How To Write an Engaging Blog Post

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How to write a blog post? If this question crosses your mind then don’t get shocked or surprised. But this is wrong question or at best partially correct. Correct question should be how to write an engaging post. There are thousands of bloggers in world but only handful of them is successful. We tend to relate blogging and internet marketing and that’s where we tend to start going wrong.

How To Write an Engaging Blog Post

How to write a blog post is a common question among new to amateur bloggers who blog primarily because they want to do internet marketing. And there are other bloggers who have got a established business and they blog to promote their own products and services.To know how to write a blog post, you need to know it yourself.

How to write a blog post

So coming back to the first category of bloggers who are primarily targeting internet marketing by writing reviews or trying to make money out of google adsense ads on their blogs, these bloggers are struggling bloggers. They find it hard to find topics on which they can write.

Primary reason behind it the fact that they are targeting money attached to a blog and as they don’t have a purpose to write. You need a passion or an objective to continue your blogging journey. If your objective is to make money out of your blog, then you need to look for topics and issues which you think your readers will find interesting.

As you write more and more blog posts, you will face lack of posts. So the best way to handle is to write engaging post. If you are writing engaging posts then it is easier to attract new visitors and retain existing visitors.

So let’s see How to Write a Blog Posts?


I call it ‘Idea’, you can call it keywords. If you have an idea then you need to follow it. So let’s say you have area of interest and possess enough expert skills in that niche then you need to target that segment and write blog post about that same niche.

If you are running an internet marketing blog then your idea mean post. So you should target ideas one by one. One idea should stand for one post.

You might be aware that in internet marketing you also need to please search engines along with your readers. So the moment you get a word or phrase in your mind, login to Google adwords instantly and if you can’t login to that instantly, note it down somewhere.

After login to Google Adwords account, Click on the ‘Tools and Analysis’ tab. It will present you a drop down menu and you have to select keyword Tool in that.

Keyword is a free tool offered by Google to do your keyword research. There are other tools also like IBP which you can use to not only keyword research but also perform entire search engine optimization exercise.

But anyway irrespective of tool you use, you should target keywords with lower competition. You should also look at the trend of that keyword to know how many people are looking for that keyword right now.

If you are not even getting that first word or phrase then you should check out the trending topics on;

  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Google Trend

They will help you in finding the keywords by giving you information about current trend.

So after finalizing your keyword, you should now move on next step of ‘How to write a blog post’ which is not only entertaining your readers but also search engines.


You should pay special attention to the formatting of your blog posts. The minimum word count for any blog post is considered to be 300 words but due to rising competition in blogging industry, it is recommended to have minimum word count of 700 words.

But the problem with bigger blog post is that they are too big and readers may lose interest half way. So to make sure that they stick to your blogs, you need to use special formatting for your posts.

Points to consider in your posts;

  • Title- Title of your blog post should be related to the content of your post and provoke readers to read it.
  • Use of Heading and sub-heading- usage of heading and subheading in your blog post will further improve the readability of your posts.
  • Use of pictures in the blog post- Picture speaks a thousand words. Use them effectively. And yes, don’t forget to define alt tags of your image for proper search engine optimization.
  • Border and quotes- using border and quotes can significantly improve your blog posts readability.
  • Space- You should use lot of them; smaller paragraphs will help your reader to scan through the content. It helps in making sure that they spend more time on your blog posts.
  • Call to action- adds call to action in your post to improve the user engagement.

Your blog post should is a like journey which has got a start and must end somewhere.

It is your responsibility to write useful content. You should start with the background and problem. In the next part, you should further elaborate problem and introduce your solution.

In the last phase, you should conclude your post with the solution.

So put all of the mentioned points in this blog post together to stich a beautiful and interactive post.

If you have any comment, question or suggestion related to How To Write a blog post, don’t forget to leave them in comments.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. You know it’s odd but some of my greatest ideas come from when I’m simply sitting in front of my pc thinking about nothing. They just come to me without thinking or even researching. Like you say once I have my idea then I try hard to look up online for other ideas and reference some other articles about the subject.

  2. Ideas is the beginning for everything, however, to write a great blog post, I think we have to research carefully. Right?

  3. Hey akhilendra,

    This is really a great information for all newbies to learn how to write a blog post. A step by step!

    BTW, Thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks for your comment on my guest post at ShoutMeLoud.


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