear akhilendra your all tips regarding “how to make money online” are really amazing. A great Thanks to sharing it with us.
        But I am very much impressed about commenting area:- people question’s and your answers.
        Great work.Generally I have seen that people create the blog posts but don’t show any more interest in replying the readers.

        • Thanks a lot Adam for your such a positive feedback, it helps a lot in refueling myself and keep me going. I try to answer most of the questions because it not only help my readers, but also me also. keep coming and share your ideas. Once again, thanks a lot.

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