How To Set up a Best Email Marketing Campaign

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Starting from where I left in my previous post about “why you cannot ignore email marketing?”,  let me assert it again that you are putting your business in grave risk if you are not using email marketing.

If you haven’t read our previous post, then visit “why you cannot ignore email marketing?” to read more about it.

So we left at the primary requirement of having a good email auto-responder. We use and recommend;

how to set up a best email marketing campaign

These two names are best in the industry and no matter what your requirement are, they will suite your need.

Ok so now after this recap, let’s begin with setting up our best email marketing campaigns.

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Step 1

Sign up with Aweber or Getresponse and create a campaign in their dashboard.

You can specify the basic settings like social sharing options, name and other details in the campaigns.

Step 2

Now you need to create follow up letters for your email marketing campaign.

First follow up letter– first mail which is send from your auto-responder is the mail where you ask your subscribers to confirm the subscription by clicking on some link. You need to customize that. Some of us may not identify it as first follow up letter as it is send automatically but as it is send from your name, you need to make sure that you get it right.

Second follow up letter – this is the mail which will be sent as “Confirmation mail” to your subscribers. If you are using Aweber then you need to have your own Confirmation or Thank you page on which users will be redirected once they confirm their subscription.

If you are using Getresponse, then you can use their default Landing page also, but it is recommended to use your customize page which should be on your blog or site.

This way you can further enhance your engagement and interaction.

Choose a simple & plain layout and design for your follow up letters. If you use too much of html codes or links, your spam score would be high and as result your mails will land in spam/junk folder of your subscriber.

If you are using Getresponse or Aweber, then you can monitor your spam score to prevent it.

Tips for setting up best email marketing campaigns

  • Use the first name of the subscriber in the subject line.

For example- Hi {FirstName}

  • Welcome and thank subscriber for signing up with you and provide some basic information about your business or blog on the landing page.
  • If you are using some freebie for your subscriber then you should provide information about that, like download link etc.
  • You should also mention few recommended readings or mention products in that mail/landing page but don’t push them. Just something like, “useful or recommended reading” with title hyperlinked with your post’s url.

Step 3

After setting up your campaign there, you need to create web forms which will be placed at your site to collect email addresses.

Most of the email auto-responder offer variety of designed templates, so you can pick any which suites your site’s color theme.

You can also use wordpress plugins to integrate your web forms directly to wordpress blogs.

So for example

If you have created five webforms in the admin area of your email auto-responder like Aweber and you install their plugin in wordpress. Then you will be able to find all those webforms in your blog’s widget area.

You can simply select the webform # from the drop down menu to use it on your blog or site.

If you are not using the wordpress then also you can easily integrate those webforms by simply copying and pasting the html codes of that form in your site.

You can use premium wordpress plugins to create more attractive forms to further boost your email marketing campaign.

We are using WPSubscribers to do that.

Step 4

The steps mentioned above are initial steps required to set up your email marketing campaign. They are critical for your email marketing campaign so be careful.

Tips – Don’t try too many things and keep it simple.

Step 5

Once you are through the first four steps and installed your subscription form on your blog, officially your email marketing campaign is set but if you want to materialize things, then not yet.

You need to move beyond the conventional game of distributing freebies and collecting email ids. Nobody even care to open your emails if you don’t interact at the personal level.

So it is imperative you take this relationship forward.

And to do that, you can use your auto-responder.

Set up follow up emails. Based upon your blog or business;

  • You can have additional follow up mails.
  • If you are offering a range of products or services then you can have a series of follow up messages where you gradually first break the ice and then push your business forward.

Let’s see what you need to do through these follow up mail irrespective of the size of your business or products offered by you even if involve a simple internet marketing blog.

It is five step process which can help you to take your business to the desired level;

  • Steps 1–First send a follow up mails related to the common problems faced by the people interested in your niche with some solution. Again, keep it simple and don’t use subject lines like;

“Wanna get rich in 10 minutes”

Your subscribers know that if you know such magic tricks then you won’t be sitting there to help them. So keep it simple and ask them few very basic questions like;

“What they will like you to do for them”

  • Step 2– After describing the problem statement in first follow up mail; take it to the next level with more information related to the subject.
  • Step 3-In the third follow up mail, elaborate on the problems mentioned in first two mails while introducing the solution. Make sure that solution is more of conceptual in nature rather than specifically related to your products.
  • Step 4-In the forth follow up mail, introduce the products and services offered by you in brief and try to justify that those products can resolve the issues faced by your subscriber.
  • Step 5-Your final and fifth follow up mail should contain detailed information about your products and services.

Final Touch

Always remember one thing, there are no universal success formulas but there are universal success patterns.

So the above mentioned steps are more like patterns, you need to customize your mails to suite the taste of your target audiences.

Interaction and Engagement is the key to success in email marketing. You should try to initiate a dialog process with your subscriber rather than straight away selling something to them.

If you have any question, drop your comments.

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  1. This write up is just great. I recently got your site when I was searching for getting some first-hand information for my first ever email marketing campaign. And reading along your article, I felt like I have got the inspiration and all details.. I am all set for my campaign. Thanks for all your efforts for posting this article.

    • Thanks Ron for stopping by, great to hear that you found it interesting, let me know know if there is anything else you are look for.

      • Akhilendra.. I’d like to know how to grow a email list. I recommend not to buy ready-made lists ‘coz I think they are of no use. And natural ones are better. But I wonder how to keep it increasing. I’d appreciate if you mention me some great tips for this.

        • can you confirm the auto-responder which you are using?

          • Since I am newbie in this. I am advised to use Aweber by my peer group. And also I have read much about Aweber on internet. Keep in mind that I am concerned about growing email list naturally.

            • Yes, Aweber is the best service provider. Now if you want to increase the number of email subscription, the first step is to work on your site.

              If your visitor is not please with your site, then they won’t be interested in it’s content. Next Step is your content should be unique, fresh and interesting.

              Then you need to put attractive opt-in forms to collect emails and if you want you can use freebies as a free giveaway to your subscribers.

              If you don’t have a ebook to give away then you can use PLR products but i will suggest you to use write your own.

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