How To Use Covert Copy Traffic To Get Backlinks And Traffic?

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How To Use Covert Copy Traffic To Get Backlinks And Traffic?

Does it sound weird to you?

Do you even know what covert copy traffic is?

Please allow me to add one more question to it,

Are you preventing copy pasting function on your site to prevent plagiarism?

Or rather, you should promote it to gain backlinks and traffic.

I am damn sure now, it’s not only weird but it is much more than that.

Don’t you think if it so important then why websites like NYTIMES, CNN or any of your favorite BIG sites allows you to copy?

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Fight plagiarism with covert copy traffic plugin


Ideally you should not prevent copy and paste function because it is widely used by your visitors. For example, sometime they simply copy some part of your post and then they share it social networking site.

They also copy and paste your content in email and send it to their friends and family to share it.

It is a wonderful way of creating traffic and backlinks for you.

In fact, there are many who block right click on their site; I think that’s not only rude but also extremely uncomfortable for your visitors.

But as we know that plagiarism is a major problem, It is important to handle it.

But is there any middle way where I am able to provide 100 per cent freedom to my visitors?

In fact, how about if I can get something which not only provide ability to my visitors to copy but also help me in getting loads of backlinks and traffics through that same content which is copied.

I think it’s a better equation to have your visitor copy your content and paste it whenever & wherever they want; it’s just that we should be able to use that in our favor.

Let me explain.

What if,

When someone copy anything from your post, your attribute links are added to that automatically.

Now I know you might be thinking that they can remove the link manually.

Yes, they can.


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But come on be realistic, if or CNN can afford it, who are you?


Yes, they can remove your link but even if 50 per cent of these guys who are copying your content don’t remove your link from that, imagine the kind of opportunities you can get.


There are many bloggers who use plugins to copy your feed in their direct.

How about adding your attribution link and attribution Message with additional links along with your feed text?

I know it’s awesome.

Now if you think how to achieve all of this.

Then Covert Copy Traffic is your solution.


Covert Copy Traffic Review

It is a wordpress plugin which can do all of the above mentioned tasks.

Covert Copy Traffic is an awesome plugin which will add a attribution link to your copied content.

Let’s look at the example;

Studiopress is the best wordpress theme for advance bloggers who expect slightly more from their wordpress theme.

When I say advance bloggers, I mean those bloggers who play with their themes at code level.
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This is the content of my previous post which I copied and pasted here.

You can see that there is a attribution link at the bottom of the content. Along with the attribution link, there is attribution text message which contains additional information like link, blog title and additional text. Attribution message is wrapped between ************* line.

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To try this, you can copy any content from my post and paste it somewhere. You can see it yourself.

What Covert Copy Traffic does?


covert copy traffic plugin review

fight plagiarism with covert copy traffic plugin review

  • You can automatically add attribution link to your copied content.
  • You can customize the attribution placement like you can have it either above or below the content.
  • You can automatically add attribution message along with attribution link.
  • You can include additional links and information about your blog in your attribution message using Macros.
  • You can further customize attribution link;
  1. Current page Permalink.
  2. Blog home page link.
  3. Use specific url
  4. None
  • You can also customize attribution message placement.
  • You can add your attribution link in RSS Feeds.


Covert Copy Traffic is a WSO and comes from famous imwealth builders. If you don’t know about them then I can’t say much other than the fact that they are well known for their products.

As mentioned earlier that it is WSO, it prices are reviewed regularly and based upon its performance, they are revised.

I purchased it on $ 7.68 and chances are its prices would be increased by now as it is one of the hottest selling plugin on warrior forum.


Covert Copy Traffic Variants

There are two versions available of this plugin and in this covert copy traffic review; we have covered Base and Pro Version.

Pro version is not available to general public and it is only offered to its members. So you will get a chance to upgrade to Covert Copy Traffic Pro once you have purchased covert copy traffic’s base version.



Covert Copy Traffic is a wonderful plugin for wordpress bloggers who have been struggling with plagiarism. You can use it in your advantage by automatically adding your attribution link and message in your content and RSS Feeds.

It can dramatically increase your backlinks and traffic.

You should fight plagiarism with covert copy traffic plugin instead of making your visitor’s life horrible by preventing copying or right click.

People often use copy and paste to share content in emails and social networking sites. It is an affordable solution therefore you can give it a try. As this plugin comes with a money back guarantee, you can return it if you don’t like.

So if you have been looking for an affordable and damns easy system to create insane amounts of backlinks and traffic for your blog, then covert copy traffic is the perfect solution for you.

Grab your copy before prices increases anymore. I got it at $ 7.68 and when i checked the prices now, it has reached $ 9.12.

So get it ASAP to avoid further hike.

Hope this covert copy traffic review helps you.

Share your experience or comment us and yes don’t keep it to just yourself, share it.

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  1. Thank you, this is a great plugin to get traffic easily and quickly! My question google will not penalize us and is used daily plugin???

  2. Hi!
    Awesome trick man very informative
    Your website is way too good. I enjoy the valuable data you deliver to your posts. I will save your blog page and look all over again in this article routinely.
    Also i hope your post will help me improve my website.

  3. You can achieve the same functionality by using tynt. It is free and you just need to add some javascript code to your site.


    • Awesome, but the moment you said “you need to add some javascript”, it sounded something alien to me and i m sure there are many who get scared away of these terms. But i will definitely check this out. Does it add details in RSS also along with the short message?

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