Blog Comments and Commenting Roadmap

Blog Comments are vital for any blog and they are one of the most important weapon in the arsenal of any blogger. Blogging is not just about adding post to your blog, it is about creating a live and dynamic community around your blog. Blog Comments are the only way to achieve this by without putting […]

How to Get High Quality BackLinks From Blog Comments and Guest Posts

There are many posts on getting backlinks for your blog and so as on, getting traffic for your blog. But most of them are old and I am not sure if they are still effective after latest Google Panda updates. It’s not about getting the backlinks to your blog or getting more traffic, it’s actually […]

How To Use Blog Comments To Grow Your Blog

You have just started a blog or have been blogging for some time; you are always supposed to be on top of things to make sure that blog is constantly growing. You should try to rank for new keywords with every new post and improve your ranking for existing keywords on your blog. There are […]