Must Use WordPress Affiliate Link Cloaker Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

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If you don’t use wordpress affiliate link cloaker plugin for your wordpress and you are in internet marketing then this is the last thing which you should miss. In fact, not even the last thing.

WordPress affiliate link cloaker plugin

WordPress affiliate link cloaker plugins are used to cloak your affiliate links on your post.

Now let’s see why cloaking your affiliate link is so important;

  • Affiliate links often look dirty so it’s better to hide them.
  • People may remove your affiliate id from affiliate links which means that you are getting visitors for your blog and some of them are even clicking on those links, but you are not getting any sales. So if you are someone who has been doing affiliate marketing for some time and you can see people clicking on your affiliate links but you are not finding any sales. Now it can’t guarantee that every visitor who clicks on your affiliate links will buy but it can definitely improve your chances in affiliate marketing.
  • Direct selling doesn’t yield much. People sometime don’t buy only because they are able to see your affiliate link in your post. Even if product is good and your post is well written, there are many visitors who don’t hold affiliate marketers in high regards and they believe that you are promoting that product only because you are going to get commission. So they may end up buying that product but either directly from the seller or from some big affiliate marketers.
  • You need to have a diverse portfolio of products to promote. And you need to constantly change and update your product portfolio. Now if you are writing a new post or updating an old post, manually inserting your affiliate links could be a big exercise and vulnerable too. You may end up inserting incorrect links.
  • You can further improve your earnings by tracking your affiliate links. You can monitor which link is performing and which one is not. So you can modify your affiliate marketing campaign in that direction.
  • If you are into affiliate marketing, then you know how difficult is to search good products to promote and write good posts to promote it. Manually inserting links in your posts is a time consuming process. You should spend time on research and writing good contents for your blog and not inserting links in your post.
  • You can completely automate the process of monetizing your blog by using wordpress link cloaker plugins. You can simply define the keywords and then it will automatically insert your affiliate links in your blog.
  • You can also control the placement of your affiliate links so you can make sure that your post is not flooded with your affiliate links.

 wordpress affiliate link cloaker plugins

So till now you might have got some idea that cloaking link is extremely important for affiliate marketing blog. Affiliate marketing is the sole source of earnings for internet marketing blogs, you cannot ignore it.

We have this tendency to work on superficial things and ignore backend stuff. You need to work on superficial things and you also need to take care of your backend operations.

Cloaking affiliate is the single most important activity for an affiliate marketing blog.

There are free versions also but they are not good and I don’t consider them for something as important as cloaking links in my wordpress blog.

So let’s look at some of the best wordpress affiliate link cloaker plugins.


MaxBlogpress Ninja Affiliate wordpress plugins – this is one of the most popular wordpress affiliate link cloaker plugin. I am also using it on my blog. So if you hover over any link, you will find a link in a different format which doesn’t look like an affiliate link. It is extremely popular because of the features it offers at a very affordable price. It is priced at $37 for single site. You can use it to automatically link your keywords. You can format them to display in variety of forms. I will write a detailed review of Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate wordpress plugins explaining its long list of features with its benefits. You can create sub campaigns and categories them as per your requirements.

Eclipse Advanced Link Cloaker wordpress plugins– Eclipse Advanced Link cloaker wordpress plugin is also extremely popular among affiliate marketers. It is widely used by them power their affiliate marketing. It provides;

  • Automatic link cloaking
  • Choose where to cloak
  • Multiple cloaking types
  • Turn keywords into links
  • Advanced click statistics
  • Easily apply customizations

It is priced at $57 and license is valid for unlimited number of sites.


Thirsty Affiliate link wordpress plugin– it is also extremely popular among webmasters. Especially in last few years, it has gained lot of traction among affiliate marketers. It can do anything which you think of when it comes to affiliate link cloaking in wordpress. It is loaded with features and backed by great support. You can acquire it at $39 for standard version and premium at $ 59.


Pretty Pro Links wordpress affiliate link cloaker plugin – Pretty Link Pro is also a very good wordpress affiliate link cloaker plugin. It can be used for temporary redirection, permanent redirection, cloaked redirection, pretty bar redirection, javascript redirection, Meta refresh redirection, tracking pixel redirection and much more. It is priced at $37 for single blog.


Affiliate link Manager – affiliate link manager is also another option you can think of. It provides everything mentioned above and it is priced slightly lower than above mentioned plugins at $ 34.95 but difference is not much.

Above mentioned four plugins are best and most popular wordpress affiliate link cloaker plugin available in the market. You can check out all of them before making the final deal. But I will suggest using some wordpress affiliate link cloaker plugin.

If you have any experience with either of them or have any question, don’t forget to leave your comments.

Sharing is Caring
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  1. Nice article Akhilendra. I’d like to point out that if people are looking for a free alternative, there is a plugin called “WordPress Redirection” which can allow you to make simple redirections for your affiliate links.


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