Top 5 Seo Tools for 2013

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If you are a blogger or a webmaster then probably you are aware of the importance of having a good seo tool. Seo tools are extremely important for those who are looking to make money online from their online business.

So whether you are managing a blog, website or a seo professional who is offering services in the field of seo to make money, you should always use seo tools to make more money and save time.

Seo or search engine optimization is a complex process and need appropriate tools to perform it. You may be confident of doing it yourself but you know that pushing ranks for targeted keywords and maintaining high ranks for existing high ranking keywords requires consistent efforts.

So if you don’t put enough efforts into seo, chances are even if you are ranking good for a particular keyword, you may end up losing it to your competitor who is using some tools to automate the process of optimization.

I don’t recommend using automated tools for link building and Free SEO Software.

There are tools which automatically posts links of your site on other blogs and forums. I will suggest you to stay away from them. Sites which use these tools are often penalized by Google for poor quality links.

You should use seo tool for;

top 5 seo tools

Top 5 Seo Tools

  1. On page optimization
  2. Finding link building legitimate opportunities
  3. Keyword research
  4. Rank tracking
  5. Social media reputation check
  6. Submission to search engines (when required)

First five steps are the most important part of search engine optimization process and no matter what tool you are using, make sure that your seo software supports them. SEO books good to begin your seo journey if you need to learn it.

On page optimization has become extremely important after last few updates from Google.

Your tool should be able to not only examine your site but also, your competing sites so that you can defeat them in order to rank high.

In search engine optimization, you should always remember one thing; “it is not your site’s factors which decide your ranking, it is your competing sites which determine your rankings”.

So always tune up your seo strategy around competition so that you are countering your competing sites rather than doing it in some isolated world.

So make sure that your product is giving you enough inputs about competing sites to beat the competition.

There are many seo tools available in the market but you should go for the most established products because of the reliability and updates.

Google keeps on updating their search algorithm, so if your product is not updated consistently to reflect the latest changes, you are out of business.

I have shortlisted top 5 seo tools for 2013. You can go through them to see if you like them.

I will suggest you to browse their features and see if they fit in your requirements.

Top 5 Seo Tools for 2013

1. IBP – IBP is one of the oldest and most trusted seo tools available in the market. Their makers are so confident of its quality that they offer money back guarantee on this. It is a very good product and affordable too.  So if you are looking for economical, yet powerful seo software, look no further, IBP is the perfect choice for you. It does everything which is mentioned above and beyond that, it offers additional services to help in optimizing your site. You can purchase it in $199.95.

Read IBP Detailed Review here

2. Seoprofiler – Seoprofiler is a relatively new products but it comes from the same production house which has produced IBP. IBP is a desktop application whereas Seoprofiler is a web based online seo tool. So if you are looking for an online seo tool which can be accessed from anywhere, then Seoprofiler is a perfect choice for you. As it is coming from IBP creators, it does everything which you can think about search engine optimization. There are other online seo tools but they are expensive so I haven’t listed them here.

Read Seoprofiler Detailed Review here

3. Seo powersuite – Seopower suite is also a comprehensive seo tool but it comes in the form of a bundled product. Seopower suite comprises of 4 separate seo tools which can be purchased separately also. Seo powersuite contains;

  •  Rank Tracker – RankTracker is seo tool for keyword research. Price for Ranktracker- $99.75
  •  Website Auditor– Website auditor is used for on page optimization. Website auditor generates detailed report about the on page ranking factors affecting your site. Price for Website Auditor- $99.75
  •  SEO Spyglass – SEO Spyglass helps in spying on the competing sites, therefore giving you indepth detailed analysis of the sites which are ranking well for a particular keywords. Price for SEO Spyglass- $99.75
  •  LinkAssistant—Linkassistant is used in finding and building links for your site. Price for LinkAssistant- $99.75


If you want to purchase all of the four modules, then you can buy Seo Powersuite complete package in $249.

4. Traffic Travis — Traffic Travis is one of the best seo software for bloggers and internet marketers. Traffic Travis provides comprehensive seo solution like the earlier described seo tools.  Like other tools, you can use Traffic Travis to find keywords, track your competition and link building. It is extremely popular for keyword research purpose. It is probably the cheapest seo tool with high quality standards. I mean you can find seo software which is cheaper than this. But then they are cheap. Traffic travis is economical which means, it doesn’t compromise on the quality. You can purchase Traffic Travis in just $ 97.

5. Webceo – Webceo is one of the most trusted name in seo tool industry and like IBP, it is widely used by SEO Agencies to optimize the site of their clients. It is a comprehensive tool but an expensive one. Priced at $499, it is an expensive product but it does offer high quality. Webceo also comes with link building, site auditor, keyword research, Ranking and other features.

 Over to You

These are top 5 seo tools for 2013. Like any other piece of software or tool, they do lots of things on their own but it is the human which is the deciding factor. So you are key factor as far as output is concerned. You need to make sure that you go through their tutorials and follow their tips.

These tools will give you every information related your site and competing sites with detailed “easy to follow” actionable tips to enhance your ranking on search engines.

You just can’t go wrong with your purchase of these best seo tools, so go ahead put your money where your mouth is.

Please share your feedback if you have any or leave your comments.

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Sharing is Caring
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  1. Great article…I am between IBP and Power Suite they seems to have quite the same services and feauteres and they came in quite the same price… But i have noticed that IPB 12 months Search engine updates cost $120 and in Power Suite for 12 months is only $49.95. What do you think? Does IBP worth the $120/year updates or its better to go for Power Suite?

    • I think IBP is a more comprehensive product whereas in SEO Powersuite, you get the option of four different modules and you can pick one which you need at that moment. As far as worth is concerned, yes it does worth it but now there is a better option in terms of cost and that is SEOPofiler. Seoprofiler coming from same business house with same capabilities is a monthly subscription. You can use it for few months to optimize your site and if everything is fine, you can stop that subscription. So depending upon your need and time you take, it could be the most economical seo tool.

      • Thanks for your reply Akhilendra. Just need one more question. I had try Ibp (Free Version – just to see what they offer) and in linkbuilding option they help you to find other related sites and build a page with related links in your site. Isn’t this an old technique and not so good for google algorithm anymore? My point is are they following all google rules mostly in their linkbuilding techniques? I’m being a bit careful becouse sometimes taking the fast way can turn really bad for your site and istead of improving your ranking you will end up lossing it. Thank You.

        • Giannis IBP is regularly updated with latest Google Algorithm, so that’s not a problem. SEO tools use a particular way of finding sites which can link to you. IBP will return you data based upon the query you set like sites with site submission form which will include directories or sites based upon keyword or niche. So IBP or any other tool can only provide you a list of sites which can link back to you based upon a certain criteria, now if you want to link to them or not, it’s your call. Good directories will work but only good. Current best practice is Guest blogging, that is something which you will have to take care manually. So as far as link building is concerned, i will say keep it manual. You can use this tool or any other tool to search sites, but nothing beyond that. And yes, for other parts like on page optimization, social signals etc, you can use it. Thanks, let me know if you have any question.

          • Thank’s my friend for your time… for now i just took your advise and sign up for Seoprofiler ($1 first month from your link) and I must say this is a great service and i wish i can affort this one but for now I will use this free month trial. it’s really awesome…

            • That’s great Giannis, SEOProfiler is also produced by same business house and it is affordable too. You can use it for any number of months till your site reaches top rankings and then you can stop it. Best of luck for your campaign. Please share your experience with us.

  2. Well I guess, if you are looking into niche research then those tools would be the perfect tools to use. But If you are looking into affiliate marketing, you don’t just need those tools but skills too.

  3. “IBP is a search engine optimization tool that turns SEO novices into experts overnight! […] The report is not only comprehensive, but goes into the kind of detail that would take a professional optimizer quite a few hours to produce.

  4. Web CEO, IBP (Internet Business Promoter), SEO Elite, Market Samurai, Advanced Web Ranking (AWR), SEOmoz and SEO PowerSuite are the most widely-used search engine optimization tools out there, and all promise you growth of rankings and profits boost. But just like any thing you’re buying, SEO tools have good and bad points standing behind their promises, and it’s better to take a chance and weigh the pros and cons before investing your money into a particular website optimization and promotion tool.

  5. Web CEO, IBP (Internet Business Promoter), SEO Elite, Market Samurai, Advanced Web Ranking (AWR), SEOmoz and SEO PowerSuite are the most widely-used search engine optimization tools out there, and all promise you growth of rankings and profits boost. But just like any thing you’re buying, SEO tools have good and bad points standing behind their promises, and it’s better to take a chance and weigh the pros and cons before investing your money into a particular website optimization and promotion tool.

  6. The Best Spinner really is the ‘best’ tool for generating unique SEO friendly content for your sites, Web 2.0 properties, article directories and much more. Also known as TBS, it comes with an ever expanding synonyms dictionary, which is updated by its users on it seems a daily basis. The interface is easy to navigate and it can help you generate thousands of unique articles and other content in around 30 minutes. TBS uses an SEO text convention called ‘ Spintax ‘ which is integrated into almost all of the best SEO tools currently on the market. Google likes unique content and The Best Spinner is the easiest tool to use to help you generate that content in minutes.

  7. I have been using IBP for the past two years. It has vastly improved its features. But I still love the reports and I consider that their report generating capability is industry best. We are using IBP SEO software tool since the days of our marketing strategy revamp, and the use of this software bore excellent fruitful result. It simply exceeded our expectation of performance. Event this tool have good no of ibp reviews from seo experts.While building campaign, you no more need to worry about mundane issues in keyword ranking. IBP will simply take care of that. Not only that, it also helped us to compare and optimize pages. My boss simply loved it. He says he does not need to burn midnight’s oil for doing regular repetitive jobs for putting our page in high rank.

  8. Oh, nice list for 2013, i didn’t know about some of this tools. Actually, i think ColibriTool is worth mentioning in 2013. I’m using free trial now and i think they’re doing great job – reports, competitors, Google Analytics integration and more.

  9. Odessa Schmucker says

    AKHILENDRA shows the Top 5 SEO tools for 2013.I personally appreciate for the job.Because i will follow the tools as a SEO person.Thanks AKHILENDRA

  10. Hi Akhilendra,

    I’ve only been using Traffic Travis so far, but I don’t like it that much. I heard a lot of people talk about Long Tail Pro, have you used it?

    For us bloggers I think what counts the most is the long tail search, the exact phrases people use to search for the information.

    Happy Holidays, take care.


    • Hi Philip, I haven’t used long tail pro probably because i am quite happy with keyword winner and IBP. I will try to get some info on long tail pro and let you know. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. milon sultan says

    For 2013 this is a great idea & lists.

  12. Melly Schug says

    Yay! 2013 is fast approaching and I am so excited of this year. By the way I am happy to see that you have been posted the top 5 seo tools for this 2013 and I bet it really nice. Nice share!

  13. You have listed some of the best tools.
    I myself used Traffic Travis which was pretty useful.
    Thanks for listing all efficient tools here.

  14. These lists are very valuable. I could not ask for more. Do you have a compilation or an ebook of the articles you wrote?

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Well you can subscribe using the subscription opt-in form in the sidebar or at the bottom of the post to receive the ebook. Content of the ebook is in line with the blog’s content but due to the nature of a blog, it is updated regularly so there will be a difference in the content. I will suggest you to go through the categories in the top menu or use the related posts at the bottom of every post to find more content/post. If you are looking for a specific topic, do let me know. I will let you know if i have a post on that. If i don’t have a post on that topic, i will write about it and let you know. So it’s better if you subscribe so that you can receive content directly in your inbox. Thanks a lot for your visit and kind comment.

  15. Why there is no market samurai ?
    I believe it is also a great tool.

    • Market samurai is great but it is a bit slow and in the comparison of the tools mentioned here, i think these tools are better than market samurai. But again, that is my opinion. I don’t mean it is not a good tool. I have used it myself before trying others. After trying others, i found that they are slightly better. For example, IBP compares your site with the top 10 competing sites and highlight the exact differences. It also tells the exact actions which can be taken to resolve those issues and push your site up. If i have to compile a bigger list of top seo tools like top 10 or 20, i m sure market samurai will make its place in the list. But nonetheless, thanks a lot for adding it here, it will help other readers.

  16. Hi Akhil, its look awesome and more easy to use following tools for SEO, but in turns its looks there are too investments, unfortunately in previous discussion (blog) I suggest outsourcing for SEO and now asking about the small scale business website, isn’t it much costly.
    By the way thanks for sharing great Ideas.

    • Hey Ranjan, it depends upon the strategy and approach of a webmaster. A blogger with limited budget won’t get much in outsourcing seo as it requires good amount of investment whereas at the same time, they can go for something like seoprofiler where they have to pay $1 for initial few weeks and then $ 19-20 so they get enough time to optimize their blog and learn seo so that at a later stage they can perform daily activities themselves.

      So it becomes economical for them. if a blogger is looking for career opportunities in seo field then they need to have a tool in order to do their job effectively. So it varies from case to case and one need to pick the strategy and solution based upon criteria which suites them. I personally feel that bloggers especially who blog about seo and internet marketing, should invest in seo tools. It helps them in learning seo in a professional manner and also, optimize their site but again, it depends upon individual budget and capacity to invest.

      But anyway, your input will definitely clear doubts for many bloggers who often get confused between picking seo outsourcing and doing it self. Once again, thanks a lot.


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