Why You Cannot Ignore Email Marketing?

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Let me ask you two questions and it is your responsibility to leave your answers in the comments.

  1. Do you use email marketing for your blog or business?
  2. How do you approach your email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing is the best marketing option available for blogs, small businesses and all kind of other businesses to connect to their customers.

Now if you have been focusing a lot on search engine optimization and social media marketing along with ignoring email marketing then you might be wondering why you even need to do email marketing.

So let’s look at the few major reasons why email marketing is critical for your businesses of any type or any size.

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Email Marketing and SEO Campaign

In case of search engine optimization, you have to manually take care of things related to seo like keywords, its density, backlinks and etc. You have to be vigilant enough to keep your website updated as per latest search engine algorithm and guidelines. So it requires lot of efforts and investment to maintain the high level of seo to get traffic from search engines.

And the most important things, visitors from search engines are random and therefore the conversion rate would be low. Under most of the circumstances, a new visitor won’t buy stuff from you at first visit. It takes multiple visits for a visitor to get convinced about your brand and then only you can expect some results.

And even in this case, to make sure that the visitor who stumbled upon your site through some search engine continues to visit your site, you need to have an effective email marketing campaign at place to acquire and retain that customer for your business.

So your search engine optimization campaign is worthless without an appropriate email marketing campaign.  Email marketing campaign and search engine optimization campaign go hand in hand.

Search engine optimization is not a marketing activity, it is more like where you send someone out there on the streets to convince customers to visit your store and email marketing campaign is like your marketing departments who promote your product and convince visiting customers to buy it.

why you cannot ignore email marketing

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing is one of the most popular methods of acquiring and engaging customers in today’s business world. Just go to Facebook and search for pages, you will get every kind of businesses involved in creating and building a community through their fan pages on it. Similarly all other major social networking sites are used by all kind of business entities for marketing purpose.

They provide an excellent platform to promote your products and services. But often the best for one becomes worst for other.

In this case, it is best for big corporation who can acquire enough resources to handle large scale campaigns and worst for bloggers & small business who may manage to get some visitors from there but won’t be handle to convert them consistently.

As these social networking sites provide a very good platform, they are targeted literally everyone. Unless until you have a specialist to drive your campaigns on them backed with adequate resources, it is extremely difficult to crack a deal there.

They are might be good for blogs and online forums to drive traffic but if other small businesses are looking to extract some business from these sites, then they will have to go to the next level to gain some traction.

If you are looking for more information on how to successfully develop and deploy your social media strategy, probably FBInfluence can help you.

But nonetheless, social media marketing is also tough and competitive in today’s world. And if you are already doing it then you know it.

Remember, I am not talking about getting traffic from these sites; I am addressing the problem of converting these visitors into business i.e. “hard cash”.

Now it is tough that doesn’t mean you should not do it all or stop doing it but you need to use it along with email marketing. If you are having Facebook fan page then you can use that to collect email subscribers thus, boosting your email marketing campaign.

So even if you are using social media marketing to promote your business, it is incomplete without a proper email marketing campaigns.

Why Email Marketing

So here is the conclusion;

Email marketing is the backbone of your business; it holds your products and customers together. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, email marketing is must.

It helps in building a relationship with your customers. When they visit your blog or website for the first time, they hardly know about you and your products.

In fact, products are not even a concern in today’s market. Everybody is selling almost same stuff. If you are a blogger then you know that there are thousands of similar blogs in your niche.  So there is no reason why a random visitor from some any search engine or social media sites will moves ahead with the decision of making a purchase with you.

So you need a tool which can help you in building a relationship with your visitor and convert them in customers. They are not your customer when they visit your site for first time; you have to convince them to become your customer and you need engagement for that.

That’s where email marketing comes into the picture.

You can engage them and initiate a dialog process where you first earn their trust and then put your products and services as an offer. If you have managed to convince them successfully, you are going to hit the jackpot.

So email marketing is critical for bloggers and small businesses. It can be used extremely well along with social media to take your online or offline business to greater heights.

If you need more information about social media, read here.

But you need to carefully design your email marketing campaigns. The first and the most important requirement for any email marketing campaign is use of best email auto-responder services.

GetResponse and Aweber are perfect for bloggers and businesses of any size to manage their email marketing campaigns.

We are in the process of drafting our next post on designing and implementing the best email marketing campaigns.

We would request you to leave your inputs, suggestions and ideas for designing a best email marketing campaigns which will help us in designing that post, so don’t forget to leave your comments.

And like always, if you are already using it then share your experience with us, it will help others.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. Another creditable article by you Akhilendra 🙂 I do agree with you that we can’t afford to ignore the potential of Email marketing whether it is a small enterprise or a big brand, Email marketing opens new ways for marketing purposes.

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