Why Should You Use A Logo Creator Software?

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A picture speaks a thousand words.

It has been understood, implemented and used for more than a thousand times.

We know that images are extremely important. They help us in easily conveying the message across. Images can grab attention and they can easily increase the attractiveness of a documents or webpage.

If a blogger is not using images on their blog, then they are losing out the competition.

Just visit some of these biggest blogs in the world today;

The Huffington Post

Buzzfeed – Latest


The daily beast

The Verge

There design is definitely different, they layout or niche could be different but one thing is common, use of images and banners on their site and posts.

Images are extremely important and they change the look and feel of your blog or site in seconds.

I am sure if you have a blog, you are constantly working on search engine optimization, social media marketing and other ways to promote your blog and to get traffic.

In fact, you might be getting some traffic also. But if you check your stats, you will find that most of your visitors don’t come back.

So if you are getting 100 visitors everyday from search engines like Google, then you are able to route 3000 people every month to your site but as they don’t seem to be interested in your blog, they just don’t come back.

Internet marketing requires you to have a strategy where you deploy a set of strategies to not only gain new visitors but also to convert them to regular visitors to enhance your blogging business.

You just can’t rely upon new visitors for your business.

You need to use;

  • High quality content
  • Premium wordpress theme
  •  Seo
  • Smm
  • Email marketing

Content on your blog is the most important thing. You might be a good writer but there are many average writers out there with ‘above average blogs’, why?

Because they know that no matter what you write, people are not going to read it word by word unless until they are ‘awed’ by the look and feel of your blog.

How many times it has happened with you that you were searching for something on Google, then landed upon some blog and your exit was as fast as your entry.

With me, it happens all the time.


Because the moment we arrive on a blog, our human instinct drive us to look at the blog as whole without going into the fine prints of the post or article. If we are not pleased instantly by the look of that site, we will leave it instantly.

So even if the blog posts on your blog are well written and provide good information, you are not able to retain your visitor.

In fact, nobody is even looking into your content; forget about having any opinion about the quality of the words used by you in your blogs.

If you look at the average time spend by a user, you will realize that it is too low.

As you know we often scan the webpage before diving further into it, so it is very important to have appropriate images on your blog to grab attention.

Even I was having tough time increasing the ‘average time’ of my visitors, then I got “The Logo Creator” tool which is a logo creator by name but can be used to create all kind of images like;

  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Blog posts graphics and images

I was looking for anything to create logo or banner because I am neither creating logos nor banners for commercial purpose.

I just wanted something which should provide the basic ability to create good looking graphics for my blog and should be;

  • Affordable
  • Preloaded with templates so that I don’t have to create images. I am not an artist so I cannot create good looking graphics and it will also take time to create attractive graphics so if the software is preloaded then I can simply use them.
  • Should have variety so that I can use them on variety of posts.
  • Should be easy to use something like drag and drop.

I don’t like to use free images from internet because some of them have copyright issues and royalty free images are used by anyone and everyone.

Even if I use royalty free images, there won’t be that uniqueness and freshness.

I have purchased “The Logo Creator” which has got all of the requirements and many more features like;

  • It is affordably priced at $37 around Rs1500.
  • It is preloaded with templates
  • It is extremely easy to use with drag and drop features to quickly create awesome graphics to use on my post.
  • They also provide additional templates if I want to use it at a later stage.
  • I do have the right to sell images, graphics and logos created by using the software and tools. Though I am not going to do that but it is extremely valuable preposition for those who can do it. Imagine you can not only recover the cost but also make more money.
  • As mentioned earlier that it is preloaded with templates where I can change the color, text, fonts and everything else so I can give them a entirely new look.

Just see few examples which I have created.

Logo Creator Software


Best Logo Creator Software

Logo Creator

logo creator for wordpress

Please note I am not an artist so don’t bang me for the poor quality but it is intended to give an idea about its color quality and other features.

Please share your thoughts on the quality of these images produced by the logo creator software, don’t judge the artistic side of these images.

Do you use images on your blog?

How to acquire those images?

Do you have any suggestions on any other graphic creator? Please suggest only those which you are using or have used in the past.

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  1. you are really correct. we should mix up quality images in blog posts to attract more visitors. A unique design will definitely improve the reputation and rating of your blog.


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