Best WordPress SEO Themes in 2013

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WordPress seo theme is not a new phenomenon among bloggers but if it is a new concept for you, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Seo is imperative for getting organic traffic and over the last few years, search engine optimization has gone beyond just link building. Now on page optimization coupled with page speed is the key to success for search engine optimization.

WordPress is the primary content management system for bloggers. WordPress is extremely popular among bloggers because it is free and comes loaded with free themes and plugins.

There are many good and free plugins for wordpressbut when it comes to themes, things are not so good. Free themes are often not well coded and supported so primary on page optimization factors like h1, h2 tags are not properly taken care off and due to poor quality of coding, page speed is also poor.

Google in its last few updates have made it clear that page speed and on page optimization is extremely important for high rankings.

So if you are looking to make money from your blog, then quality theme is the first thing you should get.

Now in current world where getting quality product is neither easy nor tough, quality is often directly proportional to the amount of money you pay for a product.

Fortunately, in case of wordpress themes it is not that complicated and you don’t have to spend more on it to get a high quality search engine optimized theme.

There are many paid or premium wordpress themes but as they all created by different individuals and groups, quality is bound to vary. Like any other kind of business, it is better to deal with a established company rather than just a professional. Reason is very simple, well established firms are not dependent on any individuals so they continue to produce quality products for longer term and support & maintenance is permanent whereas in case of individuals, you never know if support activity will continue or stop anytime.

In case of wordpress, it is very important because wordpress is updated constantly and if your theme is not compatible with latest version of theme then you won’t be able to either update wordpress or you will have to change theme which will result in wastage of money paid for first theme.

So keep this in mind.

Based upon my experience, I have shortlisted a list of top five among;

Most of them are wordpress themes clubs so you will get more than one theme in the money you pay. For example, in case of elegant themes you will be getting more than 70 stunning wordpress themes for $39.

So when you invest in these wordpress theme clubs, you get more than what you pay for. There are many premium wordpress themes but all are not seo themes.

Using a compatible theme for seo is just a part of overall search engine optimization strategy. Don’t expect to rank high just by using some good high quality theme, but you will definitely have a tough time ranking well if you are not using a good high quality seo wordpress theme.

I have further shortlisted some of best themes for the bloggers who do extremely well in satisfying your seo requirement from a theme.

Generate theme from studiopress – Generate theme is produced by studiopress themes which is based upon genesis framework. It is a well optimized theme which is one of the best wordpress seo theme for bloggers and internet marketers. It is also very well designed to support the basic need of bloggers and internet marketers like collecting emails for email marketing or putting content and banners together in a nice attractive way.

Generate wordpress seo themes

Generate wordpress seo themes

Genesis framework – Genesis is a framework which could be used as standalone product which is one of the best frameworks to produce wp themes. It is widely used and if you want, you can purchase themes like Generate which is based upon genesis framework and coupled with wordpress skin, so you won’t have to spend time designing it from scratch. You can also select many other awesome looking themes from studiopress theme collection. You can visit Top 25 WordPress Themes to check out more attractive themes based upon Genesis Framework and other great themes.

Aggregate Theme from Elegant Themes – Elegant themes is one of the best and most economical wordpress theme clubs. Aggregate theme is one of their best as per me but as they produce more than 70 themes, you can pick theme of your choice. You will get more than 70 themes in $39. These themes are well designed for bloggers and also, satisfy basic seo requirements for a theme. Elegant theme also produces additional tools which can immensely help you in creating a powerful & elegant money making blog.

Aggregate best wordpress seo themes

Aggregate best wordpress seo themes

TheSource theme from elegant themes – this is also a great theme from elegant theme. As mentioned earlier, it is also one of the best wordpress seo themes.

TheSource wp seo theme

TheSource wp seo theme

Whoswho theme from elegant themes – Whoswho is a excellent theme for bloggers from elegant theme which is as good as any other theme mentioned here.

whoswho wordpress seo theme

whoswho wordpress theme

Inreview Theme from elegant themes – Inreview is one of the best themes for affiliate marketer which is specifically meant for review based blogs. It is produced by elegant theme. It is powered by additional features which help you in creating a blog which is not only optimized for search engines but also everything in place to create a good review blog. Read Detailed review of Inreview Theme.

Inreview elegant seo themes

Inreview elegant seo themes


Affilotheme from affilorama – Affilotheme is produced from Affilorama. Affilorama is a well-established house producing best products and tools for affiliate marketing niche. Affilotheme is a theme designed specifically targeting internet marketing professional bloggers. It is slightly expensive but if you can afford it, it is really a good theme.  You will also get squeeze page/ opt-in creator with affilotheme. So it is a complete package for those who are looking to make money online from blog.

affilotheme wp seo theme

affilotheme wp seo theme

Thesis theme – thesis theme is one of the most talked about theme among bloggers. It has been updated recently and with that pricing has also changed, so it may not be in your budget. But it is a good theme and you can consider it before purchasing any other theme. If you are tight on budget, woothemes and studiopress themes are better alternatives to thesis in this price segment. Thesis is primarily a framework. With its recent updates, it is quite easy to customize it now but if you decide to go for Thesis Theme, you can check out ThesisAwesome skins for ready to use Thesis Skins.

Thesis Theme 2.0 seo theme

Thesis Theme 2.0 seo theme


So these are some of the finest wordpress seo themes which you can use in 2013 and even after that.

Best WordPress SEO Theme 2013 updated-04/05/2013

Elevan 40 theme by studiopress — I have switched to elevan 40 theme by studiopress. Earlier i was using Thesis. It provides me everything which any blog would require. As mentioned earlier, Studiopress themes are based on Genesis Framework and so as, Elevan40. It provides me awesome SEO features and capabilities to change anything and everything. Genesis themes also support breadcrumbs which are not supported by Thesis Theme. The best part about Studiopress theme is the fact that they are extremely easy to install and customize. I was up and running in less than an hour. Genesis theme provide best support through their community forum. Though you will not need that very often because you will get everything in their tutorial and help section. You will also get ready to use code snippets to customize your genesis theme. I haven’t seen any theme which will get you huge number of free plugins which can be used to modify anything. So you don’t have to touch anything at code level and still you can change everything. I have used plugins to modify my footer and Favicon. You get whole lot of widgets which can be used to design menus, custom static page in wordpress and many other features. I am absolutely satisfied with it and i think studiopress themes are wordpress delight.

To Read more about Elevan40 theme, visit how to install genesis theme.

Install elevan 40 studiopress theme


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  1. nice post….. i appreciate you….

  2. Thanks for the tips about seo. For my point of view, Seo was never been so tough as it is now a days. And is becoming more and more advanced with the often search engine algorithm updates. The one that keeps himself and his sites according to the coming updates and algos, is the king now.


  3. Nice collection of wordpress themes, i got one theme for my blog..
    thank you

  4. I Heard Lots About AffiloTheme. I want to buy this theme but is there any coupon or discount code for AffiloTheme?

  5. Use the social buttons below to add it on your favorite social sites or send it via email. Also, subscribe to posts via RSS or by email to get the latest on blogging tips, social media, and other information for successful bloggers.

  6. Use the social buttons below to add it on your favorite social sites or send it via email. Also, subscribe to posts via RSS or by email to get the latest on blogging tips, social media, and other information for successful bloggers.

  7. The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible WordPress Websites. It is one of the most popular WordPress frameworks released to date. It is powerful, elegant and best of all, simple to customize. Not surprising many bloggers choose Genesis framework to develop their Websites. Here is the list of the Genesis framework’s features.

  8. It takes time to learn how a framework works so that you can get the most of it, therefore good quality support is essential when choosing a framework. Genesis doesn’t disappoint in this regard. They provide a 46 page user manual for beginners and dozens of tutorials that walk you through the basics to customising your site with Genesis.

  9. These guys are worth a look. They don’t seem to be as popular as some other providers but this may be because they don’t sell aggressively enough. Press75 have some very useful themes under their belt. Maybe you would be surprised by the quality of their themes.

  10. When I’m grading student papers, I can estimate how well-developed or under developed the papers are by looking at the word count. Word count factors into the quality of writing because many students make strong claims, but they fail to support illustrate, or expound on those ideas.

  11. You have different options, for example, you can hire a designer to make something totally unique and amazing, but that will cost a lot of money. So your best option would probably be buying a great, quality framework and using a more customized child theme to make it look unique.

  12. Hi,

    I am so excited to choose among all these themes. My initial pick for now would have to be the Canvas from woothemes. But, I still have to look at other themes that would be very helpful to me.

  13. Thesis…Thesis…and…..Thesis,
    Hi, I love that and beside that no themes that could drew my attention. Easy navigation and advanced features for SEO. Sorry for my strong affection towards thesis.
    Thanks and lots of wishes for New Year.

  14. I agree that all these themes are seo optimized. I have seen thesis and studiopress are most popular among wordpress bloggers. If you want unique themes i would suggest to have a look at

    Thanks for the listing.


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