How to Get High Quality BackLinks From Blog Comments and Guest Posts

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There are many posts on getting backlinks for your blog and so as on, getting traffic for your blog. But most of them are old and I am not sure if they are still effective after latest Google Panda updates.

It’s not about getting the backlinks to your blog or getting more traffic, it’s actually about getting more business.

Getting more business is different than getting more traffic and requires you to focus on creating a community around your blog. But in order to successfully create a community, you need to first get the traffic and establish your brand.

Getting traffic is the first step of ladder with getting business being the next step.

A successful blog is the final destination.

As backlinks are one of the most prominent factors in search engine optimization, they contribute a lot in organic traffic.

How to Get High Quality Back Links From Blog Comments and Guest Posts

But our objective is not just traffic so let’s look at the ways through which we are not only able to get links but also able to establish our brand.

Get High Quality Free Backlinks From Blog Comments and Guest Posts

Backlinks are like lifeline of any blog or webpage. As a result, they are always in news and most of the time, in controversies too.

Because backlinks are so important, they have attracted all kind of people who will do all kind of things to acquire them which is also referred to as spamming.

Not only Humans, but Google also hate spam. So first thing first, don’t ever use automated tools to create backlinks.

So when I say automatic link creating tools, I am basically referring to tool which are used to add comments or posts on blogs and forums.

They are not well optimized.

You need to target three things when it comes to create back links for your site.

  1. Backlinks
  2. Good backlinks
  3. High quality backlinks


The best part about link building is the fact that you can do it in free.

Now let’s look at few simple but smart ways of getting free and high quality backlinks.

What is Guest Posts and How To Do it

It goes out without saying

Guest Posting or guest blogging is one of the most popular ways of getting high quality free backlinks for your blog and website.

It helps you not only in winning a back link for your blog but also gets you referral traffic.

But don’t take on guest posting just as some mean of getting backlink especially if you are looking to create high quality backlinks along with establishing your blog’s authority.

You need to ask these questions before your dive into the ocean of guest posting;

  1. Why you are publishing your post on this particular blog?
  2. Why your blog post should be approved and what is the benefit of host blog?
  3. What would be the final outcome for your business or blog from this post?
  4. What message you want to convey to the readers of this post?

Guest Postings contributes a lot in your brand building and it is imperative you take it sincerely.

You need to treat the host blog as your own blog and write a post which you will love to publish on your blog rather than putting some crappy post just because blog doesn’t belong to you.

In fact, guest posting has been abused by lots of bloggers as a result most of the well managed blogs are now putting serious ‘terms and conditions’ on guest post submission on their blogs.

So before you submit your guest post on any blog, carefully read their guidelines for submission. It will help in speedy approval of your post and also, you will get the benefit of a good post which in turn will boost your credibility.

Sometime blogs do not allow your links in the post or they allow but NOFOLLOW links, but it should not stop you from guest posting.

These blogs allow DOFOLLOW links in Author bio and you should use them intelligently to create back links for your blog with appropriate anchor text.

You can also guest post on this blog ( but as mentioned earlier, we are quite concern about the quality of the post so we don’t allow too many guest posts. You can refer to ‘Guest Post ‘menu item from the top menu to see the detailed guidelines.

I have added some of the big ticket blogs which you can use for guest posting but as I have mentioned that these blogs are big and well established, you need to make sure that your post is worthy of publishing.



How To Use Blog Comments To Get Backlinks & Traffic

Blog Comments is our next smart link building weapon.

Blog Comments are as good as Guest Posts if used properly.

Benefits of Blog Comments;

  • Quick
  • Short
  • Improved interaction with fellow bloggers
  • Require less efforts
  • More links

Writing a good post is a tedious task. You need to do research and then pen down a nice post to attract eye balls but in case of blog comments, you just have to leave your comments.

But there are guidelines for blog comments also.

How to Make Blog Comments

  • Read the post before you leave your comments.
  • Your comment should be relevant and not something like ‘my friend suggested me to visit your site’.
  • Your comment should be the extension of the posts.
  • Try to interact with the author and not just leave your comment.

As mentioned earlier, they are as good as Guest Posts but they are also as critical as guest post.

Blog Comments are your footprint.

You need to make sure that you leave an impression with it.

But before you start commenting on other’s blog, you need to check two things;

  1. Host Blog use commentluv premium plugin
  2. Host blog do not use commentluv premium plugin

Commentluv premium plugin is an exceptionally good plugin to increase the interaction and is widely used by bloggers who are interested in creating an active community around their blogs.

Benefits of commentluv premium

  • You get DOFOLLOW links.
  • You get an option to choose your latest posts in the comments.
  • If you make certain number of posts on the blog then you get to choose from your last 10 posts.
  • You get to add your Twitter id in your comments.
  • You can use your keyword in yourname@keyword format in the comment to boost your link quality.


These are some of the benefits when you post on a blog which is using Commentluv premium plugin.

You can check out our comment section at the bottom of this page to see how it looks like.

There are numerous benefits for the bloggers who use them on their blogs.

In fact, if you are a blogger then you must use it.

In the meantime, you can search blogs which are using commentluv premium plugin and start making comments on them.

You can search these blogs by using the commentluv premium search engine.

It doesn’t mean that you should not comment on those blogs which are not using commentluv premium.

You should comment on them also but look at the quality of the blogs before you leave your comments on them because if you are not getting a dofollow links and commenting then it could be a waste of time for you.

So you should begin with blogs using commentluv premium plugin and then after acquiring good numbers of links, you should gradually expand to the blogs without commentluv premium plugin.


You should start with Guest posts and blog comments to push your blog. If you can afford then you can use tools like IBP to do link exchange and submit your site to various link directories.

Guest Post and Blog Comments should be used smartly to create high quality backlinks for your blog. You should also make some investment in commentluv premium plugin to create a community around your blog and should not be dependent on search engines for your survival.

In fact, if you cannot make investment in your blog then it’s better to quit because in today’s competitive world it is simply not enough to have a blog for making money online. You also need to correct tools to promote it.

You should also use social media tools to create links and traffic for your blog.

You should also use sites like to further boost your PR. In fact, if you are a full time blogger or aspiring to be one, then you must use this site. It is free to join and do wonders. is used by journalist to find bloggers and business personalities who can be referred by them in their articles and column. Imagine the kind of impact it can have on your business, if your blog or online business is mentioned in an article on NYTIMES.COM.

You should use smart techniques to create backlinks, traffic and brand for your blog or small business.

Leave your comment if you have any question or need more information on anything mentioned in this post and please share if you liked this post.

Sharing is Caring
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  17. Hi Akhilendra,

    Honestly, thanks for sharing this info with us, I’ve recently learned about the CommentLuv plugin, and started searching for blogs that use it…but I’ve noticed that not all blogs allow your links to be dofollow.

    I just stumbled on this addon for Mozzilla which highlights the links based on dofollow/nofollow rel so it makes it easier to know which comments are do follow.

    You can search it if you want…it’s called NoDoFollow. It’s a Mozzila addon, it has been very useful to me till now.

    Have a great day, and have fun blogging.


    • Thanks Philip for sharing this info, i have been using this addon for some time now but it will definitely help many other users. There are few blogs which require you to post a minimum number of comments in order to get dofollow links. In my case, i m sure you are already aware of it that i don’t have any such restrictions so all comments are dofollow, if used commentluv check box. Once again, thanks for stopping by.

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  21. It seems that with the increase of guest blog networks, these links are becoming very easy to get. Doesn’t that lessen the SEO value of the links?

    • That’s a very interesting question, as you know the link value depend upon the host blog’s page value (PR Value), so it is always going to be different for various blogs and sites. As far as seo is concerned if your post is hosted on a blog with high PR, you will get higher value and less value for low PR blogs irrespective of the number of blogs offering guest blogging services. Rank for a particular keyword depend upon the competition for that keyword rather than the optimization level of your entire blog. If you are looking to start your campaign, then you should target all kind of blogs because blogs with high PR are highly competitive and it may take weeks for your post to be published on them. So choose carefully.

  22. Yes, blog commenting is a good tactic if used intelligently. It’s a great way to “get on the radar” of influential bloggers in your niche.

    If you keep returning to their blogs and write good thoughtful comments then there’s a good chance they’ll look at your blog. If they like it, they might include the URL in a blog post. Or they might ask you to write a guest blog post for them.

    Neither of these things will happen if you just write something spammy and meaningless, of course!

    • You are bang on target Matt, something robotic and meaningless comment won’t add any value. One should try to engage with the blogger rather than simply leaving the comment.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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