Why startups need a social media strategy (and how to create one)

When you’re launching a startup, one of the biggest challenges is finding new customers and convincing them to care about your brand and what you can offer them.    Generating traffic leads can be time-consuming. And it can be slow to start with. That’s where social media can help. Social media is one of the […]

Affiliate Marketing & Networks for Indian Bloggers

There are many affiliate networks across globe like amazon, clickbank and shareasale etc. They are widely used by marketers to promote their products and earn referral commissions. Entire Process of affiliate marketing isn’t very complicated but the key is to find relevant products and promote them to appropriate audience. Affiliate Marketing & Networks for Indian […]

Are Customer Feedbacks Source of Problems or Instrument of Sales?

How are important customer feedbacks for the online store and whether it is worth publishing them on an online store site?  How these responses influence on online store visits, number of orders and conversion?  Similar questions are of current importance for the majority of Internet businessmen now. Customer Feedback- Problem or Instrument of Sales Experts […]

4 Crucial Points to Build Profitable Daily Deal or Discount Coupons Website

The surge in online business has prompted 80% of businessmen to turn their heads towards it. From various reports, it is revealed that for every 2.5 seconds, a product is purchased by a buyer. With such statistics there is nothing wrong in businessmen switching themselves into online businesses. But, do you think all businesses set […]

Best Magento Themes & Templates

Magento is one of the best content management system to setup a ecommerce & online store. If you are looking for best magento theme then you can check out the following magento theme collection. These magento themes are suitable for variety of websites. These themes are well coded, light-weight, responsive and affordable for most of […]

What is Landing Page and How To Create One?

Landing page is the most important part of your website or blog. Irrespective of the objective of the landing page, it defines and drive the way user behave on your website. Landing page is the showstopper which either attracts or detracts your visitors. So if a good landing page is charm for your visitors and […]

5 Best Subscribe Plugin WordPress- Newsletters Empowered

Email marketing is imperative in internet marketing. Whether you are a blogger or small business, email marketing forms the basics of your promotional activities. SEO & SMM are cool and important but also, email marketing is critical. You cannot afford to ignore email marketing. You need to work on creating an email list of subscribers […]

Email Marketing Automation- GetResponse Updated Review

Email autoresponder GetResponse has been adding a series of new features in their arsenal. GetResponse is a leading email autoresponder and probably the one with maximum number of highly useful features. Till couple of months back, they lacked Blog broadcast features but they added it couple of months back. In this GetResponse Review, we will […]

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising Explained

Google adwords is the primary tool for pay per click advertising for internet marketers. There are other Pay Per Click Programs also like bing ads and yahoo ads but google adwords is the most popular. Pay per click marketing is extremely popular among business houses but small businesses often complain about low conversion rate. PPC is […]

How To Monetize a Blog

If you have been wondering on how to monetize a blog which you are running or planning to start then it would be assuring for you to know that it is fairly easy. Monetizing blog is one of the primary source of income for bloggers. It is easy in terms of implementation but at times […]

Effective Email Marketing Tips For Bloggers

Effective Email marketing campaigns involve using tips which can help promote your blog and businesses in an effective way. Effective email marketing includes using appropriate squeeze pages, landing pages or sales pages along with well-crafted emails. Email marketing is one of the most important pillar of internet marketing. Whether you are a blogger or small […]

How To Use Email Marketing With Content Marketing

Content Marketing and Email Marketing has been discussed at length in the past which include “How To Content Marketing” and “How To Email Marketing” topics. But little has been said over how to use email marketing with content marketing despite the fact that it is widely used by small businesses and all of the most […]

How To Do Online Marketing For Businesses

Online marketing has been the buzz for quite some time now. From bloggers to small businesses, large corporations to politicians, everybody seems to be running after this. Online marketing is also yielding results for them which are measurable and more than that, instant. So online marketing is the big thing and if you can conquer […]