Google Vs Bing-Clash of Titans

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Google Vs Bing is a age old affair now as both of them are not only the biggest search engines but also have managed to capture the online user’s imagination with their different products and services.

The tussle between Google and Bing continues as ever. Last month, Bing launched a campaign “Bing it on” to prove its metal. Irrespective of the result, it is clear that Bing Vs Google is not going to end, at least soon.

Let me say at the beginning itself that though we are comparing Bing and Google, but objective here is to find the viable option and highlight their features rather than proving that one is better than other.

Google Vs Bing-Clash of Titans

Google Vs Bing

As per the data released by comscore for the month of August 2012,

Core Search Entity           Explicit Core Search Share (%) August 2012

Total Explicit Core Search              100.0%

Google Sites                                    66.4%

Microsoft Sites                               15.9%

Yahoo! Sites                                    12.8%

Ask Network                                    3.2%

AOL, Inc.                                             1.7%

Explicit Core Search excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.

In the same report, it is also mentioned that more than 17 billion search queries occurred in the month of August 2012, out of which;

Google – 11.3 billion queries

Microsoft sites – 2.7 billion queries

Yahoo Sites – 2.2 billion queries

Ask Network – 550 million queries

AOL – 292 million queries


Both Google and Bing have made enormous growth since their inception and today, they are far more responsive, intuitive and receptive to ever changing consumer’s need.

Google Vs Bing Homepage Comparison 1

Bing Homepage Comparison


Google Vs Bing Homepage Comparison 2

Google Homepage

They have improved their search results a lot and today, results are far more relevant than what they were 5 years back.

Bing and Google Brief Comparison

Let’s look at some of the random search’s I ran in Google and Bing which i did using “Google Vs Bing”.

Bing Search Result for Google Vs Bing

Bing Search Result for Google Vs Bing


Google search result for Google Vs Bing

Google search result for Google Vs Bing


Google Image Search for Google Vs Bing

Google Image Search for Google Vs Bing

Bing Search Result for Google Vs Bing

Bing Search Result for Google Vs Bing


Bing Video Search result in comparison of Google

Bing Video Search result in comparison of Google


Bing Vs Google Video Search

Google Video Search results

Well it is very hard for me to say which is better for you because it purely depends why you use search engine. If you are blogger who use it gather information about topics then Google could be better than Bing but if you are looking for user experience than Bing could be the better search engine.

For Image Search, Bing search results looks better organized than Google and probably some would say same for video search.

Bing has collaborated with social media networks like Facebook and twitter so their results are well integrated with facebook and Twitter but in case of Google, it is Google+ which is not only lesser used but also somewhat getting extra push from Google.

So often while you are using Google to search engines, you get annoying results from Google+.

In terms of user interface, Bing is a better designed as it gives more result per page and lesser ads than Google.

As per a article published in search engine watch titled “Searchers Don’t Want Social in the SERPs, Prefer Bing’s Layout to Google’s [Study]”, Bing is preferred over Google for SERPs.

So if you compare Bing and Google, it depends upon the kind of search and your preferences.

Both Google and Bing are extremely capable of delivering quality results suited to your needs.

So which one to use: Google or Bing?

As mentioned earlier, you decide it based upon your preference. But having said that, if you are internet marketer, blogger or seo professional and have been ignoring Bing, then it is a high time you start looking at Bing as an option for your traffic needs.

Remember, Bing is powering Yahoo also, so it can make huge difference to you.

You can use Bing Webmaster Tool to optimize your site or blog for bing and gain additional traffic from you. It also depends upon your country.

There are few countries where Google account for most of the search volumes, say up to 80 % or more than that, like India, so for you Google would be absolute choice for getting local business but even in that case, if you expect to get traffic from other countries like US, than you should focus on Bing also.

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  1. I’ve tried over and over again to give Bing a chance, but it just doesn’t return results as good as Google. I love the social integration, but it isn’t enough.

    • Paul it could be because of the lower volumes of the search on Bing. Have you tried running queries for your keywords on Bing and monitored results? It could help, but yes traffic would be lesser from bing in comparison of Google. Best of luck for your endeavors and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Google any day would be above all of the others more search options more fast search and easy as been using it for ages now

  3. Neil Walrath says

    google any day more fields that can be defined and searched and very user friendly.

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