How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Using 10 Smart Tips

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How to Get Traffic To your Blog is a common question asked by bloggers like you and me. Irrespective of our stage in blogging career, we all look for ways to get more traffic to our blog.

Whether you are newbie or experienced, “How to Get Traffic for your blog?” always remains a relevant question.

How To Get Traffic for your blog?

When I say getting traffic, I am referring to organic traffic which is sent by search engines or social media sites.

The best part about it, it is free.

Organic traffic is imperative for any online business.

There are millions of internet users out there and getting traffic for your blog is as easy as it can get or as tough as you would imagine.

There are many bloggers out there who are getting consistently good amount of traffic from search engines and social media sites and if they can do it, then you too can do it.

It’s just that you have to position yourself in order to guide that traffic to your blog.

So, here is the answer to the question of “How to Get Traffic to Your Blog?”

10 Awesome Tips

These are 10 awesome Tips to drive free traffic to your blog.

1.       Make your blog attractive

Your blog should be attractive enough to ‘NOT DISTRACT’ your visitors. When I say attractive I mean keeps it simple, making it unique by using some custom header or logo so that users can identify your blog easily.

Don’t try too many things.

Your blog’s layout should be simple and easy to navigate. Fonts should be readable.

I use thesis theme to customize my blog. You can pick it or any other premium theme to make your blog good enough for your visitors.

2.       Write often and well

Write often and write well. You don’t have to be a bestseller author to be a successful bloggers but good writing will always help you.

You can read anything to know and understand various writing styles and develop your own writing style.

You also need to write often to make sure that your readers continue to get fresh material on your site, it will help you in getting recurring visitors.

3.       Use Images

Images are imperative for your blogging success.

They help in expressing your message along with the fact that they are much better in grabbing visitor’s attention.

A good post without image is nothing and an average post with good image is everything.

You can get free images from Flickr.

I prefer to use unique image for my blog so I use Logo creator software which can create attractive images and graphics in seconds.

I prefer it because unique images on a blog add up to its value.

Free images are used by most of the bloggers so you won’t have that unique punch if you use them.

4. Go social

Social is not new, but definitely a buzzword in today’s online world.

Social networking sites can increase your success chance by many folds.

Share your content on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Stumbleupon and Google+ to attract free visitors for your blog.

If you are planning to use your blog for commercial purpose then it’s better to have an assertive approach towards social media.

Social media contributes a lot in your branding so use it carefully and share good & valuable content on it.

If you are not sure, then you can use these programs to learn more about it,

Social media has to be an integral part of your overall business or blogging strategy.

5. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is as important as social media marketing.

In fact, some would argue that more important.

If you are already in blogging then you know what it means for a blogger.

Search engine optimization is an entire different subject altogether.

To sum it up, you need to optimize your site for search engines in order to get free traffic from them.

To learn in detail about SEO and how to use it to get more traffic for blog, visit these posts;

How To Get Traffic To your blog
  1. Traffic monitoring

Monitor your traffic to understand your visitor’s behavior. Use it to know;

  • Popular content on your blog
  • Not so popular content
  • Exit links
  • Time spent by visitors on your blog
  • Keywords driving traffic to your blog

You can use Google Analytics (learn how to use Google Analytics) and Statcounter to monitor traffic on your blog.

If you know what driving traffic to your blog is, then you can further build upon that to improve traffic.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular and important way of getting targeted traffic to your blog.

You should focus upon building email list for your blog.

These visitors are recurring and as their visits become more frequent, you are able to establish a relationship with them which would be extremely helpful in using it for monetizing your blog.

Best ways to practice your email marketing campaign are;

  • You should use professional auto-responder to drive your email marketing campaigns.
  • You should use attractive opt-in forms to collect email subscription.

You can use following auto-responders based upon your preference, requirement and budget;

I use WPSubscribers to design opt-in form. It is very flexible and you can customize everything related to your newsletter opt-in form.

Learn more about email marketing at;

How to set up a best email marketing campaign

Why you cannot ignore email marketing

  1. Blog comments

You should comment on other’s blog and encourage others to comment on your blog.

It helps in creating a community around your blog which is imperative for your long term success.

Whenever you leave comment on other’s blog, make sure it is meaningful and valuable to the host blog.

I use commentluv premium plugin to encourage visitors to comment. It helps them in getting backlinks to their site which act as a motivational factor for many commenters.

Commentluv premium plugin is the best plugin to create a community around your blog.

  1. Consistency

Nothing more in this section, just make sure that you are consistent with your efforts.

Success doesn’t come in one day, so you need to keep repeating the steps until your goals are achieved.

  1. Invest in your blog

You need to invest your time and money in your blog. You need to use correct tools to design, optimize and promote your blog in this competitive world.

You should not copy anyone but try to establish an identity for your own.

Just to sum up

These are the awesome 10 tips to get huge amount of free traffic for your blog. You need to develop a strategy revolving around these points and if you can consistently implement your plans and strategies then there is no stopping.

Share with us what you think of it.

And yes, if you are aware of any other tips, please share with us.

Thanks for reading this.

Sharing is Caring
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