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Cloaking affiliate links is one of the best practices to secure commissions by affiliate marketers. Internet is full of stories where people click on your affiliate link and then remove your affiliate id before proceeding ahead with the purchase, so though you put everything into it but couldn’t make anything from that because someone removed your id from your affiliate link.

There are varieties of affiliate link management plugins for wordpress which are used by affiliate marketers to cloak affiliate links and manage affiliate campaigns.

There are many new plugins where support and update becomes a issue and as wordpress is updated regularly from time to time, if you are using outdated plugins then you are putting your entire blog on risk.

So it is recommended to purchase plugins from the established sources so that you can get continued support and upgrades.

Thirsty Affiliates wordpress plugin is one of the best plugin to manage your affiliate campaigns.

Why Thirsty Affiliates?

Thirsty affiliates is a well established name in the industry when it comes to managing affiliate campaigns.

thirsty affiliate review

Link cloaking plugins are not just meant to cloak links, their job has gone beyond conventional form of affiliate link cloaking.

Today a good wordpress plugin for affiliate marketing or cloaking links should support;


  • Affiliate link cloaking
  • Categorization of affiliate links for easy management of the campaigns
  • Ability to backup and restore affiliate links
  • Usage of shortcodes for easy implementation
  • Reporting and stats
  • Adding cloaked links to images


There are many link cloaking plugins for wordpress but most of them only provide some of these features and not all, Thirsty Affiliates plugin does all of them.

So with Thirsty affiliate plugin, you can easily cloak your affiliate links, insert cloaked links to images, monitor campaigns and categorize your affiliate links so that it is easy to track the success or failure of each category. Also, you can use short codes to easily insert your affiliate links anywhere (Only in your blog).

These are important features of Thirsty affiliate and even if you decide to use any other plugin for your affiliate link management, it would be helpful for you to keep these points in mind.

But whether you are dealing with affiliate link cloaker or any other kind of plugins in wordpress, it is always recommended to keep track of the resources which it takes to perform its actions.

You can check the impact of your existing plugins by using P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). It is imperative to keep track of the resources consumed by your existing plugins.

In last couple of years, Page Speed has become a critical factor in seo and even if it is not considered by search engines, you should always try to improve it because even if search engines stops giving a damn to it, your user won’t. So make sure your blog is not slow.

Too many or poorly coded plugins can results in slow page speed. A link cloaking plugins uses resources to create and store affiliate links which can impact your page speed.

Thirsty Affiliates plugin is extremely helpful in mitigating that risk, it is a well coded plugin which doesn’t eat into your resources and therefore, have NO adverse effect on your website’s page speed.


Thirsty Affiliates Review Summary

If you are not using any affiliate link cloaking plugin then probably you don’t even know the kind of money you may have lost because of the removal of your affiliate id from your affiliate links.

So if you are in affiliate marketing, then link cloaking plugins are must for you.

Thirsty Affiliates is one of the best plugin to manage your affiliate links. It comes loaded with features and can provide great relief to you if you are manually managing too many affiliate links.

It is priced well to suite all kind of affiliate marketers.

Please share your thoughts about Thirsty Affiliates or any other link cloaking plugins so that it helps others.

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Sharing is Caring
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  1. Hi Akhilendra,
    This is a cool plugin I have on my blog. I used MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate but had to take it down because I care about the future of my blog. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate creates double entries in the db. When you make a post, MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate will create a copy which it stores in its own tables and serve to the visitor. So if you have 10000 posts, with MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, you actually are going to have 20000. I find this not frugal

    ThirstyAffiliate uses WP default post type. This is good for the health of your blog

  2. I will give it a try for sure.

  3. Thanks for article…
    just keep up on good work and you will get even recommendations from me to my friends as I use to recommend your good articles.

  4. Hi Akhilendra,

    Well I can say this from my own experience that people are more willing to click a link that has the same path as the domain, also all the affiliate links especially clickbank’s links are very long and most people get a little suspicious when they see long links. I always look in the status bar when I hover over a link and if I see it’s an affiliate links most of the times I don’t click on it, only if I’m very familiar with the product.

    Enjoy your week mate, can’t wait for your next post.



  5. I had been using Thirsty Affiliates and find it cool as well.

    I think it’s direct competitor is MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate but I find that a little more pricey than this. At the same time, I don’t find MBP has any clear advantages over TA.

    What do you think? 😉

    • Hey Alan, i bought Maxblogpress quite a while back but i am looking to use Thirsty Affiliates on my new blog which i will be launching soon. You are right that there are no clear differences but i think Thirsty Affiliate is better in resource consumption which is a advantage. Thanks for sharing your feedback.


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