Must-Read Go-to-Market Strategy Books for Product Managers

Launching a product is exhilarating, like riding a rocket into the unknown. But without a solid go-to-market (GTM) strategy, it’s a one-way trip to a fiery crash. Fear not, intrepid product managers and marketers! I’ve compiled a list of battle-tested books to equip you for GTM glory. So, buckle up and get ready to conquer […]

What is Generative AI? Generative AI explained with models & Chatbots

You have already heard about chatGPT and similar tools; if not, please check them out. You can google it or leave your comments, and I will guide you. In this video, we will move above chatGPT and understand the fundamentals of this space or technology called Generative AI.In the next few years, let me repeat, in the […]

How To Do Online Marketing For Businesses

Online marketing has been the buzz for quite some time now. From bloggers to small businesses, large corporations to politicians, everybody seems to be running after this. Online marketing is also yielding results for them which are measurable and more than that, instant. So online marketing is the big thing and if you can conquer […]

Marketing With Blog-Idea for Business Growth

Are you a marketing guy with some small, medium or large business house? And looking for marketing ideas for your business growth; Or An entrepreneur who has just started and looking ways to promote and grow your business; Either way, marketing is the key to your success and in current world, it’s not marketing. It […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII Review, Specifications & Price in India

Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of the best smart phones available in the world. It is definitely the best Android Smart phone available in the market. Samsung has been doing well in the smart phone segment for last few years but they still lacked a phone to compete with Apple’s iPhone. But with Samsung galaxy […]