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Online marketing which is also known as internet marketing is often misunderstood by bloggers. Internet marketing or online marketing is a extended arm of conventional marketing which involve promotion of a product or service.

Online marketing of a product or service is known as online marketing or internet marketing. Online marketing also involve email marketing.

In online marketing, internet based tools are generally used to promote a product.

In case of bloggers, that product is blog. Most of the bloggers still confine the sense of promotion to seo or search engine optimization.

Online Marketing Tips

Online Marketing Tips

Search engine optimization is limited to optimizing your site for search engines which is crucial but there are wide variety of methods available for promoting your blog.

If you have been focusing on only SEO, then chances are you are missing on great opportunity of generating huge amount of traffic for your blog using alternative methods of traffic generation.

I, by no means, intend to ignore SEO but it is time consuming and often you can’t be sure about your rankings on search engines like Google.

So why not create a brand for your blog which goes beyond conventional seo and gets you traffic again and again without doing anything outside blogging like link building.

You can promote your blog through online marketing practices.

Few simple steps to promote a blog or any other kind of business are;

1. Visitor Retention

Search engine optimization is good but it often gets you new visitors and even if you find them, if they don’t find your content or site good enough, they are not going to stick to it.

Visitor or client acquisition is important but to generate business out of them, you need to retain them.

Have you ever bought anything from anybody in your first visit to their site? Especially if it is not big brand like Amazon or eBay.

So focus on visitor retention.

You can do that by focusing on your site’s design, typography, navigation style and above all, your relationship with them.

So first step is to build a good website and then create a good relationship with them.

You can create relationship by replying to comments, be courteous and provide solution to what people are looking for.

2. Content Marketing

As mentioned above, relationship is crucial for the success of any kind of business. As far as bloggers and small businesses are concerned, creating great and helpful content for your readers is the first and best way to do that.

Go through you analytics; find out what people are searching when they travel to your website. It will give you deep insight information about the queries or information they are looking for. Visit and observe the blogs and forums of your niche and see what people are asking or discussing there.

Most of the people online are always looking for some kinds of information, if you can provide them that information, then you are the king.

So focus on creating high quality content.

3. Connect to your peers

Networking and connecting to your peers is a great way of creating brand for yourself. This is one of the best ways to spread awareness about your product and services. You can use;

  • Blog comment
  • Forum posting
  • Social networking


4.Video marketing

Video marketing is a great way of gaining traffic to your site or blog. Just convert your posts into videos. You can do it by using Microsoft powerpoint where you can create slides and then save the file in .wmv format.

You can also use variety of tools available online to create videos like animoto or camtasia.

5. Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring and by sharing your content with the larger audiences at document sharing sites, you can create huge value for your sites and gain good traffic also. You can use sites like;

  • Slideshare
  • Docsoc
  • Hubpages

You can upload and share documents in word, pdf and ppt formats. So convert your content into these formats and uploads your file on these sites.

Don’t forget to use appropriate tags to make your content discoverable on these sites.

Over to you

Online marketing goes beyond search engine optimization. You should do seo but you should not ignore the other alternative sources for brand creation and traffic generation.

Any kind of business requires proper promotion and by not using the resources available around you, you are doing injustice to yourself and your business.

Most of the resources and tips mentioned above don’t require any investment or little investment; you should use them to fullest.

Please share your feedback about these online marketing techniques and share your ideas, as well.

And don’t forget to share it if you found it useful.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. SEOptimise has a highly respected blog in online marketing, as reflected by our recent award for Best Blog at the UK Search Awards .

  2. Essential 6 tips on marketing for bloggers.
    Connect to your peers and Sharing is caring is what i like the most.
    Thanks for this informative post Akhilendra.

  3. Hi Akhil nice post,
    But I really liked the last one OVER TO YOU. Actually if you invest few for SEO, I mean outsourcing is the best and easiest way to skip few hard work and once you get the authority for website, advertisers automatically tends towards your website.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Ranjan for stopping by, i think outsourcing seo is better for small businesses but for bloggers, doing it self can be better especially in terms of quality because good quality seo agencies charge good amount of money which could be an issue for bloggers whereas small businesses can afford it. And seo agencies which charge more often deliver low quality services, so we need to consider pros and cons before finalizing anything but yes, outsourcing seo can take away the work load and pressure. Thanks for sharing your opinion, i m sure it will help many.

  4. Great work on marketing for bloggers. I liked the middle part – it answered a lot of the questions I’ve had on the subject.

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