Google SEO Tips For Higher Ranks

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Google SEO refers to the search engine optimization activities you do to optimize your blog and site for Google. And that make sense also, Google dominate the search engine industry and most of the traffic which you will get come from Google.

Google SEO involves implementing search engine optimization techniques which are targeted towards Google.

Google SEO makes it extremely easy for you to secure high rank on Google.

Search engines follow a particular algorithm to power their search with their own flavor. So Google has also got its own flavor. Bloggers and webmaster across world target Google for organic traffic.

If you have been targeting Google, then this Google SEO guide will help you in achieving desired results. Let’s go through the criteria and parameters based upon which Google Decide your ranking for a particular keyword or search phrase.

There are multiple ranking factors which are used to determine your rank on Google or any other search engine.

The list of factors is long and in this Google SEO guide, I will try to cover most of them. I am using report generated by my SEO Tool IBP which has helped me in ranking successfully for quite a few words and keyword.


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Before we start you need to understand one thing that your rank is dependent on your SEO but also, it depends a lot upon your competing sites for that keyword.

So the primary factors which decide your rank is not something related to your site but it is truly influenced by other sites competing for that keyword so always keep an eye on your competition.

Now let’s go through some of the most important ranking factors in our Google SEO tutorial.

Document Title

This is the first point in your site or blog. Document title is critical for high ranking. The document title is the text which appears in title tag of the html in your webpage.

Make sure it contains keyword. If you want to check the title of your webpage, right click and select ‘View Source’.

It will appear in the top of the document with the title <title>your website title<title>

Keyword density in the title tag will vary based upon the competition for that particular keyword. So before you sit down to write your next blog post, run a search query in Google for that word.

Google will return the results for that keyword. Open the top 10 webpages for the search keyword and check their title tag by looking into the source of that page.

If you want do it manually, then start maintaining a spreadsheet so that you know your competition or use an automated tool like IBP to do it quickly and efficiently.


Backlinks are extremely critical for the ranking of any website or blog. But backlink doesn’t mean that you should get them from anywhere. You can use comments, forum posting and guest posts to create backlinks for your site.

Make sure to include your keyword in the anchor text for your backlinks. You also need to make sure that all of your backlinks should not have same anchor text. So if you are running a blog on weight loss, then you should have 5-10 keywords which you should use in anchor text.

But again, as mentioned earlier, you need to have the information about their backlinks and you should optimize your backlinks accordingly.

Content body

I have used the term ‘content body’ to mention a variety of factors which are mentioned separately in detail in my tool IBP. But just to sum up things, let’s look at the content body of your webpage. These ranking factors in your content body are;

  • Keyword in H1 headline
  • Keyword used in H2-H6 tags
  • Keyword use in Image’s alt tags
  • Keyword use in bold
  • Keyword used in outbound anchor texts
  • Keyword used in domain name
  • Keyword used in same domain link URL
  • Keyword used in meta description


You always need to check your competition to get the optimum keyword density for your content body. Too high or too low keyword density is bad for Google SEO.

Factors which could influence your rank

  • Mention on social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Server speed
  • Age of your website
  • Number of visitors to your site
  • Numbers of trailing slashes in your webpage indicate the hierarchy of your page. So less number of slashes is good.
  • Html validation of your webpage as per W3C validation
  • Readability level of a webpage
  • Keyword used in the first sentence of the body text
  • Search engine compatibility is very critical. Your content should be fresh, non-duplicate and graphical image should have as mentioned earlier alt tags with your image.

If you can satisfy the above mentioned ranking factors then high ranking on Google is just a matter of time for you. I am sure satisfying the above mentioned factors won’t be a big deal for you but you cannot beat it unless until you beat your competition.

So you should take the help of an automated tool like IBP or maintain a spreadsheet where you keep the track your competition. You can use other economical option to perform on page optimization like SEOPressor for wordpress.

Google SEO Techniques can really help you in improving your ranks on Google.

If you have your own Google SEO tips and techniques or even a question, don’t forget to leave your comment.

Sharing is Caring
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  4. Thank you Akhilendra for best seo tips. This is really an informative post for the SEO beginners. In the basic SEO, we also required to work on fresh content availability to the users and the highly targeted keywords. Google is continuously making updates that are focused on fresh and unique content.

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    • You can high ranks on google following the tips mentioned in this post, you need to target;

      1. keywords with low competition
      2. content
      3. back links

      You need comments, guest posting, directory submission for link building. If you want to grow your ranking soon, then you need to use some tool because manually you can’t do these things quickly for higher rank on google.

      Alexa update their regularly based upon your rank, so work upon these seo tips to improve traffic for your website. Once you are able to get traffic, you can easily improve your alexa ranking.


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