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Blog Comments are vital for any blog and they are one of the most important weapon in the arsenal of any blogger. Blogging is not just about adding post to your blog, it is about creating a live and dynamic community around your blog. Blog Comments are the only way to achieve this by without putting your blog security at risk.

But it’s just not blog comments, it is also blog commenting which help your revitalise your blogging career.

So whether you are  making some comment on others blog or someone else is making comment on your blog, it is you and your blog which is at the winning side.

But it is not that simple, you need to have some guidelines and rules at place for commenting at your blog and you must follow rules and guidelines when commenting at other blogs.

Now there is no standard template for globally accepted commenting guidelines but there are globally accepted norms which are

“more or less” widely accepted among blogging community.

blog comments & blog commenting

blog comments & blog commenting

So I will try to get some of the major points for blog comments and blog commenting. Idea is to teach you “How To Fish” rather than serving fish to you, so try to come up with your own set of guidelines for blog comments and in case you need any help, please leave your comment with question, i will try to answer that.


Blog Comments


Blog Comments Rules and Guidelines are not only meant for ensuring the sanity of your blog but also to encourage your visitors to comment on your blog.

So unless until there are incentives to comment on your blog, most of your readers will simply read your post and not comment. You should also encourage them to share your post on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So, let’s go through the rules and guidelines for blog comments.

Guidelines For Blog Comments;

1. Commenter should always use their real name instead of the name of their blog or business. You should not approve comments with their business or blog title in name field.

2. Comment should be related to the content or topic of the post.

3. No links in the comments–It is important to pay attention to this as there are many spammers and obnoxious commenter who leave their link in the comment to create backlinks to their site. So never allow links in the content of blog comments.

4. You should encourage your visitors to share your content or post on social networking site. To do so, you can offer them some incentive like if you are using commentluv premium then they can select a post out their last 10 posts. It is a very good way to making your post viral. So i will recommend to use commentluv premium if you are using it. You can offer them Do Follow Blog Comments.

5. You should also encourage your visitors to leave more comments so again, you can use plugins like commentluv premium to encourage them and in exchange you can offer more posts to select from.

6. You should also notify post author about each comment so that they can reply to each comment. It is must to reply regularly to comments if not all. Commentluv premium is loaded with this feature also, so if you are not using commentluv, then better start using it.

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These are some of the steps which you can take in order to use blog comments to create a live community around your blog.

Blog Commenting

Now let’s go through some of the rules and guidelines which you can follow in order to use Blog Commenting to create more traffic for you blog. In fact, more than traffic, it is important to remember that blog commenting is vital for your own branding and your blog’s branding.

So without wasting any more words, let’s go through the guidelines and rules for effective blog commenting strategy which can help you in creating a brand for you and your blog.

1. Always go through the commenting rule of host blog.

2. Always use your real name as you expect others to do on your blog.

3. Never leave links in your comment.

4. Your comment should be in line with the post content.

5. Try to add value to the post. So always try to build your comment with logics rather than bluff.

As mentioned earlier, this post is about helping you learn “How to fish” and not serving fish. So try to come up with your own guidelines for blog comments on your blog and commenting on other post.

So it is not just SEO and SMM which is important, but it is also blog comments and commenting which is important for your blog.

If you have any idea, please leave your comment.

If you think this can help anyone, please don’t forget to share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc.

Sharing is Caring
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  3. Hey Akhilendra. You’ve got a cool site, but many people don’t like having to subscribe to blogs through email. You should consider allowing people to subscribe to your blog through RSS or if you already do, place the RSS subscribe button somewhere a little more obvious.

  4. On top of getting your 10 latest posts to choose from when commenting on other blogs (providing that the blog owners don’t limit you to the last one only, of course), you can now add 5 of your favorite posts/pages to that list.

  5. You mentioned that you have not enable do follow under commentluv but you suggest low comments site do. I am not sure why this gives you problems when you have many commentors. Is it because if dilution?

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  7. The change is happening because the current model cannot continue without some sort of recurring payment because there have been lots of feature additions and a lot more to come and when it comes to updates, it would be more profitable for me to make new plugins and sell them than updating and adding features to commentluv if there wasn’t a recurring payment.

  8. Thanks for updating…I’ve seen lots of blogs who are using commentluv premium for their site. To be honest, I must agree with you about the opinions of SEO gurus when it comes to commenting. Many of them give a lesser weight for blog commenting on their link building process that’s why they are relying to their software for automatic posting of their generic comment to increase the quantity of their links.

  9. Blog comments are very effective ways to know if the readers are satisfied with the information you provided. This is a very good way to get to know the readers and interact with them. We just have to be careful with the spammers.

  10. While Commentluv Lite will continue to be completely free, I’m going to show you why you’d be absolutely silly if you’re a commentluv user to not upgrade!

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