Marketing With Blog-Idea for Business Growth

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Are you a marketing guy with some small, medium or large business house? And looking for marketing ideas for your business growth;


An entrepreneur who has just started and looking ways to promote and grow your business;

Either way, marketing is the key to your success and in current world, it’s not marketing. It is online marketing.

Most of the major corporations and multinationals are active on social media and you will find fan pages to twitter profiles of anybody and everybody of business world. But blogging is still not that common as far as business houses are concerned especially among small businesses.

Chances are big players don’t need it or they are just too lethargic to do it.

But if you are indeed looking ways to promote your own business or your companies business then you need to look at marketing with blog, seriously.

Marketing with blog simply means endorsing your products, services and strategies through a blog.

So if you are law firm, real estate agent or company, restaurants, retailer or any other form of business looking to market their product through a new and innovative method then marketing with blog is a perfect solution for you.

Even if you don’t need blog to market your products or services, you still need blog in today’s world to survive and flourish.

Why Marketing with Blog?

Blogs are integral part of today’s online eco-system. They are widely respected and popular among internet users.

People like to listen directly from the horse mouth. So if you are managing a business and speaks about it using your own blog, your

marketing with blog-ideas for business growth

marketing with blog-ideas for business growth

perception is going to be much better than what you have when you interact directly with your users on social media sites.

Nobody can deny the fact that social media marketing is also imperative and under no circumstances one can ignore that but there is a way of doing everything and even social media marketing require you to have a proper blog before you can have some impact there.

If you are struggling with social media marketing then I will suggest you to use FBinfluence and Linkedinfluence to learn how to use Facebook and Linkedin to create a powerful awareness about your business. These courses are one of the most reputed courses when it comes to social media. They are created for beginners to advance users for high level coaching. So you can easily learn and master the art of social media marketing and exploit it to fullest.

Now coming back to blogging, blogging was primarily done by internet marketers and personal users who used it to share their ideas and opinions. Internet marketers used blogging for affiliate marketing and make money from home.

In fact, if you are looking for a business idea then internet marketing blog could be a good business idea for you. To learn more about internet marketing, you can refer to our posts;

How to make money from niche marketing?

But blogging has evolved beyond internet marketing and personal blogging, nowadays it is widely used by big to small businesses to communicate to their users, talk about their products and share general information about their company or services.

Companies like Microsoft and Twitter have their own blog where they talk about their products and services along with latest news & announcements.

There are many studies to prove the point that blogging has helped them to grow their product and consumer portfolio.

Blogging requires more resources and intellectual capabilities so it is far more effective than a mere tweet and some share on your fan page.

Even your consumer acknowledges this fact and admires you and your brand more when they interact with you via your blog.

So overall marketing with blog has proved its metal and if you are not doing it then you are losing out in the highly competitive market of today’s world.

Blogging for Business ideas

As talked about earlier, blogging itself is a business idea. You can have an affiliate marketing blog where you sell products created by others and simply earn commission on them.

If you are in some other business, then blogging can help you in generating innovative business ideas. Blogging has been a very good source for small business ideas and business idea for beginners.

So if you are managing a law firm, restaurant, hotel or real estate agency, you can engage your customers on your blog in a much better way than a social networking site. You can interact with them and exchange business ideas. They provide you great insight information which help you in coming future ideas and strategies which becomes your driving factor.

In current world, coming with business idea is a tough task and if you don’t do it consistently, then chances are you will fade away with time. By interacting constantly with your end users and customers, you understand them in a better way which help you in generating your future business strategies.

In fact, there are many professionals who get paid for blogging.

Blogging for Business Growth

As mentioned in the last section, business ideas are imperative for your business growth. Blogging helps in creating a awareness about your brand and business. You can dominate the online world and create a social buzz by using your blog effectively.

When you provide good information on your blog, content is shared on social networking sites which eventually spread further and creates an unbreakable brand of your company.

Blogs are used for marketing and brand awareness.

Blogs are meant to engage customers, so you need to focus on creating an engaging blog in order to achieve marketing success and create brand awareness.

Marketing With Blog for Optimum Business Growth

Now we know that blogging is imperative and we need to create a engaging blog for achieving desired results.

Let’s go through some of the points which can make a difference for you;

  • Use your blog to make announcement related to your company, its products or services.
  • You should hold contest and distribute prizes & goodies in order to acquire and retain your users so that they remains motivated in engaging on your blog.
  • You should have a schedule for your blog and should update it consistently with news and information related to your niche.
  • You should also try to add resource section in your blog which contains important and helpful information related to your niche so that people visit your site regularly and quite often. For example, Wikipedia and Google, they are extremely helpful and hence are visited by millions of users across globe.
  • You should place an email subscription box on your blog for your users to subscribe to your newsletters.  If you are using wordpress, then you can use plugins like WPSubscribers for collecting emails. You must use some reliable email autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse to send newsletters to your subscribers. You should also carefully monitor the frequency of these newsletters. Too many mails will have negative impact for your brand. So try to have a frequency which is optimum for you and not obnoxious for your subscribers.
  • You should share your blog posts and content on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and other major social networking sites.
  • You should conduct surveys and collect feedback from your customers and subscribers on your company related products and services. If you are using GetResponse then you can use their inbuilt surveys or use some other providers like survey monkey.
  • You should encourage your employees to participate on your company’s blog either by participating through comments or by posting posts on it.
  • You should also share important updates from the industry even if it related to other companies from your industry. If you are doing so, you can add your feedback and response to that news in order to evoke response from your customers. It will help you in rectifying your stand in case it needs to be.


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Marketing with blog in Brief

Marketing with blog is a newer marketing strategy and is still evolving. Based upon your niche and experience, you can work in the direction of setting up your blog. Blogging is essential for freelance, small business and agents. It helps them in establishing their brand among their customers. Though there are many Blog Marketing Consulting and Blog Marketing Services but i will suggest you to do it yourself or in-house with limited outsourcing. Blogging helps in coming up with New Business Ideas

If you need any help in setting up your blog, please share your comment and i will try to answer that.

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