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blogging tools to empower blogBlogging has become extremely popular and with the affordable blogging solutions, abundant too. In the extremely over-crowded space of blogs, where on one hand it is extremely easy to create a blog, it is extremely hard to promote blogs and get substantial amount of traffic.

Traffic is the key to success in online marketing and blogging business.

Without traffic, irrespective of the quality of your blog, you are not going to make any money from it.

Therefore in order to make money from your blog, it is imperative for you to create a blog which converts and make money.

In order to create a blog which converts, you need to use correct tools.

Best blogging tools are essential and they include every product and service which impact running a successful blogging.

Best Blogging Tools

The list of best blogging tools begin with the first step towards setting up your blog.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the first service and product which you will use in setting up a blog or website. A good host your blog’s speed and performance. If your blog is not up or slow, then it is going to severely hamper your chances.

Some of the most established and prominent name in web hosting industry are;

All of these web hosts are reliable and affordable. If you decide to host your blog either of them, then you can use web hosting coupons to get discounts.

Visit; web hosting coupons

Content Management System

WordPress is the best content management system and it is free. So you don’t have to think twice. It is one of the most widely used content management system for blogging in entire world. Read; Make a Website with WordPress

Best WordPress Themes

Once you have installed wordpress, you need to customize your blog. Once customization is done, you need to install best wordpress theme for you. I am using eleven 40 theme from studiopress themes.

You get abundance of premium quality, seo compatible and feature rich themes from studiopress. You can select any theme based on your niche and targeted audiences.

You are tight on budget, then you can use elegant themes.

These themes are well coded and help you in giving your blog a unique look and appearance which help your blog in standing out of the crowd.

These themes allow you to customize your SEO settings and many other features like integrating ads in your blog. As these themes are well coded, it further improve your page load speed which enhances your SEO.

Page speed is one of the most crucial factor in SEO, thus you need to focus on it.

Once you have installed your favorite theme, you need to install plugins to provide additional functionality to your blog.

There are hundreds of thousands of plugin available for wordpress but all are not equal. Some are updated regularly and doesn’t interfere with the performance of your blog but there are many wordpress plugins which negatively impact your blog.

You need to avoid those plugins which adversely affect your blog.

Read; Best Plugins for WordPress

Once you have installed these plugins, your blog is ready and you need to move on to another set of blogging tools which are required to promote and market your blog.

If you are thinking that you have already used too many tools, then you need to understand that so far you have used tools which are required to create a good blog which is critical for success in blogging.

Once you are done with the first phase of creating your blog, you need to focus on promotion, marketing and search engine optimization of your blog.

Best Blogging tools for Email marketing

Email marketing is the most important aspect of blog promotion. Google keeps on updating their algorithm and things may take some time to show results. Sometime, you might be ranking well for a keyword but then with the change in Google’s algo, you may find your blog losing it all with its ranking on same search engine for same keyword.

So you need to focus on creating a loyal fan base which is not affected by these factors. In fact, it is known fact that email marketing is the best method to promote your blog and make money out of it.

Key to success in email marketing is setting up good follow up campaigns and using a email autoresponder which delivers where it is required.

You need to create landing pages, surveys, attractive newsletters and deliver emails at a time which is convenient to your users. You can’t deliver emails at one time to all your subscribers sitting in different countries where it may be convenient for your subscribers in one place and inconvenient for subscribers in some other country.

For example, there is huge difference in time zones in India and USA therefore you need to deliver emails at a different time to your subscribers in these countries. Most of the email autoresponder do not provide ability to automate this process but GetResponse does it.

You also need to have a systematic approach towards your subscribers in order to satisfy them and make money from your list.

For example, if your subscribers are not paying attention to your emails and they are opening it, you need to handle them differently than those who are opening and reading your emails. There is no email autoresponder which provide ability to automate your email marketing campaign based upon the earlier response of your subscriber.

GetResponse provide this feature which is called as email autoresponder. They also provide ability to create landing pages and survey along with attractive ready to use newsletters templates with exceptionally delivery rates.

You can read GetResponse Review for details.

GetResponse is the best email autoresponder for bloggers.

SEO Tools

SEO tools are imperative as you can never drop search engine optimization from your task list, even if it is complicated and at times, results are inconsistent.

In order to get consistent results for SEO campaigns, you need to use good SEO Tools.

I have written separate post on Best SEO Tools, please read: Best SEO Tools for Blogs and Websites

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No matter what, tools are part of our daily lives today. You have to use tool in doing everything and blogging is not an exception. You can use these tools but end results is more driven by your dedication and intelligence than these tools. If you are planning a Internet Marketing Blogs then using these tools is even more important because if you are not using any good tool then how can you recommend others?

So choose carefully and work smartly.

Please share your comment and concerns on these blogging tools.

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  2. You cannot, however, build that list without the right tool to communicate with subscribers. Sure, you can do it with your email client, but if you are successful at attracting subscribers, you will rapidly reach the point where it is simply overwhelmed.

  3. These blogging tools are the essence for earning success through the blogs. The list of the tools mentioned in the post seems to be quite enticing and useful. WordPress is doing great work in the field. Thanks for the share.

  4. I agree! WordPress is indeed the best content management system by far. I’m using it. And so far, my needs are met and I’m satisfied. :))

  5. I gotta have these blogging tools just to make sure that my blogs are well promoted. Exposures and advertisement would contribute a lot, which is why I think blogging tips are must-haves! Cool!

  6. Without these tools, earning money through blogging will never be possible. We just have to be wise enough to choose the ones the will fit our needs and our niche.

  7. Hi Akhilendra
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