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Have you ever wondered how few blogs or sites make it to the top of Google Search even with lesser number of Backlinks?

And if you have never noticed, then you need to know that backlinks are not the most important part of your rankings. They are, but in the last few years Google has started giving more importance to On Page Optimization factors.

Backlinks have been abused a lot and they are prone to that abuse but when it comes to your content, no matter what, you can’t fake it to the Google.

And if you believe that you have been writing good content, even then also it’s not enough.


Because you need to tell Google and other search engines that your content is well crafted.



It’s not about what you write or how well you write?

It’s about how you stand against your peers who are competing for same keywords.

So suppose you have written a good content/post and your peers have got average content.  But they have placed their signals and triggers at appropriate place to attract Google and convey it that their content is more preciously crafted.

In the above scenario, Google will rank their content higher than yours.

Even if you have got more backlinks than them.

Remember, it is software applications which analyze the content and not some human which can read it and understand it.

It will be fair to say that Google has devised a highly sophisticated system which analyzes the quality of any kind of content quite effectively but at the end of the day, it is a machine and you need to make your content more readable to it.

Once you have made it readable, you need to add certain factors which can increase your score and eventually your rankings on search engines.

So it is like a scoring machine where it analyzes your data and assigns it a score based upon certain parameters which include presence or absence of certain elements in your content. Site with higher score appear higher and site with lower score, lower.

You cannot ignore this scoring part.

Irrespective of your niche, if you have got a blog you need readers.

And you need to rank higher on search engines to get these readers.

So now let’s go through these factors which are important for on page optimization of your content.

These on page optimization tips and tricks are valid for any content management system, it’s just that wordpress is most popular so you can observe some more orientation towards it.

Ok, so let’s go through these factors.

WordPress On Page Optimization SEO Tips

1. Keyword in the Title for Optimum SEO Value

Using keywords in the title of your post can yield improve your on page optimization score? It doesn’t mean that you should

manipulate your title or stuff title with your keywords. Idea is to gently and naturally use keywords in the title.

At times, you may prefer to use a different title to show your readers and a different title for search engines like Google. In these cases, you can use some premium themes like Thesis which allow you to put customize titles for search engines which are not shown to the general public. So you can use appropriate titles for your readers and search engines. SEOpressor can easily check that and let you know if you are missing it. If you want, you can use some other tool to do it so that you don’t miss it.

2. Content On Page Optimization SEO Factors

Then there are other content on page optimization seo factors which can drastically influence your ranking on search engines. These are extremely important in nature and you must pay attention to them closely. These conte

wordpress on page optimization seo

wordpress on page optimization seo

  • H1-H3 Tags
  • Keyword density
  • Content length – it is considered as minimum of 300 words but close to 500 words is a good content length. But again, that doesn’t mean that your posts could be boring and have repetitive content. But if you can manage, then try to target 500 words per post.
  • Exact placement of your keywords
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • Links
  • Font Decorations like font in italic, bold etc.

It may not be easy to identify and satisfy all these requirements and worst, there is no point in guessing your on page optimization score. You can’t take risk to get it wrong.

I will rather suggest you to use SEOPressor plugin which can not only perform these actions and provide you your seo score but also other factors which we are going to discuss now.

3. Rich Snippets

In the last few years, Google has been putting lot of focus on the content and Rich Snippets is one of the MOST IMPORTANT on page optimization factor in current seo world. If you can get it right, you can do wonders.

You can add star in the reviews and show other customizable information like author information in the rich snippets. With the presence of stars in review and author information, your site appears different in search results which improve the click through rate significantly and it has been proven in many studies. So you cannot afford to ignore this part. SEOpressor does take care of this also.

wordpress on page optimization-Rich Snippets

wordpress on page optimization-Rich Snippets

4. LSI Keywords

LSI or latest semantic indexing has also become very important in last few years. LSI keywords are similar keywords or multiple matching keywords. For example if your post is about SEO, then they could be;

Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO

Free Traffic

And many others.

LSI keywords have their own weightage score which contributes to the total SEO Score your post. If they are well placed in your post, it increases the overall SEO Score of your post. Extremely high density of keywords can have adverse impact but with correct usage of LSI keywords, you can remove that hurdle and improve your chances to rank higher for your targeted keywords which can be from any niche. If you have some tool to find them, it’s fine but if not, then SEOPressor not only suggest LSI keywords but also adds them to the total seo score and show your on page seo score.

5. Social Signals

Social signals have become extremely crucial now and they also helps in getting free and targeted traffic. If you can add facebook open graph and Twitter cards then it can boost your rankings on search engines. Once again, SEOpressor can help you in doing that.

6. Smart Links

Internal and External Links are very good way of increasing your seo on page optimization score. You should manually or automatically add internal and external links to your post. Internal links refer to the links of other posts within your site and external links refer to the links pointing to some other site. Their placement is also crucial. Like internal link in the beginning can fetch you good results. As other factors, this too is very important and SEOpressor can do it automatically with appropriate keywords and settings defined by you.

Over To You

All these factors are crucial and if you want your blog’s content to rank higher than there is no point in not applying them. In fact, if you have a blog and no reader, then there is no point in wasting time and money on it.

If you are not using WordPress, then you can use some other tool like IBP or SEOProfiler. If you are using wordpress, then you can easily automate this entire process of on page optimization by using SEOPressor. If you know some other plugin which can do all of these things, please share with us by leaving your comments.

So no matter what the path you take to implement these factors, but make sure that your content is well optimized for search engines.

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Sharing is Caring
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  1. I’m dazzled by how you clarified the topic. The vast majority don’t really see what they missed as far as SEO.


  3. Target 100 keywords with less than 50,000 pages with content (article or blog posts), make sure they conform with the 5 steps above and them let them age and develop authority so they can be reassessed in a few months to see what ranking factor they contribute to your ultimate objective.

  4. I am impressed by how you explained the topic Akhilendra!
    Most people don’t actually see what they missed in terms of SEO.

  5. Melly Schug says

    One thing that is very important in SEO is not to spam.

  6. great post akhil, I have heard a lot about SEOpressor. Is it really useful for improving on page SEO.

    • Shasha SEOpressor is a must have wordpress plugin. It comes with rich snippets, social seo, dublin score, automatically addition of tags from yahoo, LSI, automatically internal linking and many other features which looks after your h1,h2,h3 tags along with other on page seo factors like keywords in italics, bolds and everything else. It has significantly improved my traffic. Do let me know if you want to know specifically about any feature.

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