5 Traffic Sources To Increase Website Traffic

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If you have a forum, blog or any other kinds of website then you know Traffic is the key to success of your online business.  Getting traffic is the biggest challenge for online entrepreneurs. Search engine optimization has been the primary source of traffic for online traffic seekers.

How About Traffic from Search Engines

Search engine optimization is must but it is time consuming and with very frequent updates from the Google, it is becoming
exceedingly difficult to gain website traffic but also to retain existing ranks on search engines.

So it is better to have alternative sources of traffic. Referral traffic could be an excellent method of increasing website traffic.

So you need alternative traffic sources to increase website traffic. And if these resources are free, then it’s even better.

We often ignore the basic resources present around us. It doesn’t cost to use them but it does cost traffic if you don’t use them.

Free Traffic Sources to Increase Website Traffic

There are many untapped sources for traffic. There is nothing like they are not known but over last few years; they have lost the attention they use to get.

So idea is to refresh your memory if you have been running a website or blog for some time now and if you

Increase website traffic

are a new blogger, then chances are you have never used them at all.

These traffic sources can contribute to your search for traffic, so here are top 5 free traffic sources which can increase website traffic and take it to the next level.

1.       Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing sites are extremely popular and are visited by millions of users across globe. You can convert your posts into slides or pdf. You can also submit documents in other formats.

While converting your posts into slides or pdf, try to include information about your site or blog. You should use appropriate keywords and tags so that your content gets high visibility.

Few important and biggest document sharing sites are;

  1. Docstoc
  2. slideshare
  3. Scribd

2.     Community and Content Sharing sites

Community and content sharing sites are similar to document sharing sites. These community and content sharing sites cannot be used to publish same content from your blog and it is recommended to create fresh content from them. Some of them are even revenue sharing in nature so you can make money online using them. Two of the most popular sites are;

  1. Squidoo
  2. Hubpages

3.       Video Marketing

Video marketing is a good way to promote your product and most of the bloggers are aware of it. But most of them only focus on Youtube.

You should use other video hosting sites also like Vimeo. These sites are also free to use and can contribute to your overall traffic resource portfolio.

Popular sites for video marketing are;


  1. Youtube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Dailymotion


One Tips While uploading videos on youtube, you should use Youtube keyword tool to check the keywords of the most popular video. So for example, if you are uploading a video on SEO, Weight loss or some product review, then see which has got maximum views in the shortest time.

Youtube video URLs look like this;


Search for youtube keyword tool, then select the radio button which ask you to enter youtube video url. In the filed enter value which is after=, in this URL, it is qQEW1puKsAY.

You can convert your posts into videos by using Microsoft power point. Youtube is the biggest video hosting sites so you should focus on that also upload them on other video hosting site.

4.       Social Networking and Bookmarking Sites

Social networking is the future of web. You are not on Facebook, you don’t exist at all. But as a blogger or webmaster, it is imperative for you to be active on all the major social networking sites. If you find it hard to manage all accounts simultaneously, then you can use free services like Hootsuite.

Social bookmarking is must for bloggers. You should shortlist at least 5 bookmarking sites and submit your post to them regularly.

Try to socialize with the people from your niche and focus on relationship building. Some of the top social networking and bookmarking sites are;

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Google+
  4. Linkedin
  5. Pinterest
  6. Digg
  7. Stumbleupon

5.       Forum Participation

Forum participation is a very good way of gaining attention in your community and increasing free traffic for your blog and website. You should participate in the forum of your niche. Your participation should be positive and creative. You should use your blog or site details in your signature.

Try to contribute to the discussion rather than just posting anything.

Increase website Traffic in short

I have not mentioned about Blog Commenting and Guest posts because I have covered that in one of my previous post separately.  These resources mentioned are vital and can play huge role in increasing traffic to any website. And if you have been using one or all of them, then why not share your experience.

And if you think that this information can help anybody why not share it on social networking sites.

Sharing is Caring
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