3 Steps To Create SEO Friendly Images

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Optimizing images is not something which is always high on SEO radar for most of the bloggers and webmasters.  SEO is often a pain in a#* and most of the bloggers will target keyword research, back links and on page optimization but will tend to ignore image optimization and seo friendly images.

If you are not using images then you are making a big mistake. I suggest using custom and fresh images, I use logo creator to create images for my blog but if you want you can use royalty free images for your blog. You can use Flickr and istockphoto to get free and premium images.

Images can generate ton of traffic for your blog. In fact, Google’s image search has been sending pretty good amount of traffic to my blog. Seo friendly images are must for any blog of any size and niche.

SEO friendly images can do wonder for your blogs.

image optimization for seo friendly images

image optimization for seo friendly images

SEO Friendly Images step 1

Alt tags are must to produce SEO friendly images.  Search engines can’t read images; these alt tags help search engines to read these images and attractive graphics on your blog.

So a damn good image or graphic is a piece of trash for search engines without alt tags.

You can add alt tags to your images while adding them in wordpress.

You can use plugins to do that automatically like SEO Friendly Images.

In fact, if there are lots of images without alt tags on your blog then it’s better to use plugins to automate the process.

SEO Friendly Images step 2

Step 2 for image optimization is to optimize your image size. If images are not optimized well in terms of size, they will have a negative impact on your page load speed. If your site is taking more time to load, then it is NEGATIVE sign for your SEO. Even if everything else is fine, you are not going to achieve the desired rank on search engines.

You can use free wordpress plugins like WP Smush.it to optimize your images. It will have significant impact on your SEO.

SEO Friendly Images step 3

The next step in optimizing your image is to set your image Title. Though there are not any direct connection between seo and image’s title, but image titles are extremely good way of further enhancing your image optimization level.

You should name the image with relevant keywords. I have witnessed that whenever you do a search for images in Google, most of the images which are ranked high, have those keywords in the name. It is also better to add description and caption to your images.

So it’s a good practice to name the file with the suitable keywords.

If you have not done the image optimization in the past, then you should try to get some tool like SEO Friendly Images which can automate the process of your image optimization.

So if you have been ignoring image optimization, then start doing it and create seo friendly images.

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  1. Your post made me realize what I have been missing on my blog to increase the traffic. Great post, keep them coming………..

  2. Thanks Dear these are all very interesting Images optimization tips for better seo. Bundle of thanks

  3. hello dear. you talk about image size. Can you please tell me how much size works best for better search engine ranking. I am a blogger and want to rank my blog with proper SEO. Please reply me.

  4. Hey that really sound something new for SEO. Using images along with keywords sound something really great and by using such images where v can define our self will be more helpful. Thanks for posting this article. I will try this.

  5. Great article akhilendra…thanx for sharing…:)

  6. i strongly support to your posting that as per the recent Google update, Google has penalized EMD (exact match domains )domains. By this an excessive keyword are really getting meshed.

  7. All steps are really helpful but I heard google is punishing websites for keyword stuffing by images. Anyway your tips looks impressive, I will try it.

    • Yes, as per a recent Google update, google has penalised EMD domains. EMD stands for exact match domains and excessive keyword stuffing is bad for seo in articles. In images, if you don’t use relevant keywords, then google won’t be able to recognize your image. So it’s important to use relevant keywords without stuffing it. thanks for your comment Ponvendhan.

  8. Neil Walrath says

    i didn’t knew that we can utilize images in such a manner for seo thanks for this wonderful article.


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