Samsung Galaxy SIII Review, Specifications & Price in India

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Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of the best smart phones available in the world. It is definitely the best Android Smart phone available in the market. Samsung has been doing well in the smart phone segment for last few years but they still lacked a phone to compete with Apple’s iPhone. But with Samsung galaxy s III, they have moved a lot ahead in terms of technology and design.

Samsung galaxy sIII is beautifully designed, loaded with many advance features and is priced will in comparison of Apple’s iPhone. It has got a 1.4 GHz Quad Core processor which makes it extremely fast and capable of multi-tasking. It has got latest Android 4.0 in its heart and soul. Its super AMOLED screen looks beautiful. The new Samsung galaxy sIII is loaded with smart S Voice feature. Due to S voice feature, you can talk to your phone and give instructions like Turn off the alarm, accept or decline a call etc.

It has got a sleek design and feels good to hold in hand. You can do all other activities on it which you expect out of a smart phone. It has got a 8 MP primary camera and 1.9 MP secondary camera. It has also got LED flash which makes the photo taking a pleasant experience with Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is Wi-Fi enabled along with other connectivity options like 2G, 3G and Bluetooth, giving you all kind of connectivity options on the go.

If you can afford it and been looking for a premium all-rounder Android Smart phone, then look no further. Samsung galaxy s III, as they say is “designed for humans”.

Samsung galaxy sIII specifications

Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity      

2G          EDGE/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHZ)

3G          HSPA+

Bluetooth Profiles           4.0 LE

NFC        Yes

OS          Android 4.0 (ICS)

Display                 Technology       


Color Depth        16M

Size        12.192 cms

Resolution  720*1280 (HD)

Chipset                 Type (Dual, Quad)           Quad Core Application Processor

CPU Speed         1.4GHz

Samsung Galaxy SIII Price– Rs 37990 for 16 GB model

05/08/2020 update– Samsung has stopped selling it and you will have tough time finding it. At least i couldn’t find it. Now if you are looking for a good mid range samsung phone, you can check out Samsung galaxy M31. Click here. 


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  5. Hi Akhilendra,
    I think S3 become a quite old now, Samsung have a new member in their family which is S5 a very cool one.
    It also comes in 7 Different varients

  6. My phone heats up like hell . in Just half an hour of playing game in it increases the temperature.
    is their any solution for this.

    • Honestly there is nothing much which you can do to prevent overheating of your smart phone. Its happening in your case because your phone is working too much to perform functions which are triggered by the game you play on it. Heating also occur due to poor signal coverage and charging. You should try to properly close all the apps after using them, it will prevent heating. Also, it depends upon the age of your phone. Older phones tend to get more heating than newer phones because of the battery age.

  7. nice article,great review on samsung galaxy S3, very well presented,samsung galaxy is great,samsung become NO 1 brands due to its revolutionary technologies in the stream of smartphone technology.Thanks for sharing great review and suggestion on smartphone.

  8. Samsung Galaxy S3 is still the best phone in less than Rs 30,000. I really love to have this one. Your post clearly indicates the right points about this handset. Congrats for having such an wonderful blog.

  9. Amazed to see such an enthralling review. Presented very well though. Keep up the good work

  10. i like Samsung Galaxy S3. its feature are really good then other phones. i like the processor and the 4G LTE technology

  11. I think micromax canvas phone is much less in price and giving similar spec like S3. Can you compare it with micromax canvas?

  12. samsung is really taking over in the smart phone industry.

  13. The galaxy s3 with its quad core processor is really a beast . No wonder that this model makes Samsung a true competitor of the Apple iPhone. But Samsung should use aluminium covers , prevent cheap plastic looks.

  14. I am loving it better than apple phone with lot of free applications

  15. Hi it’s lee again
    Came back to this post just to say I bit the bullet and bought a galaxy s 3 a great improvement on the 1 I thought that was a good phone but no match for the new one.

    So thanks for the heads up lee

  16. Superb phone, the specs of modern day phones are amazing 🙂

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  18. Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly an awesome phone to buy. It is much much better and faster than the Galaxy S2

  19. Hi I have the Samsung galaxy1 and that is a great phone but since then it looks like Samsung have made huge leaps forward. I will just have to wait for a while. Until they have been out for a little amount of time so I can get one at a discounted price.

    Thanks lee

  20. Samsung Galaxy S III

    I like its Quad core processor,
    1.4 clock speed,
    306 ppi super amoled plus display,
    4G LTE support.
    i like this post on samsung galaxy s iii.
    samsung galaxy s iii is the best smartphone created by Samsung till now.

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