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One of the best ways to gain high ranking on search engines is by implementing best seo practices on your site. To implement best seo practices, you need to first learn seo yourself. The best method to learn seo is by investing in some good seo tool.

Seo tools are great to learn and implement seo practices simply because they present everything in one place which helps you in understanding the real concept. But like every other niche, seo is also filled with crappy products and most of the products are shear junk.

Initially when SEO Tools were launched, they were not only expensive but also, in the form of desktop applications. Most of them were only compatible with windows.

Desktop applications are good but either you should carry the same laptop all the time or do remote desktop.  This is not convenient for those who don’t spend all of their time with the machine on which they have installed seo software. So overall, the process is cumbersome.

This paved way for online seo tools. Online seo tools are great because they can be used on any operating system and from anywhere.

There are quite a few online seo tools but either they are expensive or not good.

SEOprofiler is an online seo tool which provides excellent seo services and at affordable price. So if you are looking for an economical seo tool then SEOprofiler is a perfect option for you.

Ranking on search engine is less dependent on your website and more dependent on your competitor’s optimization level. So if your competitor is having more and better links than you, then you are out of the race.

Similarly other factors like on page optimization factors, social links and domain age are also important and if your competitors are having more weight on this, you are again out of the race.

So even if your site’s seo is good, you may fail to rank high on search engine, courtesy; your competing sites.

So it is important to develop a search engine optimization strategy for your site looking at your competing sites. In this SEOProfiler review, i will take you through its major features.

SEOprofiler Review-At glance


seoprofiler review


TRY SEOprofiler in only $1

SEOprofiler is developed by a very established player in the seo industry; Axandra GmbH. Axandra GmbH has earlier developed highly successful seo desktop software “IBP”.  IBP is still the best desktop seo software.

As the team is highly experienced, they know what they are doing and SEOprofile is another classic web based seo tool designed to run on any platform and provide awesome seo services.

SEOprofiler Review-features

SEOprofiler is loaded with all the features which are required to push your site’s ranking on search engines.

As mentioned earlier, competition is crucial for your site’s success so everything has been designed keeping that in mind.

As SEOprofiler do lots of things, it is possible but not feasible to write down everything. So I will be disussing the featuers in brief.

You can try it free, so I will suggest giving it a try and seeing it yourself.

In the meantime, let’s walk through the important features of SEOprofilers.

1. Optimize your pages– it will generate a detailed report of your webpage’s on page and off page factor mentioning each and every detail and factor which influence your site’s ranking.


seoprofiler review-top 10 optimizer

seoprofiler top 10 optimizer


As mentioned earlier, competition is the key so it will compare your site with the top 3 sites for a given keyword of your choice. It will then generate a report which will give your actionable list of changes which you need to do in order to crush the competition and gain high ranking.

It will list down every factor which influences your ranking so it is extremely easy to work on it and improve your ranking.

Report includes;

  • Analyzed pages
  • Anchor texts of backlinks
  • Number of backlinks
  • Quality of backlinks (You won’t find this feature with other tools and it is extremely critical in post panda world)
  • Keyword use in the body text
  • Keyword use in the page title
  • Keyword use in H1-H6 headlines
  • Keyword use in bold body text
  • Keyword use in the Meta description
  • Keyword use in the same domain anchor texts
  • Keyword use in the alternative texts for images
  • Keyword use in the root domain name
  • Keyword use in the sub domain name
  • Keyword use in the URL path
  • Domain age
  • Number of visitors to the site
  • Server speed
  • Facebook
  • Google +1
  • Twitter
  • Search engine compatibility of your page

As you can see this is a comprehensive report in which you will not only see the factors but also get a list of exact actionable tasks to push your site.

This report alone is capable of providing you information which is enough to improve your search engine ranking.

2. Get Backlinks – this is an extremely good tool to find and create high quality backlinks in good numbers.


seoprofiler link manager

seoprofiler link manager


3. Find keywords – keyword research is critical to the success of any seo campaign. Keyword tool built in SEOprofiler helps you in finding long tail keywords and keywords with low competition.


seoprofiler keyword research

seoprofiler keyword research


4. Check your rankings – this ranking module will give deep insight information about the keywords for which you are ranking and if there are any changes in your ranking.

seoprofiler rank tracker

seoprofiler rank tracker


5. Check your social media – social media mentions are one of the most important factor in your search engine rankings. There are not many seo tools which provide social media reports along with the features which seoprofiler provides. You can see all of your social media mentions at one place which gives you a huge edge over your competitors.

seoprofiler social media monitoring

seoprofiler social media monitoring


6. Spy on Competitors – as mentioned earlier unless until you have insight information about your competing sites, you can never beat them. So it is important to know

  • which ads are used by your keywords
  • which keywords do your competitor use
  • how many sites are competing for your targeted keywords
  • In which countries your competitor advertise
seoprofiler competitor spy

seoprofiler competitor spy


7. Submit your site – submit your site to Google and Bing using SEOprofiler.


seoprofiler submit to search engines


8. Create reports – if you are a seo professional or planning to launch your seo business, then you can use generate various reports using this tool which is very good for reporting and maintaining your seo campaigns.

SEO Profiler Review-Pricing

SEOprofiler offers great pricing for blogger, small business and large corporations. There are multiple packages to suite your need.


seoprofiler pricing

seoprofiler pricing

SEOProfiler Review Conclusion

There are many online seo tools but picking a right one is a tough task. There are many with free trial but no tool offer complete functionality in free version. You can try SEOprofiler in free or $1 with full functionality so give it a try and decide yourself. This SEOProfiler review is meant to help you making your mind about it and hope this helped.

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