Cherry Framework Review-WordPress Themes from Template Monster

Blog design and layout is the first thing your blog visitors see when they arrive on your blog. In fact, even before they see your content. First impressive is the last impression. Therefore, it is imperative for you to maintain a clean and attractive blog. Some of the most important factors of your blog are; […]

Studiopress Metro Pro Review-WordPress Mobile Responsive Blog theme

Metro Pro from studiopress wordpress themes is one of the best wordpress mobile responsive theme. Magazine wp themes are extremely popular among bloggers. Magazine themes are so popular simply because they present content in a much better way and their design is also attractive. Mobile Responsive blog theme is the new phenomena and you should […]

Benefits of Html5 Website Templates with HTML5 WP Themes

Html5 is the future of website templates and themes. Html5 has been around for some time now. Earlier there were few issuers with browser compatibilities but now it’s fine. It is 100% compatible with all the browsers and provide awesome functionality to your website. Benefits of HTML5 website templates Html5 is the latest html and […]

Going Pro: Editing a Theme to Suit Your Needs

Once you make use of  WordPress themes for your company website, you know just how powerful they can be for creating an eye-catching and professional web presence for your business. However, after a while, you may find that you wish you could make changes to that theme so that it will be even more personally […]

Best Blogging Tools for Blog Promotion and Marketing

Blogging has become extremely popular and with the affordable blogging solutions, abundant too. In the extremely over-crowded space of blogs, where on one hand it is extremely easy to create a blog, it is extremely hard to promote blogs and get substantial amount of traffic. Traffic is the key to success in online marketing and […]

25 WordPress Themes For Business

WordPress is one of the best content management system for blogs and websites. There are many who use wordpress for managing their business sites. But needs for a business site are different. If you are running or planning to start a business site then wordpress is the best content management system for you but you […]

Best WordPress SEO Themes in 2013

WordPress seo theme is not a new phenomenon among bloggers but if it is a new concept for you, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Seo is imperative for getting organic traffic and over the last few years, search engine optimization has gone beyond just link building. Now on page optimization coupled […]