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If you have been wondering on how to monetize a blog which you are running or planning to start then it would be assuring for you to know that it is fairly easy. Monetizing blog is one of the primary source of income for bloggers.

It is easy in terms of implementation but at times you could find it difficult to generate the real cash out of your blog. So I have compiled methods of monetizing blog which has worked for me.

How to Monetize a Website is quite specific to your niche and market segment.

These are kind of evergreen methods but you need to run tests on your blog in order to see the exact results for you.

Monetize blog-Ways to Monetize a Blog

Affiliate Marketing – It is indeed the best method to monetize blog. As you might know that the process of selling products on

how to monetize a blog

How to monetize a blog

commission is called affiliate marketing. It is not the typical definition. But in context of blogging and bloggers, that’s how affiliate marketing works and that how affiliate marketers use it to make money. There are varieties of products based on your niche which you can sell on commission. You can join affiliate networks like clickbank, sharasale and commission junction to find the products which you may sell. There are other products also where they manage their own affiliate network and you need to directly join their networks.

In my case, they are few web hosts, seo tools and wordpress themes. First of all, let me tell you it is not that easy to make money from your blog using affiliate marketing. It involves content marketing where you need to look at your writing skills and seo skills so that you can get free traffic from search engines.

Primary method used by blogger to make money from affiliate marketing is by writing reviews.

In order to make money from affiliate marketing, you not only need fairly good writing skills but also right set of tools. You need;

A good theme helps you in putting your content in clean, easy to navigate and attractive manner. An affiliate link cloaking plugin is must for affiliate marketers. You can cloak your affiliate links and also, you can monetize keywords on your blog by using the additional functionality like you have in maxblogpress ninja affiliate plugin where you can automatically insert affiliate links in keywords.

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Let me explain, when I join a affiliate network, they provide me a affiliate link. My affiliate id is exposed in that link and can be easily removed by the users who want to do that due to any reason. Now though I have referred them, I am not going to get commission for that. Ultimately despite taking correct measures to monetize blog, my efforts fails me.

On the other hand when I write blog posts, I talked about a topic in a certain context which contains additional sub-topics.

For example, in a post on themes, I will be talking about its importance for seo which is a critical factor. Now it is extremely hard to manually insert affiliate links in these keywords like “SEO”. So with the help of maxblogpress ninja affiliate, I can insert an affiliate link in any keyword of my choice. I can also limit the number of times it happens/ post. So again, using the same keyword ‘SEO’, I can automatically insert an affiliate link in this keyword wherever it appears my blog posts.

I have noticed that it works great because often people tend to click on these links and they end up making that purchase. This is one of the best ways to Monetize Blog.

So they might be visiting a post about theme where they may still prefer to do some research whereas they came to know about some useful tool which can enhance their seo and they purchased that.

Thus, maxblogpress ninja or for that matter, any other plugin or service which can automatically insert affiliate links in your posts is a must for you to monetize blog.

Google Adsense – Google adsense is one of the most common services used by bloggers and other kind of website owners to monetize blog or their business website. As far as bloggers are concerned, it is imperative to focus on conversions.

It is the placement which is crucial for you. I have been using a free wordpress plugin Easy Adsense which has helped me immensely.

I can insert google adsense code anywhere in my blog without any problem. For me,adsense ads in posts has worked best for me. One ad block below title at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom of the post are best converting positions for me. You need to run some test with different positions and see which one work for you.

But overall, whether it is affiliate marketing or Google adsense ads, traffic is the key. So don’t expect much if you are struggling to get traffic. In that case, I will suggest you to work on improving your seo. Keyword research and social media marketing are best to get traffic while competing with big blogs. So make sure you put enough focus on that before you focus on monetizing blog.

Read WordPress on page optimization tips to quickly and easily increase your traffic.

Email Marketing – it is said that “Money is in List” and yes, it is absolutely true. Blogs are one of the best ways to collect email subscriptions. You can easily use them for the purpose of monetizing blog.

You need to focus on list building. Read Effective email marketing tips for blogger to know more about how to create a successful email marketing campaign.

Follow up mails do wonders as far as affiliate marketing through emails is concerned. Your email subscribers are your true loyal readers and you can promote products to them. But never ever promote trash to them. I am very particular about it and I will suggest you to restraint from promoting anything and everything.

Always, promote only good products. Products which can really help your customers are worth promoting. I have followed it and it has helped me due to the strong relationship and so you too should focus on creating a good and healthy relationship based on trust rather than “just money”.

These are some of the most common Monetizing Blogs Tips. Selling adverstising space through banners is also quite popular but i don’t use that so i haven’t talked about it.

Monetize Your Blog -Your Say

How do you monetize blog? Do share your thoughts and practices on this. If you have any question on monetizing blog, please leave your comment and I will get back to you.

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  1. Affiliate marketing is the way to go about making money online. You need a decent looking website with readable content. Then you SEO it and get some decent ranking. Then you sit back and watch the money rolling in. Good points there Akhilendra!

  2. This is quite the read. I’m really interested in making the most out of my blog and if I can make a few hundred bucks off it, that would be epic. Thank you for sharing these fool-proof techniques. Great job!

  3. You can definitely start monetizing your blog by appealing to your audience’s senses, like a good theme to start with. I can vouch for those websites which you have presented. They are a big help especially if you’re a newbie and you’d want to tell the world that your blog exists.

  4. None of these tips ever fail to monetize a blog. Appreciate your share.

  5. Monetizing has become the talk of the town these days. These are indeed great tips on the road of monetization. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

  6. very nice tips akhilendra,
    Google adsense is the best way to monetize your blog but getting your verified from Google adsense is a giant task because of their strict policies.
    therefore in my opinion affiliate marketing is the best choice, to monetize your blog instantly.
    nice article 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love the affiliate marketing then the Adsense advertising because Affiliate will pay more than Adsense.

  8. These are very useful tips for monetizing a blog. I’ll surely take note of these.

  9. Nice monetization tips! I monetized my blog with Adsense, but the earning is low. As you told, am trying to get more traffic by focusing on keyword research and social activities.


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