Do you need a WordPress Blog Designer?

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Most of the average bloggers tend to downplay the blog design and related stuff like its layout etc. Most of the bloggers are using wordpress to manage their blog and as there are many free themes available with wordpress, they go for them without looking into pros and cons of free wp themes.

Why do you need a wordpress blog designer at first place?

So before you understand if you need a wordpress blog designer or not, you need to understand if you need a good design or not?

To clear that, ask yourself;wordpress blog designer

  • Would you visit a site if its overall design is not good?
  • Are you going to revisit a site if its layout and navigation is not clean?
  • Are you to revisit a blog if it is suffering from the disease of slow page speed?

If you are not sure about the third question, then yes, your theme plays a huge role in the page load speed of your blog.

So if you are using wordpress, then be careful before you pick any theme.

In fact, there is a very strong perception among bloggers that a blog’s design is NOT very important. It is true in case of personal journals or non-commercial blogs but in case of blogs for money or blogs for small businesses, blog design is very important.

It could because most of the bloggers don’t expect to do extremely well or don’t believe that their blog too, can be next big thing on internet.

Look at Pinterest, site came just few years back and has become one of the biggest name in highly competitive social networking space. It is solely because of its nice design.

So, it’s high time you pay attention to your non-wordpress or wordpress blog design.

Do you need a wordpress blog designer?

As I am using wordpress, I am going to focus on wordpress blogs but the logic used here are equally applicable to non-wordpress blogs and sites also. In fact, if you can then I will suggest switching to wordpress if you are not using it.

Now coming to wordpress blog designer issue, it may not be feasible for an average blogger to hire a wordpress blog designer. Often these designers charge higher amounts and the biggest problem is that you will have to go to them each time you want to make any designing change into your blog.

So you need awesome design for your wordpress blog but it is better to look for alternatives rather than hiring some expensive designer to design your wordpress blog.

Alternatives of WordPress Blog Designer

You need a good looking blog, Period.

Now question is how you can achieve that without spending too much on it and compromising on features and seo.

And the answer to that is “Go for Premium WordPress Themes”.

There are premium wordpress themes for literally every niche and market. You can even customize these themes to give them that unique look and design.

There are premium themes in every price bracket so you don’t even worry about your budget. Look at the Elegant themes, they provide more than 70 premium high end wp themes in $39. You can get too many option with them, like short codes, light box etc.

So if you are not sure about exact look and feel of your blog and want to play with multiple options, Elegant Themes are the best option for you.

You can join them and then see which one work for you. Fee is annual but you get to keep the themes you have downloaded, so you can try with multiple themes before finalizing any particular theme.

But don’t worry; there are other options also like studiopress themes, Affilorama (Specially designed for internet marketers), woothemes and thesis theme.

These all themes are best premium wordpress themes and provide whole lot of features. You can customize them yourself from a extremely easy to use and learn interface in your admin dashboard in wordpress.

So you don’t have to hire and pay a wordpress blog designer if you want to make any change in the design of your blog.


A premium wordpress design is must if you are looking for your blog to be successful. If you have already taken the dive into the ocean of blogging, there is no point in shying away from the basic expenses. But hiring a blog designer is not only less economical but also is, cumbersome.

These are not expenses, these are investments.

So go for a premium wordpress themes which can provide you easy to use interface, clean and attractive blog design, seo features and additional features like short codes, light box etc.

The most popular wordpress premium themes are;

  1. Elegant Themes
  2. Studiopress Themes
  3. Thesis Theme
  4. Affilorama

If you are already using any of them, please share your experience so that it can help others.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. Hi Akhilendra,

    Thanks for sharing this very useful information. WordPress designer is really important especially when you are just new in this business. I consider this as the main foundation for the site to be successful.

  2. Hi akhilendra, when I did the blog engage theme I had to get a designer but i general wordpress is so easy to use right? I just love the power of wordpress it’s so amazing. You can add plugins and new features without needing someone to write code for you.

    • That’s true Brian, WordPress is extremely powerful but for newbies, it could be an issue to design a unique look for their blogs, by using premium themes, they can do it quickly and easily. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • Yes I agree 100%. This is why I had to hire someone to design Blog engage I just don’t have the skills to do it myself it’s a huge job.

        • i think we should allow experts to do their job rather than adventuring into ourselves if we are not sure about it, that’s why i have mentioned in the post that getting a premium theme is not only convenient but also, economical. Thanks Brian.

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