15 Must Have Plugins for WordPress Blog

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WordPress is one of the best blogging software available and therefore it is one of the most widely used software application in the world.

WordPress comes loaded with features but when you are looking to set a fully fledged website or blog, and then you need certain additional functionality which is not present in the wordpress.

That is where you use plugins for wordpress.

WordPress plugins are used to add extended functionality to a blog. There are thousands of plugins available in the wordpress directory.

But using too many wordpress plugins can increase your page load time which is bad for your seo or using plugins which are not updated regularly can cause major issues to your blog.

So, it is important to pay attention to these details while using any plugins for wordpress.

Ideally, there is no clear OFFICIAL limit on number of plugins for wordpress but I will suggest to keep the numbers low in order to gain maximum advantage.

There are no free lunches, if you want your blog to give you returns, you need to invest in it.

I have compiled a list of 15 must have plugins for wordpress which I have been using and can vouch for them.


Must Have Plugins for WordPress


15 must have plugins for wordpress blog

top 15 must have wordpress plugins

Commentluv Premium– as you know comments are the life of a blog and a blog without comments is nothing. But as there are so many blogs out there, even if you are producing quality contentfor your blog, chances are your visitors are not commenting on it.You should provide them some incentive to do that.That’s where commentluv premium comes handy.Commentluv premium in variety of ways encourage your visitors to comment on your blog. It also helps you in controlling spam on your blog by it’s in-built GASP.Commentluv Premium is a must have plugin for wordpress.

Covert Copy Traffic– Copy and Paste is a common problem which surrounds a blog. People often copy your content without giving you any due credit but at the same time, it is also used by legitimate visitors who want to share your content through email or social networking sites.

Many blogger who want to prevent plagiarism, prefer to restrict copy and paste function on their blog, they even block right click. It is quite abnormal for your visitors and most of your visitor leaves your blog without spending too much time because of the inconvenience.

Covert Copy Traffic is a hell of a plugin for wordpress.

It automatically adds a attribution link and message at the bottom of the copied content so that you are not only able to get more visitors but also referral traffic.

SEOPressor – a online business cannot survive without SEO. SEO is like Oxygen for it. As Google has been doing lot’s of Panda and Penguin updates, black hat seo is not an option for you anymore. You need to invest in your on page SEO.

SEOPressor is the best plugin to conduct on page SEO for your wordpress blog.

WPSubscribers – Email marketing is not second to any other form of marketing. In fact, email marketing is the best strategy for long term success for a blog or any other kind of online business. WPSubscribers is a must have plugin for wordpress.

You can quickly and easily create attractive opt-in form for your wordpress blog.

Keyword Winner – as mentioned earlier, on page seo is very important aspect of SEO, similarly you cannot succeed in internet marketing or blogging if you are try to compete with those keywords which are already having high level competition.

It is imperative you focus on keywords with low level of competition.

Keyword winner is a must have plugin for wordpress for keyword research. You simply enter a keyword in it and it will tell you the;

  • Number of links required to rank well for those keywords
  • Its monthly trends
  • It’s alternative with similar information about them like number of links required to rank well for that and monthly trend.


Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate – maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate is a plugin for wordpress which is used to cloak affiliate links.

So if you are not into affiliate marketing then this plugin is not for you.

It’s help me in protecting your affiliate links, automatically insert your affiliate links in keywords in your blog post thus increasing the monetization of your blog.

It’s also give you control on how to insert your affiliate links in your post. You also get the option of setting up cache time so that your server is not affected and you can monitor your CLICK Traffic from it’s admin in your wordpress dashboard.

So overall, it is the best link cloaking plugin for wordpress and it is a must have for affiliate marketers.

All In One SEO WordPress Plugin– If you are not using any wordpress premium themes like Thesis, Studiopress, Woothemes and Elegant themes ,then you must use one. But in the meantime, you can use free seo plugins for wordpress to optimize your blog.

You can use All in one SEO wordpress plugins to do that.

Easy Adsense – Easy adsense is a damn good plugin to insert adsense ads in your wordpress blog. You can quickly insert your ads in your post without any manual coding.

Google Sitemap XML – Sitemaps are extremely important for your blog’s SEO. Google Sitemap xml plugin for wordpress is very good plugin to automatically create and submit your blog’s sitemap to all the major search engines.

WP Robots Txt – it is a very good plugin for wordpress to create your robots.txt file which is equally important for the seo of your blog.

Subscribe to Comment Reloaded – You will want to send notifications to your commenter’s and authors where there comments are replied or comments are made on their posts.

Subscribe to Comment Reloaded is a very good plugin to do that. When combined with Commentluv premium, it can provide real boost to your blog.

Twitter Facebook Social Share– it is a very good plugin to add social sharing button to your posts. You can also use some other plugins like Dig Dig to do that.

WPTouch – as numbers of mobile users are increasing constantly, it is worth optimizing your wordpress blog for mobile devices.  WPTouch plugin for wordpress does that for you.

WPTouch will optimize your blog for mobile devices with ease.

Ad Square Widget – Ad Square widget is a perfect plugin for wordpress to add small 125 x 125 square in your sidebar. You can also use specify to randomly switch positions of these images/banners which makes it extremely useful.

WP Super Cache – as your blog increases, the resource requirement also goes up.  Also, you may have to add images, graphics and videos to make your blog attractive but they all have negative impact on the page speed of your blog.

WP Super cache is one of the best cache plugin for wordpress. It increases your page speed significantly by using minify techniques and caching.

It is fairly easy to use and you can do whole lot of thing with it.

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  1. thank you for your article helped me a lot in using SEO. I like SEO and are learning about it.

  2. I liked the SEO Pressor plugin. It would be a good addition along with All-In-One seo that I’m using to boost my SEO. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. nice post thanks for sharing those great wordpress plugins

  4. I am using All in One SEO Pack from above. It has many more features which are really very amazing for any blogger. WordPress SEO plugin to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines. If upgrading, please back up your database first!

  5. Hey Akhilendra, There are thousands of plugins on WordPress plugin’s directory so for a newbie selecting the right WordPress plugin can be a tough task. You’ve done a great job here by sharing this list, I’ve also written a post about 20 must have wordpress plugins list which I’m sure you’ll find useful.

    BTW, Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  6. Hey bro,
    You are right on this list. I have most of these plugins. Most serious bloggers will also identify with more of them.

    I have added CashDonator to the list to manage my ads and sales 😉

  7. Awesome list of useful plugins, I would say I have about 60% of those plugins that you mentioned 😉

  8. Thanks for the useful list. I’ve been looking for something like WP Super Cache, so looking forward to checking it out.

  9. Akhilendra, I have used most of these plugins. The free versions are recommended to new blogger, but the best value to me for the money is commentluv.

    It is a World recognized brand that gives results in a hurry. thanks

    • You are bang on Michael, But if someone is having a internet marketing blog, then i will also suggest to have maxblopress for link cloaking and WPSubscribers for list building. Thanks a ton for your comment.

  10. Nice set of plugins very helpful.

  11. WordPress premium plugins is essential to enhance blogs and their performance, I am using some of these plugins mentioned but other plugins such as Convert copy and the keyword winner are new to me but seems essential, I have to check them. Thanks for the recommendations.

    • Hi Qasim, i have been using keyword winner for last one year, i can say that it is very good tool for keyword research but if you are already using some other tool to do that, then you don’t need it. Covert Copy traffic is a new plugin which i got couple of week back. It is a very good way of increasing back links and traffic through automatically adding your attribution link and message in your copied content and RSS Feeds. You can read it’s detailed review at https://akhilendra.com/how-to-use-covert-copy-traffic-to-get-backlinks-and-traffic/

      Thanks for your comment.


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