How To Use Blog Comments To Grow Your Blog

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You have just started a blog or have been blogging for some time; you are always supposed to be on top of things to make sure that blog is constantly growing. You should try to rank for new keywords with every new post and improve your ranking for existing keywords on your blog. There are multiple ways of increasing your traffic. Search engine optimization is a well-known method.

Search engine optimization is the key to success for blogs as far as bringing traffic to your blog is concerned.

We all know about on page optimization and off page optimization. But there are other ways of bringing traffic to your blog. These methods can prove to be more useful than conventional search engine optimization or social media marketing.

These methods are;

  • Guest posts
  • Blog commenting

Comments are the best method to bring traffic for your site.

Why Blog Comments Are Important?

First we need to understand what these comments are and why they are so important?

I know, I know, you know about comment but do you really know comment?

The traffic which is bought to your blog by search engine is free and massive but chances of you converting them to business are minimal. And the reason behind that is very simple, they don’t know you.

It is like window shopping, you go through lots of shops to gather information but most of the time you end up buying it from someone who is trusted by you. It is applicable when it comes to store, brand or any other online shopping store.

In fact, if you don’t buy something from strangers why do you expect others to trust you?  And if they don’t trust you then you are never going to make you.

More traffic from search engine doesn’t make trust and brand.

This is where comments come in picture.

Blog Comments

Comments made by you other blogs are of immense value.

Let’s see now why blog comments are so important

Comments get you free traffic from these blogs.

Comments get you free back links from these blogs.

As you make comments on these blogs, people recognize your name and face, thereby helping in your branding.

When you comment on other blogs, bloggers from other website are encouraged to comment on your site.

Comments on your site made it lively thereby encouraging people coming through search engines to comment on your blog. This point is extremely important as there is a synergistic effect.

commentluv plugin for blog comments

Guidelines for blog comments

Comment on big blogs. Select top 100 blogs to begin with. Try to cover maximum daily. So if you can make 25 comments per day and can manage to get 15 visitors/day, you will be getting 750 links/month and 450 visitor/month without doing anything. And as time progresses, you will notice a rise in the traffic also. Practically you can expect much better traffic than these numbers as people will start familiar with you.

Comment on blog having at least Google PR 1 and Alexa Rank within a million.

Search blogs with commentluv wordpress plugin, they offer dofollow links with many more features like more link in exchange of a simple tweet or facebook like.

Commentluv is one of the highest selling wordpress plugin and if you visit most of the biggest blogs, you will find them using it. Anyway if you want you can purchase its premium version or just use commentluv search engine to find blogs in your niche which are using comment luv.

This information is extremely useful as you will not only get free traffic from there but also maximum links.

The biggest advantage with these blogs with commentluv plugin is that they are extremely popular and the exposure you get is again, maximum.

To begin with you can start commenting from our blog itself as i am also using it and let me tell you it’s mind blowing and FREE. To search more blogs with commentluv, CLICK HERE.

And yes you too do everything it takes to convince people to leave their comments on your blog.

Nobody will leave their comments unless until they are getting something in exchange. So offer some incentive, you can use commentluv or any other plugin of your choice give them free links.

I am not sure if there is any other similar wordpress plugin, but commentluv also provides ability to showcase the commenters with maximum comments. So it is again an incentive for them to comment.

You can customize it to give them more links if they have more approved comments.

As I said earlier, plugin is less important and this concept is more important. So you should provide these services to your visitors in order to engage them and build a community around your blog which you can use to expand your business and make money out of your blogging. You can use any plugin or services, if interested in commentluv, Do you want to know “How To Get Noticed“.

Remember, you cannot be a successful blogger easy or tough way. You can only succeed through smart way.

So use this search engine to find blogs in your niche and comment upon them. You can also use this plugin to encourage users to comment on your blog.

Imagine they coming to your site and finding no one else, how they will feel.

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Sharing is Caring
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  1. This article on “How to use blog comments to grow your blog” is very informative and offers good advice for both new and experienced bloggers. I like the way the author has explained the importance of comments for SEO and community building, as well as strategies for encouraging reader participation. This is a great guide for those who want to maximize the impact of their blog.

  2. Hello,
    Very informative post,
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    It is very logical and interesting.
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  3. Great way to use blog comments to improve user experience and wide coverage of your article.

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  5. Guest posts are a great idea. You are right about doing things the “smart way”!

  6. It’s really wonderful. Nice work on your article. I am really satisfied with your information. I love it, Really good.

  7. Hi Akhilendra
    Is blog commenting still valid for seo of website like to pass link juice

    • Blog commenting can still add lot of value but you have to be careful and look at it from a content marketing perspective. But yes, not as strong as it used to be till few year back.

  8. Impressive!Thanks for the post

  9. Great Blog for getting traffic on your website. Thanks. this article relay help me,for my site.

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  12. Love your post. And I am like really, you can get that much traffic from commenting on facebook pages?

  13. Great Blog for getting traffic on your website. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Great Blog for getting traffic on your website.

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  16. Great post! Keep up the good work.

  17. Blog comments is one of best and efficient method to build your loyal reader base.Kudos to your post.

  18. Blog commenting definitely helps to advertise a site.

  19. When I do blog commenting I see to it that I read the blog before I post a comment which is apparently related to the topic. Aside from my opinion about the post I always provide what is being asked by the author .

  20. I’ve only recently been getting into commenting on other blogs, I now see the true value to it. I’ve also been getting alot more traffic recently since I started so happy days :).

  21. Blog commenting can definitely contribute significantly to your blog when it comes to getting good traffic and income since the more the visitors the more you can get clickthroughs on your ads.

  22. I just bought the commentluv premium plugin and I’m excited to start using it. I like your idea of “the smart way”. Great post and good advice!

  23. Hi Akhilendra,
    I also believe in the power of blog commenting for all the reasons that Adrienne has mentioned.

    I have visited a lot of blogs and I’ve learned tips and tricks, seen some amazing images and watched funny and interesting videos. And while doing this, I was able to leave my comments which I hope added value to a post while building back links to our site.

    This is a method that I would also highly recommend to all bloggers in their traffic generation strategy.

  24. Hi Akhilendra,

    I’m a huge believer in blog commenting for several reasons. Not only do you get an education by visiting other blogs but you can really meet some awesome bloggers while making your rounds. Through this method you can start building up relationships with other bloggers and that is what will keep them coming back to your blog each time you’re written a new post. This will build up the comment and give you social proof.

    With all of that in place, your blog will continue to move up in page rank and the search engines.

    Visiting CommentLuv blogs are fabulous but just make sure it’s not only because of the link juice.


  25. Hi akhilendra
    i agree with you that blog commenting is the best way to increase your blog traffic and also you get the good baclinks, i personally follow it, i get the positive result..anyways thanks!

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